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Example sentences for "blur"

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blunter; blunting; bluntly; bluntness; blunts; blurr; blurred; blurring; blurry; blurs
  1. Above the dingy white wainscoting the landscape paper his grandfather had brought from France in the thirties had faded into a blur of blues and buffs.

  2. Elizabeth has married Blair," he insisted again; but was only cognizant that the blur of fog around a street-lamp showed rainbow lines in a wonderful pattern.

  3. Miss Gregory, her eyes more tuned to it, could make out the blur of white clothes; with noiseless feet she moved towards them.

  4. From her gaff, a dot of a flag showed a blur against the sky, and a string from her mast-head was equally vague.

  5. He groaned; his face was a pale blur against the earth.

  6. The ceiling was a blur but it began to clear as her mind cleared.

  7. But she knew that no more than a blur of sound came from her lips, and even while she strove to make herself intelligible the floating world became a dream, and darkness fell upon her.

  8. She saw him in a blur before her quivering vision.

  9. At first he could not find it, and then it suddenly jumped into prominence from out the gray blur of the print on an inside page beside an advertisement of a charity concert for the benefit of a home for incurable children.

  10. They were all smoking, and an acrid blue haze filled the room, making a golden blur about each gas globe.

  11. The street was full of coup├ęs, carriages, and hacks, the raindrops showing in a golden blur as they fell across the streaming light of their lamps.

  12. One of the other boats could be seen now and then between them and the shore, a momentary dot of black on the vast blur of green and gray.

  13. Low in the northeast horizon lay a long pale blur of light against which the bow of the steamer, inky black, rose and fell and heaved and sank incessantly.

  14. But there was his name staring back at him from out the gray blur of the type, like some reflection of himself seen in a mirror.

  15. Through the confused blur of faces surrounding him he caught an occasional glimpse of the thin, cruel lips and the shifting, beady eyes of his pursuer sitting over a flat drink which he left untouched.

  16. He had leaped the breastworks, he knew that, and between him and the vast bright blur of the ocean he saw one of the beach-combers backing away and watching him intently, his hatchet in his hand.

  17. It seemed to heat his blood and blur his vision.

  18. It was only a fleeting glimpse, only the faintest blur in half-tone, and then quite gone.

  19. In a blur she saw their faces, their kind eyes.

  20. She gave a long sigh, looking through the blur at that clear glow from beneath the iron door of the kitchen grate.

  21. Summer smiled her deeper green in rice-fields under the glint and blur of rain.

  22. Now from the blur of tone shot a sudden slap as of a hand struck upon a bare table.

  23. For once, no troubled thoughts rose to blur the vision.

  24. Blood surged in his ears, and tears of self-appreciation, of self-pity, sponged with a misty blur the room and its occupants.

  25. Seraphina's perfect immobility gave me the measure of her courage, and the silence was so profoundly pellucid that the flutter of the flames that we were nearing began to come loud out of the blur of the glow.

  26. Castro, pulling quickly, turned his head, and grunted at a red blur very low in the mist.

  27. In the blur of hot air, trembling beneath the sun, lay plantations and rice-fields; the latter, vast sheets of water dotted with innumerable spikes of green.

  28. Then temples, for Kioto is a city of temples; and every day some hours of hot morning have been given to visits, all of which make a great blur in my mind.

  29. Under a tall water-ash some rods back from the shore of the cove, there was a sharp, clacking sound, and a movement which caused a huge blur of lights and shadows to differentiate itself all at once into the form of a gigantic bull-moose.

  30. Into one of these lakes, a pale blur amid the thick shadows of the shores, the flock dropped with heavy splashings.

  31. There was a blur before Marian's eyes, a pressure about her heart which seemed congealing into stone, but she tried to stammer out something, bending over the tiny thing.

  32. It was a very pleasant picture which Mark painted upon the mental canvas; but there came a great blur blotting out its brightness as he remembered Dr.

  33. Long and earnestly he studied it, looking up occasionally as though he would find its visible presentment in that dark blur on the horizon line.

  34. A moment before he had noticed a darker blur in the shadows at the river corner; it had appeared to move.

  35. The moon indeed was palest gold behind the pines, so that its radiance was a mere shower of pollen, just a brushing of white moth-down over the reeds of their little dark pond, and the black blur of the flowering currant bushes.

  36. Blur the holier entries of Albino's page with the recording Angel' is its equivalent, and there have been times when that would have been approved as 'wery pretty'.

  37. By this time the blur of bluish haze had developed into a tone of decided green, and there was no more doubt that trees and water were in sight.

  38. He glanced at them idly, then turned away as the blur of hot, bitter tears dimmed his eyes.

  39. These fragments of poetical prose which Manisty had interspersed amid a serious political argument--were they really an adornment of the book, or a blur upon it?

  40. The blur and blight of the scirocco had vanished without rain, under a change of wind.

  41. His eyes were filled with a blur of snow, and shadows, and unsteady trunks, and confusing little gleams of light.

  42. Perhaps they, too, had seen the far-distant blur that marked the position of the mysterious fleet, and were exchanging comments about it.

  43. Jimmy had the glasses again, and was busily engaged in scrutinizing the blur on the distant horizon, which all of them had agreed must be smoke hovering close to the water.

  44. The Mysterious Blur on the Horizon 77 VIII.

  45. Ben could dredge up no infantile memory of them but a blur of faces sharing nothing, voices tediously speaking not for him.

  46. Shadows acquired weight and relief, substance and sharpness in the transfiguration of daylight--the rail under Ben's hand no pallid blur but familiar with every spot and imperfection of the polished wood.

  47. From a blur and a spot of blood he could make you see a mouse becoming a midnight dinner for an owl, and then set your spine wriggling with a hint that maybe it was not exactly an owl but like one.

  48. Unbelieving, Reuben watched a grayish blur shoot away to the black shelter of the hemlocks, belly to earth.

  49. The trees had thinned out, the snow lay continuous on the ground; Reuben who knew everything said they might as well walk naturally again, since there was no help for it anyway, and to blur the tracks here would be a waste of effort.

  50. The sun was present, a hazed white blur just visible in the overcast.

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