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  1. A workman's name for the graphite which forms incidentally in iron smelting.

  2. Ten years ago the possibility of its manufacture would have been scouted as ridiculous; and yet in these wonderful furnaces, which repeat so nearly the processes of creation, graphite is as easily made as soap.

  3. An important and interesting feature of the new graphite industry is the utilisation it has effected of a product from the coke regions of Pennsylvania which was formerly absolute waste.

  4. Graphite has been mined from the earth for thousands of years; it is pure carbon, first cousin to the diamond.

  5. An extensive plant has also been built to produce the heat necessary to make graphite such as is used in your lead-pencils, and for lubricants, stove-blacking, and so on.

  6. An inlet and outlet are provided at each end of the tank to permit the direction of the flow to be periodically reversed for the purpose of removing the lime deposit from the graphite plates.

  7. These are primarily due to variations in the graphite electrodes used in the electrolytic process for the manufacture of chlorine from salt.

  8. The main electrodes consist of four pieces of Atcheson graphite connected together by screws and metal strips to which is attached a clamp for connecting electrical terminals.

  9. The cell box is built of concrete and is provided with a perforated wrought iron cathode box and graphite anode plates which are separated by an unsubmerged asbestos paper diaphragm.

  10. The rectifier tube is an exhausted glass vessel in which are two graphite anodes A, A', and one mercury cathode B.

  11. As shown in the figure, ~the rectifier consists essentially~ of a glass bulb into which are sealed two iron or graphite anodes and one mercury cathode, and a small starting electrode.

  12. In the last mentioned case the solution should be transferred into another beaker, and filtered, if graphite be present.

  13. Organic matter in form of graphite |25 to 50+ Archeozoic |Archean.

  14. The final or graphite stage is almost reached by the graphitic anthracite of Rhode Island, which is so nearly pure carbon as to be really useless as coal.

  15. Graphite existing under such conditions could not be of igneous origin.

  16. But, since only graphite (carbon) of the Archeozoic organisms remains, the rest having disappeared through chemical change or decomposition, it is impossible to say whether much or all of it represents original plants or animals.

  17. The most natural home of graphite is in the metamorphic rocks, especially certain of the highly altered strata, where it occurs in the form of more or less abundant flakes, having originated from organic matter.

  18. The chief part of the world's supply comes from Ceylon, though Germany and the United States produce quantities of graphite of excellent quality.

  19. The finest quality lead pencils are those made from graphite occurring in a state sufficiently pure to allow the cutting and grinding of pieces to the size needed.

  20. This presence of graphite in strata in which as yet no certain traces of organic life have been found has led some to believe that this form of carbon mineral may have another than organic origin.

  21. Intermediate between the coal of the stoke furnace and the "brilliant" of the jewelry shop is still another well-known form of carbon, the graphite of the lead pencil.

  22. In the case of the medium and poorer grade pencils, the graphite has first been finely powdered and then pressed into the requisite shape and size.

  23. The best way to clean spacebands is to rub them in graphite on a board or piece of felt nailed on a board.

  24. When a letter sticks in the magazine, take it out and, after making sure that ears are not burred, polish the ears with graphite and wipe them clean.

  25. This converts the filament into a graphite of increased luminosity which, furthermore, blackens its enclosing glass much less than a common filament does.

  26. We have long known that carbon has forms which vary as widely as coal, graphite and the diamond.

  27. Imitating these heats and pressures as well as he could, he manufactured diamonds from common graphite in an electrical furnace.

  28. These chemists electrolyse either pure calcium chloride, or a mixture of this salt with fluorspar, in a graphite vessel which serves as the anode.

  29. That hardness is a character depending largely on crystalline structure is well illustrated by the two crystalline modifications of carbon: graphite is one of the softest of minerals, whilst diamond is the hardest of all.

  30. Graphite has been found in the western part of the township, and spar is mined.

  31. A crucible; as, a graphite pot; a melting pot.

  32. Lead pencil, a pencil of which the marking material is graphite (black lead).

  33. Black lead, graphite or plumbago, ; -- so called from its leadlike appearance and streak.

  34. Defn: Characterized by being separable into thin plates or folia; as, graphite has a foliated structure.

  35. Defn: A workman's name for the graphite which forms incidentally in iron smelting.

  36. And it got its necessary pressure from the random motions together of the graphite particles.

  37. The bent mountings are designed for molten metal, such as brass or copper and are supplied with either clay, graphite or carborundum tubes.

  38. Graphite tubes are also used in some cases for outer protections.

  39. Carbon also readily combines with oxygen and other chemical elements, so that it is rarely found pure; its most familiar form is soot, although the rarer graphite and most rare diamond are also forms of quite pure carbon.

  40. Graphite “black-lead” added to the water in a boiler prevents scaling and priming.

  41. My method is to paint the inside of the boiler with a good coat of graphite mixed with water to the consistency of thin gruel, and let it stand till dry.

  42. Even if slight scaling has already taken place, the graphite particles will penetrate and the scale come away gradually.

  43. For use on cams and stamper shanks, which will be harmless should it drop into the mortar or stamper boxes, is graphite (black-lead) and soft soap.

  44. When the guides are wooden, the soft soap need not be added; graphite “black-lead” made into a paste with water will act admirably.

  45. In many instances the accurate determination of the amount of graphite present in a rock has proved a rather troublesome problem.

  46. I then transferred the weighed sample to the crucible, the melted potash in which readily wetted the graphite rock.

  47. On lessening the percentage of combined carbon with formation of graphite the injurious influence of the accessorial constituents of cast iron is diminished, especially that produced by the presence of phosphorus.

  48. The Determination of Graphite in Minerals.

  49. When operating on a coarse sample more time is necessarily taken, but the resulting graphite shows the manner of occurrence better, whether in scales or in the amorphous form.

  50. This is very quickly accomplished, and we then see that we have an insoluble residue of graphite and a flocculent precipitate of lime, magnesia, iron hydrate, etc.

  51. These powders may contain borax or salt, and to prevent a hard, brittle weld, graphite or ferro-silicon may be added.

  52. Crucible steel is made by placing pieces of iron in a clay or graphite crucible, mixed with charcoal and a small amount of any desired alloy.

  53. In all types of transformers, throw carbon, graphite or metal dust over the outside bushings and other exposed electrical parts.

  54. Sprinkle carbon, graphite or metal dust on slip-rings so that the current will leak or short circuits will occur.

  55. Now to put some fresh graphite on, and we'll be in good shape," cried Ned, in high glee over the successful outcome of the plan.

  56. Then he rapidly opened the tool bags on each machine, took out the graphite he found there, and substituted some of his own.

  57. This graphite is well doctored," he muttered.

  58. Lucky there is plenty of graphite to be had, or we'd be stuck.

  59. Now most geologists admit that graphite represents the carbon which formed part of the woody tissue of plants that lived during those remote times, so that this mineral represents coal in the ultimate stage of carbonization.

  60. Then again we have coal of pre-Carboniferous age in the Old Red Sandstone of Scotland, this being of course younger in point of time than the graphite of the Archaean rocks.

  61. In some few instances true coal has been found converted into graphite in situ by the intrusion of veins of volcanic rock (basalt), so that the connection between the two minerals is more than a mere matter of surmise.

  62. The Kellogg Company has long employed for its sneak-current arrester a short graphite rod, which forms the resistance element.

  63. As in the ordinary wet type of LeClanché cell, the purpose of the manganese is to act as a depolarizer; the carbon or graphite being added to give conductivity to the manganese and to form a large electrode surface.

  64. It consists of an air vacuum dash pot with a graphite piston, the dash pot being fastened to the stationary calibrating ring of the trip coil and the moving outside cylinder is fastened to the armature of the circuit breaker.

  65. The delayed action~ is produced by an air vacuum dash pot with a graphite piston.

  66. In graphite we find a great tendency toward agglomeration or massing of particles.

  67. They differ greatly in physical appearance from those of either graphite or bone black, being exceedingly more uniform than the latter.

  68. Graphite is usually mixed with other pigments, such as red lead and sublimed blue lead, thus serving better as a paint coating.

  69. All hot surfaces should be painted with black graphite paint.

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