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Example sentences for "egotism"

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  1. She gave him credit for his good looks, his generous feelings, and even, in fact, failed to recollect his egotism when he was absent; but she could not feel any binding influence keeping her for him as against all others.

  2. He took her hand, feeling in his good-natured egotism that it was probably lack of his presence which had made her lonely.

  3. Yet such is the reflected glory she derives from the Sydneys and the Raleighs, the Walsinghams and Cecils, the Shakspeares and Spensers of her time, that we can scarce look beyond it, to stigmatise the hard unfeminine egotism of her character.

  4. Egotism was his master-passion, and beyond his intrepidity and the loftiness of his intellectual carriage his character presents little to admire.

  5. Chateaubriand betrayed amazing egotism in describing his sister Lucile in the Amelie of the story, and much is obviously descriptive of his own early surroundings.

  6. But as the contest was prolonged, symptoms of private egotism began to show themselves.

  7. By obliging men to turn their attention to affairs which are not exclusively their own, it rubs off that individual egotism which is the rust of society.

  8. As they are not sustained or dignified by a lofty purpose, they ostensibly display the egotism of their character in their actions.

  9. The feeling he entertains toward the state is analogous to that which unites him to his family, and it is by a kind of egotism that he interests himself in the welfare of his country.

  10. With that amiable egotism which pervades human nature, it will be observed, each gentleman interpreted 'professionally' as referring to his own particular calling.

  11. It is not the egotism of Byron or the morbid melancholy of Chateaubriand.

  12. Mr. Fidler is a young man given to egotism in his own peculiar way.

  13. I have been with him in company when he has spoken in such tones of egotism as have made me feel pity for him.

  14. And I cannot think that any irreverence could be charged against an editor who had the courage to put a moist pen through those expressions of egotism and naive self-satisfaction and vanity which do occasionally disfigure his pages.

  15. In Pembroke a soreness of egotism afflicts everybody.

  16. She was an odd combination of enormous egotism and the most painful shyness.

  17. With him it partook more of the nature of egotism than of self-conceit, and it therefore made him always restless and continually dissatisfied.

  18. Religious egotism was the mainspring of their national existence, and this general egotism made every individual Jew an egotist; and egotists are always bad supporters of anything by which the masses generally may benefit.

  19. This was the first civil war--individual egotism conspired against the supreme power, faction fought against faction; a dissolution of all law and order threatened the State.

  20. His was a sublime and childlike egotism which simply ignored obligations until, by chance, they were made legal, at which, when it happened, he protested like a spoiled child.

  21. Many considerations of national egotism counselled such a policy.

  22. It is Prussia the army which has filled neutral countries with spies and lawbreakers, which has placed frightfulness above humanity, and in a fury of egotism and savagery has challenged the world.

  23. No man was ever less introspective, and though he talks much of himself, his egotism is the genial egotism which takes the world into its confidence, not the selfish egotism which feels no interest but in its own woes.

  24. He was ill in his bed and alone, and he had therefore the leisure to think of his own security,--the one necessity clear-sighted enough to enable human egotism to forget nothing!

  25. Nothing is more flattering to a woman's egotism than to divine this passion, apparently immovable, and these emotions so deep that they have needed a great length of time to reach the human surface.

  26. As a rule, egotism and real merit negate one another rather than cooerdinate; Lieber was the exception.

  27. Yet despite the irritation of his mind, the necessity for absolute self-control, the expert found time to make a note of this further instance of the intolerable egotism that alcohol induces in its slaves.

  28. But despite the approach to beauty which, in another face, it might have had, slyness and egotism lurked in every curve.

  29. At daylight, Elsie's egotism was exhausted, and she fell asleep.

  30. Readers may think that these self-revelations are prompted by egotism, but an analyst should analyse himself as ruthlessly as he analyses others and egotism happens to be the dominant feature of my attitude to life.

  31. Stekel in "The Language of the Dream," records a fine dream of his in which his egotism is vouchsafed all forms of gratification.

  32. And the foregoing passage of his early history is but one illustration among hundreds, showing that there was no egotism in the remark here quoted.

  33. It is a peculiar trait in the Christian religion that it always inspires its subjects with humility, kindness, charity, whilst error is generally attended with pride, egotism and cruelty.

  34. The egotism and insult seen in that reply can scarcely be found in the English language from the pen of any man who makes any pretensions to Christianity.

  35. Egotism has its tender developments; there is a sort of engaging purity in its perplexities and faithful labours.

  36. Shame to the impious egotism that would deny it, and, in order to spare itself the tension of faith and the labour of understanding, would pretend to find in experience nothing but a shadowy tapestry, a landscape without a substance.

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