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Example sentences for "counselled"

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counseill; counsel; counseled; counseling; counsell; counsellers; counselleth; counselling; counsellor; counsellors
  1. He counselled me to keep it private, and said I might surely have a friend who would burn it in case of my death.

  2. But think not," continued the King in a more solemn voice, and with increasing emotion, "think not that I will charge my soul that I counselled or encouraged this errand.

  3. But they told me that Harold the good Earl had made the King send for them: and whatever the Earl counselled must, I thought, be wise, and to the weal of sweet England.

  4. Artabanus, stricken with terror, now counselled war, and Xerxes determined on the invasion of Greece.

  5. Of the ten generals, five strongly counselled that they should wait for Spartan help.

  6. He therefore counselled Polycrates to do what the gods had not yet done, and bring some misfortune on himself.

  7. One of these was that Miltiades who had counselled the destruction of Darius's bridge of boats.

  8. Since first my handmaid, Hagar, knew thy bed, according as I counselled thee, thou sufferest her to vex me day by day in word and deed.

  9. And the blessed man gave ear unto the woman's counsels, and bade his handmaid go unto his bed, according as his wife had counselled him.

  10. Being a Pharisee he faced the facts of Herod's power and warned the tribunal of the event, just as later he counselled the people to receive him, saying that for their sins they could not escape him.

  11. The queen interposed to prevent the execution of those who had counselled the crucifixion of the rebels and permitted them to withdraw with her younger son Aristobulus to the fortresses outside Jerusalem.

  12. So long as he counselled submission to the overwhelming power of Rome the people complied, but when he spoke of obedience to Florus he was compelled to fly.

  13. Augustus had counselled Archelaus to deal gently with his subjects.

  14. Mademoiselle Mars counselled her to guard against any mannerism, and mentioned this one in illustration.

  15. Some friendly bystander here counselled me to calm myself, and not aggravate my position by words of angry impatience.

  16. His secret instructions counselled him to endeavor to prorogue the Parliament, and thus obtain a short breathing-time for future action.

  17. When sufficiently recovered to bear the journey, Le Monnier counselled me to convey her to her friends; and I yielded--shall I own it?

  18. And that He never counselled the use of drugs or medicines.

  19. He asked advice from Don Rodrigo and other cavaliers, and all, especially the latter, counselled war.

  20. If it were another who so counselled me, I would tear out his tongue.

  21. I should have counselled a contrary course; but that the belief was in my mind that the horseman was Osceola.

  22. A few counselled us to go back; and it became necessary to appeal to their hatred of the savage foe--with most of them a hereditary passion--and once more to invoke their vengeance.

  23. We could hardly restrain ourselves from setting forth at once; but the more cautious counselled the rest to patience, and we stood awaiting the deeper darkness.

  24. These now gathered around the agent, and counselled him to the adoption of a different course.

  25. The reader may be earnestly counselled to acquaint himself with Dr.

  26. For some years past, in writing and speaking, I have employed and counselled the employment of the term "the racial instinct.

  27. But also from the point of view of the individual, a girl may be counselled to stop her lover's drinking.

  28. He earnestly counselled Lord George himself to make the effort; but Lord George, with characteristic tenacity, clung for some time to his project, though his efforts to accomplish it were fortunately not successful.

  29. They did that on the 25th of October, after houses had fallen to the amount of fifteen millions sterling, which they had been counselled to do by Lord George Bentinck on the 25th of April.

  30. All seemed touched by the flame which burned in the breast of that man, so lofty in his thoughts but so humble in his ambition, who counselled ever the highest deeds, and was himself ever prepared to undertake the humblest duties.

  31. And he counselled him to remain in ambush where he was, and surprise the castle of Castrejon: and it seemed good unto my Cid.

  32. His friends had counselled silence and prudence.

  33. My own ticket was given me at once, and an oldish man, who preserved his head in the midst of this turmoil, got my baggage registered, and counselled me to stay quietly where I was till he should give me the word to move.

  34. But this prelate, thoroughly upright and conscientious, counselled the King against such a step, to the great vexation of his relations, who were the chief plotters in the conspiracy to overthrow the two Dukes.

  35. But I think the world was right, and the bishops who advised Queen Anne, when they counselled her not to appoint the author of the Tale of a Tub to a bishopric, gave perfectly good advice.

  36. Lieutenant Gordon had counselled the sending away of the four wounded ruffians, who had been carefully nursed and fed at the hospital.

  37. They were earnestly counselled not "to disgrace the race.

  38. That policy, O Pharaoh, which I have counselled in the roll.

  39. Yet through them all, O Pharaoh, you have refused to let these Hebrews go, as I counselled should be done at the beginning.

  40. When King Sancho received Urraca's defiance, he flew into a terrific rage, and accused the Cid of having counselled the resistance of the princess because of love for her.

  41. With his usual determination, King Karl dispatched a large army against Guerin, and would have waged bloody war against him had not the peers interposed and counselled otherwise.

  42. In 1855 he was a candidate before the Legislature to succeed General Shields, but, failing to get the required number of votes, he counselled his friends to vote for Judge Trumbull, who was elected.

  43. When they had come he told them his dream, and they counselled him by all means to be guided by it.

  44. The priests, after they had counselled together, informed the prince that if he would bind himself not to tell the uninitiated what he saw he would learn that it was possible to see at great distances.

  45. The prince gave command to Mentezufis, begging him to change in no way commands already made, unless he counselled with lay generals.

  46. In the cities all shops were closed, and the artisans who had lost their occupation counselled whole days over the reconstruction of Egypt.

  47. The woman, growing uneasy from her uncertainty of pay for her trouble, asked the advice of some of her friends what was proper for her to do; and they counselled her to put an advertisement into the papers herself the next morning.

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