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  1. If the grapevine could withstand the snows and rains of many years before we found it, now that it is turned into furniture for us it will surely not suffer from a slight storm.

  2. Mr. Gilroy sank upon the grapevine seat just outside the door, and panted forth: "Those rascally vandals!

  3. The table and chairs had disappeared completely, and bits of grapevine and ends of boards scattered everywhere, testified to the cataclysm that struck the inside of the hut.

  4. Tied to the end the pole was a grapevine line, and a fishing-hook made of a hairpin was attached to it.

  5. When he had the outfit completed, he put it on, with the stone hatchet stuck into a grapevine belt and the bow and arrow over his shoulder, and he looked superb.

  6. In deep, swampy woods, especially common in laurel; of grapevine bark and rootlets lined with fine black roots and hair; the four eggs are white or buffy white with reddish brown spots and blotches.

  7. Of grapevine and grasses, located in clumps of weeds on or nearly touching the ground; eggs white with brown specks (.

  8. From a pointed aspen beside the road a wild grapevine let down a fringe of purple clusters, but Big Abel, with a full stomach, passed them by indifferently.

  9. Overhead a wild grapevine was festooned, and he plucked a leaf and bent it into a cup from which he drank.

  10. Jackson, crossing Grapevine Bridge, was to move down the south bank of the Chickahominy, cross the Swamp by the bridge, and force his way to the Long Bridge road.

  11. The Federal line of retreat ran not to the White House, but over Grapevine Bridge.

  12. Magruder, riding across Grapevine Bridge from McGehee's House, and his start must have been an early one.

  13. Their commander had gained their confidence; their position had been partially intrenched, and they could be readily supported by way of Alexander's and Grapevine Bridges from the south bank of the Chickahominy.

  14. Jackson, whose line of march led him directly on Savage's Station, was delayed until after nightfall by the necessity of rebuilding the Grapevine Bridge.

  15. Across the Grapevine road the pickets of the hostile forces were in close proximity, and men of both sides, in search of water, or carrying messages, strayed within the enemy's lines.

  16. After this queer action had ceased, as sunset was approaching, and all quiet at Bottom's Bridge, we moved up stream and crossed Grapevine Bridge, repaired by Jackson earlier in the day.

  17. This photograph shows the Grapevine Bridge on the Chickahominy over which McClellan passed his army.

  18. All the supplies that could be taken in the wagon trains were hurried over Grapevine Bridge and the remainder were burned or abandoned.

  19. Grapevine Bridge was destroyed and Jackson held away from the Battle of Gaines' Mill, which undoubtedly saved the Army of the Potomac from capture.

  20. I guess you want something she doesn't approve of," said the Grapevine man.

  21. It was to be Riverside to-day; and after a preliminary spin from six to eight, Nick had been lingering near the Mission, paying a friendly visit to the owner of the Big Grapevine and the Trained Owls.

  22. It was, or appeared to be, a white owl; and it seemed to him for a second or two as if the witch-bird of the Grapevine man at Los Angeles had come to give the advice it had refused.

  23. She knows her business," said the Grapevine man.

  24. The morning's call was a renewal of old acquaintance; and the sea-green light under the Grapevine was as clear as on another May day, when Nick was six years younger.

  25. Grapevine was the name of the white folks house.

  26. It was called Grapevine because these grapevines twined around the house and arbors.

  27. And then he swung her in a grapevine swing.

  28. Swinging in the grapevine swing, Laughing where the wild birds sing; I dream and sigh for the days gone by, Swinging in the grapevine swing.

  29. Young man, if you want to win her, wander with her amid the elms and oaks, and swing her in a grapevine swing.

  30. And then with one more big pull they brought him out safely, although his waist was dreadfully sore because the grapevine had cut into his fur and squeezed all the breath out of him.

  31. Well, after a while, and it was quite a long while, too, Billy Bunny found a wild grapevine which he let down into the hole.

  32. He walked us toward the powder house, and then, all at once, he shouted at us to throw down our grapevine cigarettes.

  33. I guess he was as good as crazy, because when we got to him he started to run, and he ran right into a grapevine tangle and began pulling and pushing through it, although he could have taken ten steps and have gone around it.

  34. The road was narrow, and now and then a wild cherry-tree struck the coach with a white arm, or a grapevine swung through the window a fragrant trailer.

  35. Better climb the grapevine into bed and side-step him," advised Buzz to me while we waited beside our cars for the beautiful Belle and beautiful Sue.

  36. A genus of small beetles, of which one species (the grapevine Fidia, F.

  37. To their surprise the big grapevine was unoccupied, and the shouts and screams issuing from the schoolhouse led them too, to hurry on to see what was the matter.

  38. The story that drifted into the orphanage by some mysterious grapevine had it that Annie had found a "fellow" on the farm, a hired man, with whom she had wandered away without the formality of a marriage ceremony.

  39. And if the carnival grapevine is still working, you'll find that no other show in the country will take you on.

  40. This Bunny and Sue did, from the time they started out with Bunker Blue, until Bunny opened his eyes to see Tom sliding down the grapevine rope.

  41. The figure sliding down the piece of grapevine into the cave, through the chimney hole, suddenly fell in a heap on the floor, close to where Bunny and Sue were lying on the pile of bags.

  42. Bunny saw a big boy--or a small man--sliding down a grapevine rope into the cave.

  43. She throw her arms 'round me, Lak a grapevine 'round de gum!

  44. Before the grapevine swayed again, the Sparrows were far away.

  45. You may think it over until the next time that grapevine is blown against the tool-house.

  46. Grapevine Ranch, California, have also not been mentioned in later publications although, from a geographic standpoint, they might be better referred to either Thomomys bottae pascalis or T.

  47. Biological Surveys Collection, from Grapevine Ranch clearly are not referable to T.

  48. Having been married but a short time, her rival attracted her to a grapevine swing on the banks of a lake, and by one bold exertion pitched her into its centre, from which she fell through to the earth.

  49. In the course of your journey, you will come to a large grapevine lying across your way.

  50. On our right rose the steepest, most winding staircase imaginable; and close to the wall beside the stairs towered a giant grapevine whose stem was as thick as a man's arm.

  51. He took my arm and led me down the strange winding stairway, through the cool damp passage where the grapevine grew, to the sunken doorstep.

  52. He lifted the boy again and plodded on, and when he reached the roughly wooded Illinois shore he pushed in among the grapevine festooned trees until he was well hidden from the river.

  53. Great grapevine swings hung from the water elms, and when the broad expanse of Big Tree Lake came into view Mrs. Montgomery stood still and absorbed the scene.

  54. I could hear him hunting around the corners for his grapevine stick, humming a tune.

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