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Example sentences for "guineas"

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  1. When I wrote Cashel Byron's Profession I had no guineas to spare, a common disability of young authors.

  2. But the legal farce involves the hire of a hall and the payment of a fee of two guineas to the King's Reader of Plays.

  3. But we'll catch that mazed man for all his pretending, and there there will be two guineas for you and me.

  4. The man had been driven from his regiment probably because of his evil doings, and was come to Ashacombe to plague them; and all agreed that it would be very pleasant to earn two guineas by the catching of him.

  5. You said so plain as could be that you'd a-share the two guineas with me," Mrs. Fry was saying indignantly.

  6. Two guineas were a lot of money, they said, but soldiers was often badly served, and 'twas no wonder they runned away.

  7. Robert obtained excellent prices for his stock, five daughters of his famous bull George fetching 200 guineas each.

  8. Many, however, of the nobility and gentry in the north had grown cabbages with amazing success, lately, 30 guineas an acre being sometimes the value of the crop.

  9. It was no sooner opened by the sheriffs officer to remove the goods six weeks after the seizure than a gentleman stepped in and said, 'I will give you twelve guineas for twelve copies of the "Age of Reason.

  10. He was always extravagant in his generosity; he would often give five guineas where five shillings would have been enough, and by these means he reduced himself to the necessity sometimes of refusing assistance to deserving objects.

  11. Though he can draw up cases so finely, I've taken him in at last; and I wish it were ten guineas instead of five!

  12. Two hundred guineas a year would be an extravagant allowance in your present circumstances.

  13. I am sorry, I own, that you are so well provided, because a man who has fifty guineas in his pocket-book cannot distinctly feel what it is to be compelled to earn his own bread.

  14. Few people chose to venture a hundred guineas upon the turn of a straw.

  15. He resolved to keep the five guineas quietly which Henry lent him; and, at the same time, to frighten this innocent industrious woman into paying him the value of his bank-note.

  16. His recollection came too late, for after Lord Rawson had paid three or four guineas for his trinket, he let the remainder of the money down with an absent nonchalance, into his pocket.

  17. When Holloway made this promise, he was not master of two guineas in the world; how to procure the whole sum was now the question.

  18. A shoemaker at Worcester gained two guineas and a half by exhibiting at a penny a head a shoe he had made for the Countess.

  19. This form is the substantial, the lasting compliment for which golden guineas are gladly paid.

  20. I, 'hear the pride and ungratitude of her, and he giving his last guineas but a minute ago to her childer, and she with the fine shawl on her he made her a present of but yesterday!

  21. A hundred guineas to sixpence I do,' says he; 'bring me the handkerchief.

  22. You are a little cool, I observe; but I hope you will not be offended at what I have brought here in my pocket,' and he pulls out two long rolls, and showers down golden guineas upon the bed.

  23. Formerly it was the custom in Ireland for tenants to give the squire's lady from two to fifty guineas as a perquisite upon the sealing of their leases.

  24. The Editor not very long since knew of a baronet's lady accepting fifty guineas as sealing money, upon closing a bargain for a considerable farm.

  25. Oh, how it grieved me to see the guineas counting upon the table, and they the last my master had!

  26. Why, Thady, you were telling me yesterday that Sir Condy had sold all entirely to Jason, and where then does all them guineas in the handkerchief come from?

  27. It was the voice of Sir Robin McTart saying: "If I make it ten guineas apiece on the spot, you swear to leave him cold on the pier yonder, come Sunday night, or to tie a stone about his throat and throw him into the river?

  28. Not so long as there's guineas left to buy corpses with!

  29. Let it be five guineas apiece to-night," squeaks the Baronet, "and the remainder when the business is done?

  30. In addition, the desire of earning the thousand guineas of his lordship spurred up his faculties.

  31. Are a thousand guineas too much, my lord, for a tomb of the greatest antiquity, which no human hand has opened for more than three thousand years, since the priests rolled rocks before its mouth?

  32. I would pay fifty guineas to get out of earshot of the best of her efforts.

  33. Sophia will claim an extra twenty guineas a week after to-night.

  34. But whence are the guineas to come, pray?

  35. Three days actually passed before he sent his guineas flying to the deserving and the undeserving alike.

  36. Go to the fellow with your guineas and shake them in a bag under his nose, and you shall quickly see how soon he will forego the dramatic elements in his attitude, and make an ignoble grab at the coins.

  37. I would give ten guineas to have been there.

  38. Great honour, I swear; but if you were to offer me all the guineas in the treasure chest of the regiment I would not give you the plan of the fort.

  39. Jarvis: There's that ten guineas you were sending to the poor man and his children in the Fleet.

  40. While she hung upon my decision, and I gazed at Lorillard's signature (worth guineas as an autograph), my mind raced back along the years.

  41. The place, unique and beautiful as it was, had been allowed to run down so disastrously, and everything outside and inside seemed to be in such a state of disrepair, that it was worth at most a rent of thirty guineas a week.

  42. The competitors were confined to animals owned by free or customary tenants within the Barony, and the winner of the hundred guineas trophy was greeted with frantic cheering.

  43. People with fewer guineas to spare had of necessity to walk.

  44. Three Guineas at the Time of Enterance towards the Races, and Two Shillings and Six-pence for the Clerk of the Race.

  45. About 1764, half the tenants bought off these services at a cost of five guineas each, the mill service only excepted.

  46. When the facts, which I shall now relate, were fresh and vivid in the public mind, it might have been worth twenty guineas to me to set them in order and publish them.

  47. With all my heart," father always answered, "if Providence will pay the ten guineas a quarter, and L2 15s.

  48. Five guineas in gold were bid, but no more.

  49. We have been bidding five guineas when the real value is immeasurably above that because of the Maker.

  50. Johnson at the outset of his literary career received but five guineas for a quarto English translation of "Lobos Voyage to Abyssinia.

  51. In modern times backgammon is not usually associated with very desperate gambling; but a captain in the guards is said to have lost thirteen thousand guineas at that game at one sitting in 1796.

  52. Griffin, after working for weeks received two guineas for a translation of a volume and a half of Prevot's works.

  53. He revenged himself, however, by winning forty-five thousand guineas at billiards in a single night shortly afterwards.

  54. Proof impressions, of which only a very limited number have been taken, 2 guineas each.

  55. Sixty-one guineas and a-half for the three cows gives one some support under the blow of only eleven guineas for the tables.

  56. Lord Mansfield told a story of himself, that feeling this influence, he once, when about to attend on some professional business of his own, took several guineas out of his purse and put them into his waistcoat pocket, as a fee for his labour.

  57. To save a few guineas in their lifetime, men leave behind them a Will which it may cost hundreds of pounds to have expounded by the courts before the various claimants will desist from litigation.

  58. The shorthand-writer of the House of Commons states in his Evidence before the Select Committee on Private Bill Legislation that he receives two guineas a-day for attendance before committees to take notes of the evidence, and 9d.

  59. In the case of a celebrated barrister, now dead, it is whispered that his clerk would receive a retainer of 500 guineas on behalf of the K.

  60. You, my lord Marquess; a purse as full as yours need not bargain for the thing it would have, but clap down guineas for it.

  61. He drew forth his purse and paid down the sum in golden guineas and bank-notes, the painter's eyes gloating as they were counted on the table and his head growing giddy with his joy.

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