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Example sentences for "contestants"

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contenu; conter; conterminous; contest; contestant; contestation; contested; contesting; contests; context
  1. The Norman method of settling disputed was by Trial by Battle, in which the contestants or their champions fought the matter out either with swords or cudgels (S148).

  2. This was a duel in which each of the contestants appealed to Heaven to give him the victory, it believed that the right would vanquish.

  3. Even then its value is not great, for such contestants might very probably, without its aid, have come to a peaceable understanding.

  4. As Fred, who was at the wheel glanced along the line of the contestants he counted ten other boats that had entered the race.

  5. And that being so, I will give each of them a third prize," and with this those two contestants had to be contented.

  6. All four of the leading contestants were bending forward and striking out as powerfully as possible, their arms swinging from side to side like pendulums and their skates ringing clearly on the smooth ice.

  7. Prussing, of the Master Masons, and Miniter, of the Bricklayers, prepared a statement showing all points upon which the contestants agreed and disagreed.

  8. The contestants disputed the ground with such determination, each carrying and losing positions again and again, that at times it was difficult to say which army had the advantage.

  9. Citadels and fortresses were seized, often by bribery or cunning, that of Pampeluna by over-eagerness on the part of the garrison to secure the French soldiers as contestants in a snowball-fight.

  10. The contestants were now rowing more rapidly, and the students on shore, who were following the race, had to increase their pace to keep up to them.

  11. The two contestants gripped their oars a little more firmly, they leaned forward, ready to plunge them into the water and pull a heavy stroke at the sound of the pistol.

  12. The two contestants were now rowing steadily.

  13. These were soon rescued and the canoe being righted, the contestants made their way to shore.

  14. A mad scramble ensued the moment all the contestants were in the water together and there was much splashing and confusion.

  15. Meanwhile the other six contestants were far ahead and one glance convinced George that he and Fred were hopelessly out of the race.

  16. That two of the contestants were missing he did not notice at all.

  17. The contestants made their way to the starting point by way of the shore; at least they walked until they came to a spot directly opposite the big rock and then waded out as far as possible, swimming the last few yards.

  18. The other contestants were now strung out in a long line.

  19. Both contestants in our own War of Secession employed captive and drifting balloons.

  20. With one hundred contestants this would yield one hundred and thirty francs, to which the commune usually added fifty, making one hundred and eighty francs available in all.

  21. A score of contestants had pedalled ten times over a course consisting for the most part of roadways paved with ragged cobble-stones, the rest being dirt roads filled with mud puddles owing to a recent rain.

  22. Professor Beck, athletic director, and at present that court of last appeal, the referee, gave the instructions in quick, clear tones as the first two contestants stood on their marks.

  23. Some of the boys showed a remarkable skill in transmitting messages that had been arranged by the committee, and which were, of course, utterly unknown to any of the contestants until given, a new one every time, to each patrol.

  24. Contestants who sent lists longer than the winning ones are assured that their lists, when subjected to our uniform and fair conditions, fell to much smaller proportions than when they left their hands.

  25. We had certain rules, but answers received were entered in the competitions whether contestants conformed to the rules or not.

  26. Where rules were not followed words were cut out, all contestants being treated precisely the same.

  27. Some contestants counted in a most extraordinary fashion, hundreds claiming in their totals from two to five times as many words as they really had.

  28. The main contestants for athletic honors were bound to be drawn from the junior and sophomore classes.

  29. In the broad jump it was almost as difficult for the contestants to learn their exact record as it was for the sprinters to learn theirs.

  30. For a second or two the contestants stood motionless.

  31. This change was made at each end of the course, so all the sixteen contestants took turns.

  32. The crowd watched the movements of the contestants with the greatest interest.

  33. At each end the contestants stood in a row, watching the track.

  34. The six contestants leaned forward, ready to dash away in a moment.

  35. Which one of the thirty contestants would be the first to appear?

  36. For a mile or so along the road there were bunches of schoolboys and girls waiting to give some of the contestants a cheering word as they flashed past.

  37. Each of the many contestants had a large number fastened upon both the front and back of his in upper garment.

  38. And I wouldn't be surprised if he put 'Just' Smith up to the dodge, in addition to Horatio here and myself, all being entered as contestants in the big Marathon race.

  39. Now and then an outsider--one who had watched the battle from afar--saw more of the fight than the contestants themselves.

  40. It was in Frankfort that several of the contestants in the endurance run came to grief,--right on the main street of the village.

  41. At a given signal the two contestants dashed into the center of the herd, dividing it so that Bill took the right half while Comstock took those on the left.

  42. Now the sport began in magnificent style, amid the cheers of excited spectators, who rode as near the contestants as safety and non interference permitted.

  43. But these ceremonies were suddenly interrupted by the appearance of another small herd of buffalo cows and calves, into which the two contestants charged precipitately.

  44. The other contestants had dropped out of the race.

  45. The nature of the tests had been carefully guarded, and not one of the contestants knew anything about what they were to be till the hour came at which they would be announced from the judges' boat.

  46. The hour had now come for the first event on the long program to be carried out, and the field was cleared of all persons, whether contestants or their admiring clusters of friends, who had gathered to give a last good word.

  47. An odd three-legged race was taking place at the time, each school having an entry; and amid uproarious shouts the contestants were falling down, getting mixed in their partners, and exciting all sorts of comments.

  48. In the three schools there were eleven contestants in all--four for Riverport, the same number for her up-river rival, and three belonging to Paulding.

  49. And here's the director going to announce the race, while the other man will name all the contestants entered to take part.

  50. It would take the heart out of other contestants on the part of Riverport, and in all probability accomplish just the end those who had abducted Colon had in view.

  51. While the contestants were out of sight the crowd enjoyed itself by sending all sorts of shouts back and forth.

  52. Sir James Paget has summed up the relative claims of our four contestants in an article entitled Escape from Pain, published in the Nineteenth Century for December, 1879.

  53. But these men are not generally credited with their introduction by the world at large and, he argues, neither should Long or the other contestants be given the credit due Morton himself.

  54. The contestants could wear the gadget strapped to their legs, under their skirts or trousers.

  55. Of course the contestants would have to be members of the Megabuck Mob, as we'll call it.

  56. Contestants who were expert on a particular category returned week after week on their build-up to a grand prize, which was a quarter of a million dollars.

  57. In the first place, the contestants were ordinary people.

  58. The questions were really tough, filled with the kind of detail no one could be expected to remember, but which good contestants always did.

  59. The door of the coat-room closed on the contestants for the fair lady's favor, and they had it out alone.

  60. The remnants of the gashed and bleeding contestants were again tied at a secure distance, and the soldiers renewed their work to prevent the tents from falling.

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