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contents; contentus; contenu; conter; conterminous; contestant; contestants; contestation; contested; contesting
  1. As to punishment, I contest it; the curb is sufficient, and cruel enough at that.

  2. Winners in the Senior contest were more widely distributed in the matter of residence.

  3. It was wonderful to see the fury of the contest in the girl, and the bodily struggle she made as if she were rent by the Demons of old.

  4. He found a contest still always going on in his breast between his promise to keep Gowan in none but good aspects before the mind of Mr Meagles, and his enforced observation of Gowan in aspects that had no good in them.

  5. From daylight this morning till near noon there was a pretty sharp contest between those within the city and those without, in which the latter got the advantage.

  6. Shortly after we ascended to the roof for our evening walk, we heard the cannon and small arms begin to fire, which informed us that the contest was begun within the city.

  7. Last night the contest ended in plundering the poor Jews.

  8. A contest has sprung up between the troops and the inhabitants of the city, in which, from the continued firing, I should fear there has been much slaughter.

  9. She could read at a glance the saintly life described to her of old by Hulot and Crevel; and she not only ceased to think of a contest with her, she humiliated herself before a superiority she appreciated.

  10. This contest between her instincts and her reason made her unjust and tyrannical.

  11. So great, indeed, had been the diminution of the ranks by death, wounds, and straggling, that at no time during the contest of the 7th was General Beauregard enabled to bring more than fifteen thousand effective men to hand in battle.

  12. No record exists of a contest between such numbers of men in a country so densely wooded and in a space so confined.

  13. Singularly modest and retiring in demeanor, he had seemed to scorn the turmoil of public life and the undignified contest for public place.

  14. The crisis of the contest had come; there were no more reserves, and General Breckinridge determined to charge.

  15. Rookwood, "wilt measure swords that the contest be in all fairness?

  16. Fawkes, who through all the contest had been craning his neck and breathing hard with excitement, "that was a brave device but not one which I should care to try myself.

  17. For thy dear sake fierce contest must he bear.

  18. Nay more, it is not right That he with all the Grecians should contest In fight, should die, and for a woman.

  19. And Slyne heaved a silent sigh of relief; he had feared more than once that the contest of wills would after all go against him.

  20. And her soft sway was everywhere undisputed, although Slyne had at first been inclined to contest it himself.

  21. His plan was to treat every contest seriously, to bring all his forces to the poll on every occasion--nothing kept men together, he used to say, like victory.

  22. In 1690, in conjunction with fourteen others, he founded the celebrated academy of the Arcadians, and began the contest against false taste and its adherents.

  23. After a brief contest the crossbowmen, completely outmatched, were driven back with enormous loss.

  24. He shared the Trimmer's dislike of party, urging Halifax in the exclusion contest "not to be thrust by the opposition of his enemies into another party, but that he keep upon a national bottom which at length will prevail.

  25. The contest was in the nature of things almost inevitable even when the civil and the ecclesiastical powers were actuated by the best motives, and when both sought to appoint men competent to discharge the duties of the position with ability.

  26. These spiritual lords carried on the contest with every kind of force and chicanery they could command.

  27. The United States, in order to put a stop to bloodshed in Cuba, and in the interest of a neighboring people, proposed their good offices to bring the existing contest to a termination.

  28. Whatever may be the result of the pending contest in Cuba, it appears to be the belief of some of the leading statesmen of Spain that the relations which now exist between the island and the mother country can not be long continued.

  29. We can not discriminate in our censure of their mode of conducting their contest between the Spaniards and the Cubans.

  30. This contest has lasted now for more than four years.

  31. On either side the contest has been conducted, and is still carried on, with a lamentable disregard of human life and of the rules and practices which modern civilization has prescribed in mitigation of the necessary horrors of war.

  32. The contest is often prolonged by picking up the assegais thrown by the other party, and sending them back again.

  33. It is far better, indeed it is absolutely necessary, to delay judiciously, as there is always an implied contest between visitors; and the man who is in a hurry to speak loses dignity.

  34. But, why, when I contest it, do I bow to the world's opinion concerning disparity of years between husband and wife?

  35. I was here attacked by a singularly pertinacious fly, and came out of the contest with a laugh.

  36. The contest was not interesting from the point of view of the spectators except in that it showed the home team to have developed well during the last week.

  37. Theoretically at least, Ira had no time for interests or adventures outside football, for he was an extremely busy, hard-worked youth from the Monday succeeding the Chancellor game to the Thursday before the contest with Kenwood Academy.

  38. Ira witnessed that contest from the bench and found more interest in it than in the Mapleton battle because he wanted very much to have Parkinson win.

  39. That contest ended the second team's activities for the year.

  40. Chancellor had not come up to expectations and the Brown had run up nineteen points in the first half and had the contest secure.

  41. But only from effort and contest can thy happiness in the higher life arise; hostile Principles assail thee; and only the interior force with which thou shalt withstand these assaults can save thee from disgrace and ruin.

  42. All parties were enthusiastic in their support of Lord Deerhurst, whose return was safe from the first, and the contest lay between Sir William Duff Gordon and Colonel Davies.

  43. Viscount Melville, intending to contest the city on Conservative principles, but after a canvass he gave the matter up as hopeless.

  44. The contest cost each of the candidates about £3,000 a day, while it lasted.

  45. A very sharp contest distinguished by all sorts of manœuvres, violence, and questionable practices.

  46. The contest had now been going on for half an hour, and I was getting exhausted.

  47. The contest seemed to me very different from anything at Creedmoor.

  48. There is for a third of the year a contest between the icy air of the pole and the warm wind of the gulf.

  49. I am well acquainted with her disposition, and have for many years foreseen the contest which now threatens us.

  50. I remonstrated against this scheme with all the energy in my power; but the contest was vain; she lost her patience, and I my time.

  51. I will not, therefore, enter into a contest from which I have nothing to expect but altercation and impertinence.

  52. Italian contest in better condition than that in which they entered upon it.

  53. Already Carlos was in training for that contest--though as yet he knew not that there was any contest before him, save the general "striving against sin" in which all Christians have to take part.

  54. Did apprehension of the approaching contest disturb his serenity?

  55. It was the first regular contest of the season and as such was always quite an affair.

  56. Never mind," spoke Peaches kindly, "we'll have another contest soon and you can be in it.

  57. They quickly made a couple of hard, smooth balls, and at the word from Tom, Joe and Peaches let go together, for it was to be a sort of contest in swiftness.

  58. Yet this was not his idea of a contest of that kind.

  59. That contest is still talked about in the annals of the two schools.

  60. Tom and Joe, who had come upon the group of other pupils after the impromptu snowball throwing contest had started, advanced further toward their school companions.

  61. The conditions of the contest are--the best of twenty three-minute rounds with two-ounce gloves.

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