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  1. Up to the present time anhydrous lime has been known only in an amorphous state.

  2. This, however, is not sufficient to establish the pyrogenic origin of all crystallized paraffine, as crystals can be obtained from the amorphous residues by distillation at normal or reduced pressure or in a current of steam.

  3. Using Berthelot and Matignon's data given above for amorphous carbon, this represents the heat of formation to be -50.

  4. Cuprous carbide or acetylide is the reddish brown amorphous precipitate which is the ultimate product obtained when acetylene is led into an ammoniacal solution of cuprous chloride.

  5. But when 1 atom of solid amorphous carbon unites with 1 atom of oxygen to form carbon monoxide, 29.

  6. Red sulphide of mercury, occurring in brilliant red crystals, and also in red or brown amorphous masses.

  7. A white amorphous horny substance forming the harder part of the outer integument of insects, crustacea, and various other invertebrates; entomolin.

  8. A white amorphous substance, regarded as a polymeric modification of isocyanic acid.

  9. The essential coloring principle of cochineal, extracted as a purple-red amorphous mass.

  10. Pertaining to, or designating, a tannic acid found in oak bark and extracted as a yellowish brown amorphous substance.

  11. An amorphous nitrogenous substance found in the spermatic fluid of salmon.

  12. An amorphous bitter glucoside derived from cinchona and other barks.

  13. A sweet amorphous deliquescent substance obtained indirectly from benzene, and isometric with, and resembling, dextrose.

  14. It may be obtained as a dark brown amorphous powder by placing a mixture of 10 parts of the roughly powdered oxide with 6 parts of metallic sodium in a red-hot crucible, and covering the mixture with a layer of well-dried common salt.

  15. Boron and iodine do not combine directly, but gaseous hydriodic acid reacts with amorphous boron to form the iodide, BI3, which can also be obtained by passing boron chloride and hydriodic acid through a red-hot porcelain tube.

  16. Pure amorphous boron is a chestnut-coloured powder of specific gravity 2.

  17. Boron trioxide B2O3 is the only known oxide of boron; and may be prepared by heating amorphous boron in oxygen, or better, by strongly igniting boric acid.

  18. Rocks and snapped-off and up-ended pine trees peppered through the amorphous mass furnished unmistakable evidence that the avalanche which formed it had come down out of a "track.

  19. An alkaloid found in jaborandi leaves, from which it is extracted as a white amorphous substance.

  20. A brown amorphous substance resembling humin, and obtained from indican.

  21. And in these, the still crude and imperfect differentiations of the Contrasting Traits allow of piebald and other modes of chequered colour and amorphous construction.

  22. Dense structureless or non-fibrous cellulose nitrates can be industrially prepared (1) by nitrating the amorphous forms of cellulose obtained from its solution as sulphocarbonate (viscose).

  23. The products are phenol and pyrocatechol, with some quantity of an amorphous product probably formed by condensation of a quinone with the phenolic products of reaction.

  24. And such in reality was their fear, when, after hours spent in fruitless wandering, they stood holding each other's hands, crouching and cowering together in the midst of that amorphous darkness!

  25. He often uses such expressions as these, "So they chanced to come together," and describes the amorphous condition of the first organisms in a way that makes one think he fancied a perfectly chaotic origin.

  26. Crucibles require coarsely crystalline graphite, but pencils, lubricants, and foundry facings may use amorphous and finely crystalline material.

  27. A large part of the world's needs of crucible graphite will probably continue to be met from Ceylon and Madagascar, while a large part of the amorphous graphite will come from the four sources mentioned.

  28. Chalk is a soft amorphous substance of the same composition as limestone.

  29. The most important use of amorphous graphite is for foundry facings, this application accounting for about 25 per cent of the total United States consumption of graphite of all kinds.

  30. Artificial graphite, in amounts about equal to the domestic production of amorphous graphite, is produced from anthracite or petroleum coke at Niagara Falls.

  31. Amorphous graphite is formed in many places where coal and other carbonaceous materials have undergone extreme metamorphism.

  32. The proof in this case has been carried a step further, for the active juice obtained by grinding such acetone-yeast, when precipitated with alcohol and ether, yields an amorphous powder, still capable of fermenting sugar.

  33. It is a brownish amorphous solid, which is insoluble in water.

  34. They also contain about 14% of a red, amorphous tonic material which, after drying, is but slightly soluble in cold or hot water.

  35. Papain is an amorphous substance, perfectly white, soluble in water, insipid, odorless.

  36. It forms a resinous, amorphous mass, cherry red, odorless and tasteless, slightly soluble in water, forming a mildly alkaline solution in alcohol.

  37. Jacobs analyzed the bark and isolated an amorphous resin of yellowish color and very bitter taste.

  38. It seemed to go on for ever in a most barbaric and amorphous din; with corybantic crashings, with brazen fanfares and stinging cymbals it flung itself against the audience, while the woodwind howled and the violins were harsh as cats.

  39. It was not etiquette among the boarders of the four Houses to walk home with day-boys except in a large and amorphous company of both.

  40. The flagship melted into the milling mists, and dimmed down to an amorphous blur with just enough outline to enable us a sight to correct our position in line.

  41. Looking from the loftiest fore-top, from the highest hill of the islands, there was always a point in the distance beyond which there was simply an amorphous slaty blur of ships melting into the loom of the encircling land.

  42. We see in how broad a sense should be understood the relativity of space; space is in reality amorphous and the things which are therein alone give it a form.

  43. And then comes a question: Is not this amorphous continuum, that our analysis has allowed to survive, a form imposed upon our sensibility?

  44. From this amorphous continuum can therefore arise indifferently one or the other of the two spaces, just as on a blank sheet of paper may be traced indifferently a straight or a circle.

  45. Glass is an unstable form of mineral matter; and every species of glass, including obsidian, tends with the lapse of time to become crystalline or stony, the amorphous changing to the felsitic structure.

  46. Obsidian is, in fact, simply rhyolite or trachyte which, cooling quickly, has not had time to crystallize, but has remained permanently in the amorphous or glassy state.

  47. In other words, it is not truly crystalline or stony, and yet it is just as clearly not amorphous or glassy.

  48. They are formed of a sort of animated jelly, amorphous and diaphanous, and have received from Dujardin the name of Sarcoda, or soft-fleshed animals.

  49. This pigment is less a membrane than an amorphous matter diffused through the outer layer of the superficial membrane, which changes to red in the greater number of species in alcohol, ether, acids, and water at 212° Fahr.

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