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Example sentences for "blurry"

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blunts; blur; blurr; blurred; blurring; blurs; blurt; blurted; blurting; blurts
  1. The main street of Hooker's Bend is only a block long, and the two negroes could easily hear the loud laughter of men hurrying to the focus of interest and the blurry expostulations of negro voices.

  2. Came a general nodding and agreement of soft, blurry voices.

  3. Suddenly the glass grew so blurry and queer it was no more good, and he handed it back to the woman.

  4. Suddenly the sails in the harbor seemed to run together all blurry and queer.

  5. Frowning with perplexity Stanton's clumsy fingers finally dislodged from the box a big, soft blanket-wrapper with an astonishingly strange, blurry pattern of green and red against a somber background of rusty black.

  6. She'd make a blurry tortoise crick his blurry neck looking round to see why she was dawdling behind.

  7. Why, I reckon a keb-horse could give her three stone and win in a blurry canter, I do.

  8. A shaft of gray light slanting in beneath the window shade gave blurry outlines to the objects in the room.

  9. A few paces ahead of him he saw a blurry shape.

  10. Illustration: Four men were riding together through the low burnt-up scrub] "Blurry big warrigal 'e bin run here!

  11. He explained, a moment later, that he could hear howling, such as a "blurry big warrigal" might produce.

  12. He explained that these dingoes, led by the "blurry big warrigal" aforesaid, must have been terribly badly in want of food; and that he did not think much of the chances of the man they had followed.

  13. In war," says I, "that makes no blurry odds.

  14. A blurry supporter of blurry Chelsea," he said.

  15. What's the difference between shouting the odds and shouting the blurry odds?

  16. The Germans began to shell the blurry place and 'twas up to us to 'op it.

  17. Blurry near time too," said a Cockney named Spud Higgles.

  18. Shoutin' the odds isn't strong enough, but shoutin' the blurry odds has ginger in it.

  19. We never 'eard the blurry things come, did we?

  20. We'll never hear the end of that blurry bomb," said Bill.

  21. That's what shoutin' the blurry odds means.

  22. In a blurry easterly squall of sleet that night, Donald saw one of them "giving her main-sheet" for home.

  23. But I don't like that cussed glass an' that blurry sky to th' south'ard.

  24. Sail the blurry ship; fight the blurry ship; sink the blurry ship; and go to ell in the blurry ship.

  25. You'll have a blurry lump behin' your own blurry ear, Fred Organ, before you knows where you are.

  26. A long, long night it was, and the day that followed, all blurry with faint sunshine, was well nigh as long.

  27. He stood blinking at the dim lantern that hung by the ladder, till slowly it grew blurry to his eyes, and, raising his bent arm, he hid his face.

  28. It was a dark night, the hillsides stood blurry against a blue-black sky in which the stars glittered like metal points but failed to shed much light.

  29. The powerful machine went lunging through the soft dirt, following the blurry trail of the buckboard's iron tires, throwing up dust as a fast launch churns spray.

  30. I grabbed the handrail for support, and then became aware of a vast blurry shape looming above and of a hand as large as a building that reached down toward the guards, now halfway back to the projection room.

  31. The nearest comparison that I can think of is the sensation when standing very close to a large motion picture screen, but here the image is blurry whereas I saw with a clarity and sharpness that was simply unbelievable.

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