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  1. The condition may be termed a diaphragmatic neurosis.

  2. The possibility of the later development of diaphragmatic herniæ in some of these patients will have to be borne in mind in the future.

  3. In cases of pure diaphragmatic respiration, the rate did not as a rule exceed the normal of 16 or 20 to the minute, and it was quite regular; this was noted soon after the injury and persisted throughout the course of the cases.

  4. Unless the laceration is extremely small, protrusion of the stomach or some other viscera into the thoracic cavity will almost invariably result, constituting the condition known as internal or diaphragmatic hernia.

  5. Hillier speaks of an instance of congenital diaphragmatic hernia in which nearly all the small intestines and two-thirds of the large passed into the right side of the thorax.

  6. Hernia of the stomach is not uncommon, especially in diaphragmatic or umbilical deficiency.

  7. There are some peculiar causes of diaphragmatic injuries on record, laughter, prolonged vomiting, excessive eating, etc.

  8. Alderson reports a fatal case of diaphragmatic hernia with symptoms of pneumothorax.

  9. There was an hepatic connection through the band, and also some interlacing diaphragmatic fibers therein.

  10. He uses well-developed diaphragmatic breathing which is fully sufficient.

  11. Many similar cases of diaphragmatic hernia have been observed.

  12. Sometimes the blending of the two diaphragmatic structures, and consequently the severance of the one pleural duct from the abdominal cavity, is not completed in man.

  13. This leads to a diaphragmatic rupture (hernia diaphragmatica).

  14. Almost any or all of the movable abdominal viscera may be found in a diaphragmatic hernia.

  15. If the injury is above the fourth cervical vertebra death is nearly immediate, for then even diaphragmatic breathing is impossible, and the injured person dies of asphyxia.

  16. A person with a diaphragmatic hernia may have the power of moving or walking, but is more or less incapacitated owing to the compression of the lungs which exists and the consequent dyspnœa, etc.

  17. Phrenic or diaphragmatic hernia occurs especially after lacerated wounds, even after the wounds have apparently healed.

  18. A prominent symptom observed (though it may also occur in diaphragmatic hernia) is when the horse, if possible, gets the front feet on higher ground than the hind ones or sits on his haunches, like a dog.

  19. It also becomes connected, especially on the left side, with the diaphragmatic peritoneum (phrenicocolic lig.

  20. The area of direct diaphragmatic attachment is narrow and consequently the two layers of the coronary ligament are close together at this point.

  21. Further progress cephalad and to the right is barred by the diaphragmatic adhesions of the liver just detailed.

  22. Compared with the human liver it will be noted that the area of diaphragmatic adhesion is much less developed.

  23. Spigelian recess, is only a difference in the interval between the two layers, caused by the vertical extent of the non-peritoneal direct diaphragmatic attachment of the right lobe to the right of the vena cava.

  24. Regurgitation of food from the stomach is normally prevented by the hiatal muscular diaphragmatic closure (called by the author the "diaphragmatic pinchcock") plus the kinking of the abdominal esophagus.

  25. The author has called the hiatal closure the "diaphragmatic pinchcock.

  26. The top of the stomach seems to be closed by the diaphragmatic pinchcock in the same way that the top of a bag is closed by a puckering string.

  27. It is the failure of the diaphragmatic pinchcock to open, as in the normal deglutitory cycle, rather than a spasmodic tightness, that obstructs the food.

  28. The treatment of diffuse esophageal dilatation consists in dilating the "diaphragmatic pinchcock" that is, the hiatal esophagus.

  29. It is simply the failure of the diaphragmatic pinchcock to open normally in the deglutitory cycle.

  30. The esophagoscope encounters only the diaphragmatic pinchcock which seems to be at the top of the stomach like the puckering string at the top of a bag.

  31. The Diaphragmatic Pinchcock in So-called Cardiospasm.

  32. It was first demonstrated by the author that in so-called cardiospasm the functional closure of the esophagus occurred at the diaphragmatic level, and that it was due to the "diaphragmatic pinchcock.

  33. Limitation of the diaphragmatic excursion on the obstructed side (Manges).

  34. Cramp of the diaphragmatic pinchcock (so-called cardiospasm).

  35. Below the diaphragmatic groove the thorax expands, the liver and other abdominal organs crowding the ribs outward.

  36. Diaphragmatic hernia may result from perforation of the pleural cavity by gastric ulcer.

  37. In diaphragmatic hernia an opening is more frequently found in the posterior part of this muscle.

  38. The clinical consideration of diaphragmatic hernia, however, does not belong here.

  39. Diaphragmatic and other forms of internal hernia may exist and not produce symptoms of strangulation either at the time of formation or subsequently, just as we so commonly see in cases of external hernia.

  40. In diaphragmatic hernia the stomach is found more frequently in the thorax than is any other abdominal viscus.

  41. Delsarte established his theory of diaphragmatic breathing in accordance with his anatomical knowledge.

  42. Poyet means the coordination of the three when he speaks of mixed costal and diaphragmatic breathing, and that Dr.

  43. Van Baggen also means this when he speaks of diaphragmatic breathing.

  44. It enlarges the chest cavity more than does either the clavicular or the diaphragmatic method; but does not enlarge it to its full capacity.

  45. It is mixed costal and diaphragmatic accompanied by a slight raising of the clavicle.

  46. This is called "the diaphragmatic method.

  47. In scientific works the first is called diaphragmatic or abdominal,[B] the second lateral or costal, and the third clavicular or scapular breathing.

  48. Any organ or part of the body which is not exercised gradually atrophies and refuses to function properly, and lack of the internal exercise afforded by the diaphragmatic action leads to diseased organs.

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