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Example sentences for "fleeting"

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fleeted; fleeter; fleetes; fleetest; fleeth; fleetingly; fleetly; fleetness; fleets; fleg
  1. Brockway had a fleeting glimpse into the book of prophecy and saw that it might easily become so.

  2. Fleeting as it was, the glimpse fired his heart anew.

  3. All was dark and then I witnessed, was it but a fleeting dream, God or Vision, dark and dreadful, in the deepening shadows gleam!

  4. Done the ghastly work of slaughter, Aswa-thaman bent his way Where beside the limpid waters lone Duryodhan dying lay, And Duryodhan blessed the hero with his feeble fleeting breath, Joy of vengeance cheered his bosom and he died a happy death!

  5. She looked interested and treated him to a fleeting smile, but asked curiously: "How can a man speak of a tree that way?

  6. There had been something appealingly familiar even in that fleeting glimpse of the tattered crouched figure, and could it be that it had been hunchbacked?

  7. The girl spoke quietly, but a swift ominous light gleamed for a fleeting moment in her eyes, turning their blue to steel.

  8. His eyes rested upon her daringly, their ardor for a fleeting instant unmasked as the other girl turned away.

  9. The vogue of the essay was fleeting also; and a century later it was followed by the vogue of the novel,--a vogue which has already endured longer than that of the essay, and which has not yet shown any signs of abating.

  10. In other words, the novelist has chosen to sacrifice to the fleeting interest which is evoked only by wonder the more abiding interest which is aroused by the clear perception of the inter-play of character and motive.

  11. Only for one fleeting moment did she see the group below, standing immovable, transfixed by their concern--then their faces blurred.

  12. She had not laid eyes on Gyp after that one fleeting glimpse on the stairs.

  13. Graham, catching a fleeting glint of laughter in his mother's eyes, slowly and solemnly winked, then dropped his glance back to his plate.

  14. With a fleeting return of her old seriousness, she said, "You girls can't know what it means to me to be included in all this.

  15. For a fleeting second, the idea entered Renwick's head to follow the man, and trust to fortune; but the wall and blue door opposite tempted him.

  16. Her dreams returned to her, fleeting and elusive, like the ignes fatui which had been a part of them.

  17. But this act of precaution was unnecessary, for after one fleeting glance at the tangled heap of iron in the corner, she sank a dead weight in his arms.

  18. It was only a fleeting glance, but in it, it seemed, the whole character of his fellow traveler had changed.

  19. For a few fleeting moments Milly recalled the spindly horse and the scrubby boy of the delivery wagon, but for only a few moments.

  20. Milly cast a fleeting glance backward over what had happened to her since four forty-five!

  21. There remain valuable monuments of the fleeting existence of that assembly.

  22. Time," adds he, "is the fleeting or the future.

  23. The great poet condescended to sing the praises of Jervas, the pupil of Kneller; but the renown of the painter, Pope's praises notwithstanding, was fleeting enough.

  24. But the President's recourse to meretricious methods of obtaining beauty of tint has ruined the majority of his works, rendering their glories fleeting as photographs.

  25. But from the fleeting glimpse Peace had caught of the little faces, she knew they had been crying, and her first thought was, "They are lost.

  26. When a man who has been cleaving to this fleeting life of earthly good wakes up to believe his danger, he is ever apt to plunge into an abyss of terror, in which God's commands seem impossible, and His will to save becomes dim.

  27. Do we see that future shining through all the trivial, fleeting present?

  28. He had been grovelling on earth, with no thoughts beyond its fleeting goods; the vision lifts his eyes from the low level on which they had been gazing.

  29. So we are to think of that crowd of 'happy palmers' as joyously celebrating the true feast of tabernacles in the settled home above, and remembering, with eyes made clear by heaven, the struggles and fleeting sorrows of the wilderness.

  30. How different this blessed acquiescence in the fleeting away of the fleeting; and this contented satisfaction with the portion that has been given him, which this man had who died willingly, being satisfied with life!

  31. It is base to despise any good that cannot minister to fleeting lusts or fleshly pleasures, and to say of high thought, of ideal aims of any sort, and most of all to say of religion, 'What good will it do me?

  32. Blessed is the fleeting of all that can pass, if its withdrawal lets the calm light of the Eternal, which cannot pass, stream in uninterrupted on us!

  33. Use the transient as preparation for the eternal, the fleeting days as those which determine the undying 'Day' and its character.

  34. The long, grey winter and the brief, fleeting summer, the desolate wastes and dreary isolation.

  35. It was quite a fleeting sensation, however, for the next moment it was gone; his honest nature rose superior to any such jealousy and he strode across the room and gripped Ralph's hand.

  36. Down beside these monsters his eyes are gladdened once more with the fleeting vision.

  37. She stayed in bed for three weeks, and during that time she lived over her short life a hundred, yes, a thousand, times; she knew that her fancy had been but a fleeting dream.

  38. But if our scientific conceptions themselves are thus constantly changing, progressing, enlarging, how can we venture to erect our natural theology on the surface interpretation of the fleeting phenomena of the universe?

  39. Even a momentary perception is a fleeting sensation, not a true and real sense.

  40. Then a figure came rapidly up the walk--a large, free figure, with a buoyant swing, which awoke a trivial and fleeting association in her memory.

  41. Once or twice she caught fleeting glances passing between them, and these glances, so winged with happiness, spoke unutterable and ecstatic things.

  42. It was the panic of fleeting youth, of youth unsatisfied, denied, and still insatiable.

  43. It was that short and fleeting season, the late autumn, a time in which the climate of Northern Ireland makes a brief but brilliant amende for the long dreary months of the year.

  44. Once and only once did any expression of his features sympathize with these ponderings; and then a low, harsh laugh broke suddenly from him, so fleeting that it failed to arouse even himself.

  45. There was an end of the gay out-door life which offered him so many chances of meeting Miss Morris, and the fleeting glimpses he caught of her in the great dining-hall or the passage leading to the ladies' parlor were simply tantalizing.

  46. Like the great Doctor, when he thought he had cheated Mephistopheles at last, I could have cried aloud to the fleeting moment, Verweile dock, du bist so schoen!

  47. We are lucky when by some chance we see again, for a fleeting moment, this thing or that as we saw it when it first came within our ken.

  48. But when you do belong to it, when you have outlived the fleeting gratification at having been elected, when you.

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