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Example sentences for "graphically"

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  1. The scenery is partly that of the Algerian mountains, very graphically and beautifully described.

  2. The story is graphically told, and is full of action.

  3. The author of 'The Night-Side of London' has graphically described the scenes of debauchery which are to be found at night.

  4. Fielding's novels graphically display a state of things which happily now no longer exists.

  5. In the portrait the ruling passions--modesty and meekness--are graphically displayed.

  6. The whole episode is graphically mimicked, down to the mixing of the honey with water as a beverage.

  7. At any rate, he so graphically described to me our imminent peril that he put me through all the preliminary stages of sudden death.

  8. General Meagher, commanding the Irish brigade, made an interesting report, in which he pictured graphically the manner in which that organization went into the action and the treatment that it received.

  9. Beginning in the Garden of Eden, he graphically described that renowned locality as a type of the Paradise from which Adam Schunk and others who did not "give themselves up" were excluded.

  10. The story of his final triumph has been so graphically told by an eye-witness that we cannot do better than to quote his words.

  11. He was a man of great natural eloquence, who was at his best as an orator when surrounded by peril, and he depicted the situation so graphically that all present, except the queen, were in terror.

  12. In fact, a planimeter may often be used with advantage to solve problems more complicated than the determination of a mere area, by converting the one problem graphically into the other.

  13. He arms Mansoul with the whole armour of Satan, which is very graphically described.

  14. The gradations of a wicked man in that evil age, from his cradle to his grave, are graphically set before the reader; it is all drawn from reality, and not from efforts of imagination.

  15. Graphically did the lawyer picture this scene, so graphically that the hearts of the jurymen were noticeably touched.

  16. I suspect one reason to be that misfortunes and trials can be graphically described, but happiness and the causes of happiness either cannot be or are not.

  17. What is still more strange, among the relics of the handsome midshipman and his stay in the gun-room of the Prothée, I find a code of signals graphically represented, for all the world as it would have been done by his grandson.

  18. Show graphically the components into which a man's push upon the handle of a lawn mower is resolved.

  19. Show graphically the resultant of two forces at right angles, one of 12 lbs.

  20. Find graphically the resultant of the pull of two forces, one of 500 lbs.

  21. When the prisoner moved back in reluctant obedience, he faced for an instant the entrance of the little passage, and what he saw there must have been written swiftly, graphically in his eyes.

  22. When the noise lulled for a time they resumed their descriptions of the mud and graphically exaggerated the number of hours they had been kept waiting.

  23. And before the advent of life-forms, it is not difficult to conceive that the first state of our globe was one which is intelligibly and very graphically described as being "without form and void.

  24. She remembered the whole affair now, it all rose up before her graphically not a bad subject at all!

  25. All these facts are expressed graphically in Fig.

  26. The results are graphically expressed in Fig.

  27. For the sake of clearness I have classified the accompanying facts of human distribution in the country of the shepherds and represented them graphically in "regional" diagrams, Figs.

  28. And the Figures of Indians thus climbing the same are graphically described in the Travels of Linschoten.

  29. How graphically in this story are the characters of the Old Man and his boy Johnny indicated by a few strokes of humor and pathos!

  30. It is true, that a monstrous deal has already been said of the dog; but by no one has he been more graphically described than by the immortal Linnaeus.

  31. The inconsumable Fidibus is a new invention with which our English friend, Mr. Traveller, was struck in the lodging of Freisleben, and in his notes thereon very graphically described.

  32. By this ingenious device the unity, yet duality of the divine twin is graphically rendered and one-half of each countenance is represented as belonging to each serpent.

  33. The one-footed man again graphically symbolizes axial rotation and conveys the idea of a central ruler who in turn seizes and exerts control upon 4x4 tribal chiefs.

  34. It is a refined representation of the set of thoughts suggested by Polaris, the idea of a stable centre being graphically rendered.

  35. In order to express the sound of this word in the picture-writings, it is obvious that a pyramid could have been employed, since it graphically and phonetically conveyed the desired sound tlachiual-tepetl.

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