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  1. Again, the sins of the religious diarist are of a very formal pattern, and are told with an elaborate whine.

  2. In this office the Diarist remained until the period of the Revolution, when his official career was concluded.

  3. It is not quite clear what was the occasion of the certificate, but probably the Diarist wished to have it ready in case of another attack upon him in respect to his tendency towards the Church of Rome.

  4. This portion of the Diary is of particular interest, and the various excursions in Holland which the Diarist made are described in a very amusing manner.

  5. To cease to be egotistic is to cease to be a diarist altogether.

  6. Holding it in his hands the would-be diarist turns the leaves over one by one with a smile.

  7. Amongst those incredulous ones, though on somewhat different grounds, the diarist might have been reckoned.

  8. The practice of the diarist varies, of course, almost infinitely.

  9. Diary-keeping is not entirely a matter of egotism and of introspection, of fun, and of frolic, though it may appear to the non-diarist to be.

  10. Evelyn tells us that he was a dangerous borrower of other men's books, as the diarist knew to his cost.

  11. Certain it is that a large number of books formerly in the possession of the diarist have at times appeared in the auction-room.

  12. It is a purely personal narrative and has only been written at the repeated request, during the last ten years, of the many friends associated with the experiences of the diarist and of the principal characters appearing in this book.

  13. A great foe of the true Maid, the diarist known as the Bourgeois de Paris, in his journal for August 1440, tells us that just then many believed that Jeanne had not been burned at Rouen.

  14. The Tower had been once more opening its hospitable doors, and a fortnight earlier its resident diarist had noted Cranmer’s arrival.

  15. The confident young diarist of 1760 had meanwhile learned reserve.

  16. When the diarist saw Hamlet "done with scenes" for the first time, he was most favourably impressed.

  17. The volatile diarist studied much besides the drama when he spent his afternoon or evening at the play.

  18. Ward was a voluminous diarist and a faithful chronicler as far as he cared to go.

  19. Such is the account of what took place on the 19th September, as given by the diarist of the day.

  20. The diarist ascribes the petition to Papist influence and to "the hotspurs generally.

  21. The strangeness of this sight caused the mob to jeer, upon which the diarist characteristically remarks, "but lord!

  22. Apart from his suburban trip to Putney, we find the diarist chronicling journeys to and from Portsmouth.

  23. There was the pictor of Saynte Saviour that had stood in Barmsey Abbey many yeres in Southwarke takyn down,' a diarist writes at the time.

  24. Afterwards referred to by the diarist as the high bank.

  25. The ingrained worldliness of the diarist is ill-concealed by the mask of sensibility.

  26. The diarist writes:-- "She hath a pretty face, and should not be too ready to speak ill of those above her in station.

  27. The diarist Evelyn tells that his father when sheriff had a hundred and fifty servants in livery, and many gentleman attendants.

  28. Our royal Diarist offers none, but her family history is a telling apology.

  29. But for Pepys's amazing indiscretion and garrulity, qualities of which one cannot have too little in life, or too much in the record of it, Evelyn would have been esteemed the first diarist of his age.

  30. They are always of this personal character; as, among other examples, the mention of the wet weather preventing the diarist from stirring out, and that of his coming weary to his lodgings.

  31. Sidelights of this royal progress are obtained from the diarist Evelyn and Lord Dartmouth.

  32. On the 22nd of December, the diarist notes, that fourteen bushels of comfits were already prepared, counting up to that night, and that the ducal confectioners would continue to increase the store with all diligence.

  33. It is clear that the Diarist did not foresee the great figure Osborne was about to make in the world; a rise somewhat due to his own parts, and much to the favour of the King.

  34. Before the Diarist became known, one of the most distinguished members of the family was Richard Pepys, created Lord Chief Justice of Ireland by Charles I.

  35. One day Sir Charles Sedley had a merry discourse with two ladies, which prevented the Diarist from hearing any of the play.

  36. In fact, our Diarist was at one time rather mean in regard to the money he allowed his wife, although afterwards he was more generous, and even gave £80 for a necklace of pearls which he presented to her.

  37. Our Diarist was much pleased at this instance of the kindness of the Duke, and of the whole committee towards him.

  38. The English fleet lies off the Dutch coast about the middle of May, and our Diarist avails himself of the opportunity to visit the Hague and some of the chief towns of Holland.

  39. In 1701, therefore, the Diarist matured a scheme which did him the greatest credit.

  40. The engagement between Philip Carteret and Lady Jemimah Montagu gave the Diarist considerable employment, and from the long account he has written on it we gather that he was very proud of such assistance as he was able to give.

  41. The Diarist was well known to all the booksellers, and he doubtless was a good customer, although he must have troubled them sometimes with his fastidiousness.

  42. Now, our Diarist has become a man of importance, as one of the principal Officers of the Navy, and Montagu consequently asks him to dinner for the first time.

  43. The Diarist must surely have been prejudiced, for the general opinion on this point, and the stories that have come down to us, are against him.

  44. The Diarist records sending for "a cup of tea, a China drink he had not before tasted.

  45. Our diarist must not be too severely judged.

  46. The diarist describes the melancholy spectacle of the two biers, supporting the sick king and queen, entering their capital side by side.

  47. The diarist Stefano Infessura, in his valuable chronicle of the events which occurred at Rome from A.

  48. By and by the crafty diarist deleted Mrs. Pierce from the party, and went off to Vauxhall with the fair actress, his confidence in the enterprise being strengthened by the fact that the night was "darkish.

  49. So the diarist strolled an hour in the garden observing the behaviour of the citizens, "pulling of cherries, and God knows what.

  50. Then there was that other house in King Street, the Bell, upon which the diarist bestowed some of his patronage.

  51. Bonaparte and his army are buried in the sands of Egypt; our Diarist takes occasion to be buried in Shaftesbury's Enquiry Concerning Virtue.

  52. As a rule, except when he is travelling, our Diarist almost entirely occupies himself with a discussion of the books he happens to be reading.

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