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Example sentences for "blurred"

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bluntly; bluntness; blunts; blur; blurr; blurring; blurry; blurs; blurt; blurted
  1. The rain rattled at the window panes, and the sashes shook under the gusts of wind; out in the yards below the switch lights showed blurred and indistinct.

  2. How his face blurred in her dimmed sight!

  3. She saw the monotony of cedar trees, but with blurred eyes; she saw the ground clearly enough, for she was always looking down, hoping for sandy places or rocky places where her mustang could not trot.

  4. The red walls blurred and the sweet wind whipped her face.

  5. She seemed rushing through a blurred green and black aisle of the forest with a gale in her face.

  6. They are certainly figures, blurred as they are, and that is clearly a woman clinging to a man who is throwing her off: the action is plainly that I have called it a 'Rent in a Cloud'.

  7. They were shaky, ill-written words, and might, who knows, have been blurred with a tear or two.

  8. On the same side of the street, to his left hand, from the direction of the station, not one, but three blurred shapes moved up the street.

  9. It was growing dusk and the faces became blurred into a white sea.

  10. Along the Strand blurred patches of light marked the position of the lamps.

  11. Then the hands of a man clutched the farther edge of the table, and slowly and evidently with infinite difficulty a figure rose and the dark face of Bates, with eyes blurred and staring strangely, confronted me.

  12. At the school-gate the lamps of a carriage suddenly blurred in the mist.

  13. Margaret has picked up one of the Dutch tiles that are to line the walls of milady's new plaything; but it is but a blurred view that she gets of its uncouth blue figures.

  14. The answer comes, blurred and muffled, from among the pillows.

  15. Old and worn and blurred with the grief spent upon it, the letter bore upon itself the record of the year's desolation.

  16. From the jungle something like a patch of its own gloom came out upon the blurred plateau.

  17. The sight of Moti partly sobered him, and his mind caught up the blurred happenings of the night.

  18. He could follow the little group with his eyes, a blurred mass stealing over the plaza.

  19. Her vision was blurred by a mist, and she stumbled into the kitchen and seized the clock, and carried it with her upstairs, and shivered in the intense cold of the night.

  20. Constantly they all gazed upwards into the sky, though nothing could possibly be distinguished there save the blurred edge of a flying cloud.

  21. Jeffard was staring intently down the empty railway yard, and the glistening lines of steel were blurred for him.

  22. To pain-blurred eyes the candle flame has faded to a nebulous point in the darkness, but still the light suffices.

  23. Miss Van Vetter heard a little gasp, which, to her strained sense, seemed to be more than half a sob, and the arc-light swinging from its wire across the avenue was blurred for her.

  24. Did that man with the idiotic laugh and the blurred utterance ever love?

  25. I had one blurred vision of him spinning round and yelling to me to stop: then the next moment I had flashed past him and was racing across the bridge.

  26. I just remember a blurred vision of floating wreckage, with something white rising up in front of me.

  27. A watery moon showed up the various warships at anchor--dim grey formless shapes, marked by blurred lights.

  28. Below me, away to the right, a blurred glimmer of light just made itself visible.

  29. He stood not much more than fifty yards from the farm-house door, by the side of a little clump of trees, which in that blurred light and in the confusion of the drifting snow took on the semblance of some vast forest.

  30. Throughout a melancholy day, clinging mist had blurred the outline of even the nearest hills; distance was blotted out.

  31. Eyes and tastes blurred with custom perceive so little.

  32. Then she suddenly found that she could see nothing; the people below were blurred images.

  33. The more distant mountains, as a rule blurred and uncertain in shape, seemed now to pierce with their jagged summits the edge of the star-filled sky.

  34. Violet tore open the envelope, and gasped, while the words she read grew blurred before her eyes.

  35. Beyond them he had a blurred glimpse of a figure that swayed upon its knees, and another lying full length clawing at the stones.

  36. It was evident that they saw the cottonwoods, and hoped to find concealment there, but the Sin Verguenza lay still watching the three blurred shadowy objects with dispassionate curiosity.

  37. Beyond it the hillsides, narrowing in, faded blurred and dim into the hazy distance.

  38. If this plan be not followed, when firing is held on the range at long distances the mark will generally appear blurred and indistinct.

  39. The eye can be focused accurately upon objects at only one distance at a time; all other objects we see will be more or less blurred and fuzzy looking, depending upon their distance from the object upon which our eye is focused.

  40. The steps halted outside the room, the door slowly opened, and the blurred outlines of a group of ghastly-looking figures, supporting a grotesquely shaped object in their midst, appeared on the threshold.

  41. She was nearing the light-ship when he found her, and as he looked a squall blurred the air between them, blotting the brigantine out with a smudge of rain.

  42. A strangled sob of terror answered him, blurred by a swift rush of skirts, and in a breath his shattered nerves quieted and a glimmer of common sense penetrated the murk anger and fear had bred in his brain.

  43. Before his eyes field and coppice, hedge and homestead, stream and flowing highway, all blurred and ran streakily into one another, like a highly impressionistic water-color.

  44. The blurred outline shows it to have moved with respiration.

  45. The irregular outline of the shadow of the projectile shows its deformity, and the blurred outline indicates intra-abdominal movement with respiration.

  46. The enlarged shadow of the ball and the blurred outlines of the metal fragments require them to be some distance from the plate and therefore on the anterior surface of the tibia.

  47. The outline of the shadow is distinct, an evidence that it is extra-abdominal, as otherwise its outline would be blurred by the diaphragmatic movement of respiration imparted to the abdominal viscera during the Röntgen exposure.

  48. The almost normal size of the shadow of the ball indicates that it lies near the plate, and the blurred outline shows that it has moved with the chest in respiration.

  49. She made an involuntary movement forward and he followed her through to the blurred tangle of bushes and bare trodden earth.

  50. Rhoda Ammidon rose immediately, surprised at the force of the emotion that blurred her eyes with tears.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blurred" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    aleatory; amorphous; anarchic; baggy; bleary; blurred; breathy; broad; chance; chancy; chaotic; characterless; choking; confused; dark; dim; disordered; disorderly; faint; featureless; feeble; filmy; focus; foggy; formless; fuzzy; general; guttural; harsh; hawking; hazy; hoarse; inaccurate; inarticulate; inchoate; incoherent; inconspicuous; indecisive; indefinable; indefinite; indeterminate; indistinct; indistinguishable; inexact; kaleidoscopic; lax; lisping; loose; misty; muddy; nasal; nebulous; nondescript; obscure; opaque; pale; quavering; random; shadowy; shaking; shaky; shapeless; soft; steamy; stifled; strangled; sweeping; thick; throaty; tremulous; uncertain; unclear; undefined; undetermined; unordered; unorganized; unrecognizable; unspecified; vague; veiled; weak