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  1. One of the finest examples is a krater from Ruvo in the Jatta collection,[2391] with twisted handles and a very elaborate system of ornamentation, chiefly diaper and maeander patterns.

  2. On the former the women’s chiton is often covered with a sort of diaper pattern of squares, filled in with circles and stars, or the dresses (both of men and women) are covered with groups of dots and flowers in white and purple.

  3. The delicate floral or diaper ornament incised under the soft ivory-toned glaze gives promise of the skilful handiwork of the golden age of the art.

  4. And it is quite worth while, and much to the present purpose, to call attention to the chief peculiarity of the Japanese diaper patterns, which is interruption.

  5. Leaving mere repeating patterns and diaper designs, you find, in Japanese compositions, complete designs in which there is no point of symmetry.

  6. Some diaper wall painting, shown in the photograph reproduced here, which until lately decorated the back of the arcade is now entirely cleaned off.

  7. One of its compartments protected with glass yet shows a piece of the beautiful diaper work, in silver overlaid on white linen, remains of the rich colourings of two successive periods are present on the effigy itself.

  8. The stools have already been described as frequent, often passed with considerable force, deficient in fecal matter, and thin, so as to soak into the diaper almost like urine.

  9. The Diaper Sandoe of promise lends his pen for small hires.

  10. And Diaper broke his bud of a smile into full flower as he delivered this information.

  11. Couching is an effective method of work, in which broad masses of silk or gold thread are laid down and secured by a network or diaper of crossing threads, through which the under surface shines very prettily.

  12. The diaper work painted on the chancel wall is well done and effective.

  13. A very handsome font has been added, and three sides of the bowl are ornamented with well-cut diaper and the side towards the nave is occupied by a panel in relief, containing the appropriate figure of Jesus receiving little children.

  14. The east end is more ornately decorated than other portions; the caps and bases of the columns are guilded, the panels are fitted with diaper and lily ornaments.

  15. I can weave diaper thick, thick, thick, And I can weave diaper thin, I can weave diaper out of doors And I can weave diaper in.

  16. Ordinarily, extreme care in washing, drying and powdering will be sufficient, but it must be done every time the diaper is changed.

  17. Nothing is more trying, in a small way, than to get a diaper that cannot be folded true.

  18. Still, I would rather do it than use a diaper over and over again.

  19. Lay an extra diaper folded many times under him, and fold the pinning blanket just in three, bring the hem up to the waist and pin in place.

  20. Tooth ornament is used to a greater extent than in the rest of the transept, and the wall spaces between the clerestory windows and the vault are covered with diaper work.

  21. The wall behind is richly carved with diaper designs, shewing much freedom and variety.

  22. The central doorway has four columns on either side, carved with diaper ornament and grotesque figures; elaborate mouldings are carried round the arch.

  23. As pointed out in the first chapter or two, the improper use of the diaper will evidence its deplorable result when the period of manhood or womanhood is reached, by some of the many symptoms of proctitis.

  24. Hardly a civilized man escapes proctitis from the day of the diaper to that of death.

  25. An excellent example of the pourpointed chausson worked in a rich diaper is offered by the brass of De Bures, 1302 (Waller, Pt.

  26. Against the supposition that it was merely armorial, may be urged that in many cases it has no heraldic bearing at all: sometimes it has a cross only, sometimes a diaper pattern, and sometimes it is quite blank.

  27. The carda is charged at fourpence an ell; the diaper at eight shillings the piece.

  28. Louisa Diaper did not appear that night, nor next morning.

  29. Well was it for her that in their craft they had exchanged the comparatively useless Miss Diaper for this poor girl, on whose apprenticeship to strange ways, and a not very fastidious life, they relied for a clever and unscrupulous instrument.

  30. Don't ask a question, or look a look, that may make Louisa Diaper suspect that you have any doubt as to your going to Arden, or any suspicion of any danger.

  31. Do this yourself; Louisa Diaper must know nothing of it.

  32. And he has and will answer your Diaper Sandoe in better verse, as he confutes him in a better life.

  33. What does Diaper Sandoe sing of your Age of Work?

  34. For these reasons the diaper harness is in almost every instance preferred.

  35. It is the most simple in pattern of all the varieties of the diaper or damask style, and therefore the goods are usually of coarse quality for common household wear.

  36. Brimming streams crossed the path, and the sunlight lay on their pebbly beds in a diaper of amber and stencilled shadow, and Mitsos' pony at the mid-day halt ate his fill of the young, juicy grass.

  37. The border is relieved with reserves, and the inner rim of octagon and square diaper surrounds a hexagonal central reserve of Joo-e-head design.

  38. The waist of the vase has a half-section diaper design in green and "rouge de fer.

  39. The octagon and square diaper pattern is blue on the inner rim and pink on the broad band forming the outer rim.

  40. Where the spaces between the reserves or compartments are covered with gilt scroll-work diaper or pattern as in the illustration.

  41. Above and below this decoration, narrow bands of scroll and flower diaper patterns.

  42. At the base is a narrow band of diaper design with black lines on green ground; this contains four small reserves with a flower and foliage in "rouge de fer" and green on a white ground, the bordering of yellow and blue.

  43. Similar eggshell plates may have landscapes or flowers as the central decoration with or without diaper borders.

  44. In this piece the diaper decoration, in green and yellow, which distinguishes early Ming and Kang-he, is again prominent.

  45. The front is represented as a sunk panel, on which is a very early diaper design in yellow, green, aubergine, and black.

  46. Still more "flowered octagons and squares" follow, having next below a diaper of "treble scale" pattern.

  47. Fresh powder should be put on every time the diaper is removed, every time the infant urinates, and at other times during the day.

  48. If the conditions are not favorable, it would be far better to wrap the baby snugly in a warm blanket--first having put a diaper on--and place it in its crib with a hot water bottle near it and defer the bathing until the following forenoon.

  49. There was a plentiful supply of table-linen in cloths and napkins of various qualities, the diaper linen (damask) being the best.

  50. Shalloon, a woolen fabric of twill weave was used chiefly for linings; fustian was a cotton and linen cloth, and diaper linen was woven of flax with a raised figure such as in damask, and used chiefly for table-linen.

  51. A simple initial letter may be made interesting by enriching the ground behind it with some form of diaper patterning.

  52. The reason of this may be because it is worked by counting the threads of the fabric, or because the pattern is always treated as a diaper and placed upon the surface without regard to contour.

  53. Another striking peculiarity in the decoration of porcelain of this period is a border of black or coloured diaper work formed by crossed lines, having in the interstices small gilt points or crosses bordered by scrolls.

  54. Then Swift tells us he thinks to recommend Diaper to the Society; he adds, "I must do something for him, and get him out of the way.

  55. Only a few days before, Swift had given Diaper twenty guineas from Lord Bolingbroke.

  56. From what I recollect of the diaper and damask we used to import from England, I think they were better and cheaper than here.

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