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Example sentences for "filmy"

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filly; film; filmed; filming; films; filo; filoselle; filosofia; fils; filter
  1. He pressed his palms on the floor sheet and leaned forward, his filmy headdress drifting over his glittering eyes.

  2. Filmy lace at the wrists gave to her hands a quaint touch akin to that imparted by the cap on her white head.

  3. Rosalind was cutting sweet peas in the garden where they climbed high upon a filmy net, humming softly to herself.

  4. A line of sycamores two hundred yards to my right marked the bed of the Tippecanoe; and on my left hand, beyond a walnut grove, a little filmy dust-cloud hung above the hidden highway.

  5. The lamplight fell full upon her slightly lifted head, and upon her shoulders, over which lay a filmy veil.

  6. Was ever lace even of fairy queen fashioned so daintily as are the wings of this diaphanous pale green sylph, that flutters in its filmy halo above the grass tips?

  7. But even so, a filmy mist is continually floating away from beneath its golden cap, the eager breeze taking such jealous care of the continual shower that our eyes fail to perceive a hint of it.

  8. The olives tossed their filmy boughs in twilight underneath his windows, sighing and shuddering, with a sheen in them as eerie as that of willows by some haunted mere.

  9. It so chanced that a band of sunlight, escaping from filmy clouds, touched this picture with silvery greys and soft greens--a suffusion of vaporous radiance, which made it for one moment a Claude landscape.

  10. She is like a soft harmony in black and gold, with her filmy robes clinging closely round her, and the old gold, that is so like tarnished yellow, touching her here and there.

  11. There, between the foot of the table and the sideboard, stood Gibbie as if fixed to the floor gazing out of his blue eyes at the minister--those eyes filmy with gathering tears, the smile utterly faded from his countenance.

  12. Beneath the brilliantly-lighted entrance of Harbor Light the car stopped, and as Anthony came up, Sara and Doris descended with much shaking out of filmy dancing frocks.

  13. In her filmy gown of midnight blue she moved like a shadow among deeper shadows--her neck and shoulders gleaming white.

  14. Luhra was beside him, her filmy lacework shining softly in the sun, to make more lovely the delicate flush beneath.

  15. She stood, with a warning gesture to her lips--a human girl in a filmy flowing drapery.

  16. The Ethels held each others' hands as they stood behind the bride, wreaths of Queen Anne's Lace over their arms, and a delicate blossom or two tucked under a pale blue ribbon in each filmy white hat.

  17. The tops of the hills now laugh to the light of the sun, but the valleys are still mysterious dark blue caverns, crowned with white filmy lace-like streaks of vapour.

  18. But Uncle Ned contentedly pointed to a part of the horizon, where a greenish, filmy iridescence could be discerned floating like smoke on the pale heavens.

  19. Such as on Punic Apples is revealed, Or in the filmy rind but half concealed, Still here the fate of lovely forms we see, So sudden fades the sweet Anemone.

  20. The small litheness of her body molded into his and his hands stroked her breasts beneath the filmy cloth that covered them.

  21. She spun away from him, the loose, filmy blue dress whirling about her trim ankles .

  22. I called, and moving nearer, I paused at the kitchen step, while she came quickly forward, with some white, filmy stuff she had just rinsed in the tub still in her hands.

  23. The woods are at their loveliest in May, when the chestnut leaves spread out their cool fingers, and a filmy green veil of foliage is flung over the beeches' naked branches.

  24. Nothing came between the furze bushes and the spring sunshine except when a rook flew overhead, croaking a quaint spring song to himself, or when a filmy cloud raced across the sky.

  25. He thought again how ridiculously young she seemed and how the lightness of her touch was no less than that of the ethereal Eileen or the filmy Blanche.

  26. Betty stopped short in her frantic efforts to fasten her belt, and stared blankly at her filmy white gown and high-heeled satin slippers.

  27. Helen, with a critical glance at the filmy pile on the floor.

  28. The filmy narrowness of delicate frocks, the shortness of skirts accentuated the youth and girlhood and added to it a sort of child fairy-likeness.

  29. Every other woman was blue or pink or yellow or white or flowered and she in her filmy coolness of unusual hue stood out exquisitely among them.

  30. She wore a pink party gown, with her throat and smooth, round arms showing through some filmy stuff that was part of the creation.

  31. The first of them is comparatively stiff and wiry; the second more lissom and inclined to tapiness; and the third, still more lissom, becoming gauzy and filmy in quality.

  32. In his declining years the life of this man was a pitiful tragedy, his filmy eyes sightless, his thin white fingers ever eager and nervous, his hours full of deep thought and silent immobility.

  33. On such occasions he would wear a pair of big blue spectacles to hide the unsightliness of his gray, filmy eyes.

  34. A filmy and diaphanous creature was Mrs. Patton also--one could never have dreamed of so exquisite a black butterfly.

  35. Mrs. Patton was still in mourning, a filmy and diaphanous kind of mourning, beautiful enough to placate the angel Azrael himself.

  36. Their gloveless hands were red and cold and coarse, and the milliner told the clerk that she dreaded to have them handle her filmy laces or glistening satins, because their rough fingers stuck to the delicate fabrics and injured them.

  37. Sunken slightly into the ground, the nest's rim was flush with the short grass, while the longer stems rose about it in a green, filmy wall or stockade.

  38. The day was serene and beautiful, the sky a deep indigo, unflecked with clouds, save a few filmy wracks here and there, and the breeze as balmy as that of a May morning in my native State.

  39. When the wings were spread and in motion, the golden ornamentation gave them a filmy appearance.

  40. He kept his wings in constant motion, the white portions making them appear filmy as the sun shone upon them.

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