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Example sentences for "diaphanous"

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  1. The light behind her marked the artistic lines of her body in the diaphanous cloud of her garment.

  2. The slave clasped a necklace of stones of complicated design upon Sonnica's uncovered breast; she loaded her fingers to the tips with rings, and the whiteness of her arms seemed more diaphanous girdled here and there by wide bracelets of gold.

  3. Indeed, it would have been almost as light as day but for a slight mist which was spreading a diaphanous veil before our eyes.

  4. Not the slightest noise was to be heard in the limpid, diaphanous night, in which the air seemed as pure and rare as on the summits of lofty mountains.

  5. The blossoming trees Put on their bridal wreaths, and veil their charms From the too ardent sun, beneath thy gift Of soft diaphanous tissue, pure and white As angel's raiment.

  6. She kept the rendezvous, attired in a single garment of diaphanous texture.

  7. On the stern of the second was a lantern like those of the ancients, industriously made with diaphanous stone, implying that they were to pass by Lanternland.

  8. Truly there is in this figure an unheard-of force of ascension, and in order to obtain this effect Titian has not had recourse to slender forms, diaphanous draperies, and transparent colours.

  9. In a diaphanous atmosphere gilded with an invisible clearness as of Paradise, the winged heads and bodies of little angels are moving: the former gracefully grouped, the latter boldly and skilfully disposed.

  10. The goddess is floating in liquid light and her twisted back, her flanks and her curves are palpitating, half enveloped in a white, diaphanous veil.

  11. The double tier of arches bends gracefully over the blue torrent; meanwhile a pale light already floats in the diaphanous mist; a golden gauze undulates above the Gave; the aƫrial veil grows thin and will soon vanish.

  12. And she smiled up at the thin, pretty young woman beside her in diaphanous white over palest yellow.

  13. The perfume of her bright brown hair intoxicated him; his whole body was inhaling her beauty, which seemed to be flowing like the fumes of ecstasy itself through her delicate, almost diaphanous draperies of lace and silk and linen.

  14. A white transparent veil drooped from her head to her feet; but the diaphanous texture revealed a face pale and beautiful, and eyes which held him enthralled with their slumbrous, mesmeric spell.

  15. She was arrayed in a black, silk-embroidered diaphanous robe, the most sumptuous the art of the Orient could supply.

  16. Afar off factory chimneys, like prodigious columns of some gigantic ruined fane, stood up against the transparent air with diaphanous capitals of blue smoke uniting them to the blue vault above.

  17. But, above all, this is the incomparable hour, the diaphanous and liquid hour of the wood-violet.

  18. She was clad only in the diaphanous robes of her calling, and she was stacked.

  19. The High Priestess reached into the diaphanous pile of her clothing and came up with a small diamond-encrusted watch she wore, usually, on her wrist.

  20. There now remained the diaphanous test, which we carried out by the aid of a powerful reflector lamp, yielding an excellent and penetrating light.

  21. As I say, I had thought of a darker type, but with a floating veil of misty grey, and grey, diaphanous draperies, you would be very effective.

  22. Patty, bluntly, and Mona sighed as she saw Patty's diaphanous frock.

  23. Emilietje moved about among them, white, diaphanous and very charming: with Van Raven at her heels, she exchanged a word with every one.

  24. As soon as Gillian had gone, Magda flung a loose wrap over her diaphanous draperies and turned to Virginie.

  25. She was in black, diaphanous and elusive, from which her flower-pale face and shoulders emerged like a water-lily starring the dark pool on which it floats.

  26. The seal crackled musically as with smooth forefinger and shapely thumb she gently withdrew the diaphanous paper from its waxen prison; so must the golden bough have sounded to the touch of AEneas.

  27. Looks just like one of Botticelli's diaphanous angels.

  28. What was the good of looking like one of Botticelli's diaphanous angels?

  29. Neither he nor any one else could have guessed from outward and visible signs that the sweet vision in diaphanous draperies of Madonna blue carried a canker at her heart--a canker in a little silk bag.

  30. To my infinite amazement there stood between the wall and my bed, a diaphanous figure of a woman, quite life size or rather more, with one arm held out in a protecting fashion towards me, and some drapery about the head.

  31. I have spoken of the figure as diaphanous because it was not as solid as an ordinary human being, but, on the other hand, I could not see the wall through it: it was too solid for that.

  32. But the white, diaphanous old man seems neither to see nor to hear, and the huge heads of Jupiter, the trunks of Hercules, the equivocal statues of Antinous continue to watch him as he passes on!

  33. The young priest could scarcely distinguish the emaciated face of old diaphanous ivory, emphasised by a large nose which jutted out above thin lips.

  34. This agency is, according to Aristotle, the Diaphanous or Transparent.

  35. Colour makes the diaphanous itself visible, and its own varieties visible through the diaphanous.

  36. It is the presence either of fire, or of something analogous to the celestial body, that calls forth the diaphanous from the state of potentiality into that of actuality or light; in which latter condition it is stimulated by colour.

  37. The diaphanous passes at once and simultaneously, in one place as well as in another, from potentiality to actuality--from darkness to light.

  38. A silver grey hardly describes it; but light clothes it with a diaphanous glory, now warm now cool in colour, and always lovely.

  39. There was a day when in herself Oxford was unlovely to behold, and when romance had not begun to cling to her like some beautiful diaphanous robe.

  40. Was it a bit of diaphanous down stirred by my breath?

  41. Through the diaphanous skin, the lens distinguishes patches of fat, which are the cause of its characteristic coloring.

  42. Her costume was folds upon folds of diaphanous white over equally diaphanous rose, with a line of white fur about her neck.

  43. Only the murmuring tops of the sharp trees emerged in the diaphanous azure of the skies.

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