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Example sentences for "announcer"

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annotator; announce; announced; announcement; announcements; announces; announcing; annoy; annoyance; annoyances
  1. He didn't hear the loudspeaker blaring until the announcer had stumbled over his name half a dozen times.

  2. Telephone message, sir," the announcer said, his voice surprisingly respectful.

  3. The Continental outfit, the announcer said, was the business front of one Big John Girra, well known local racketeer.

  4. He would--" The flat voice of a police announcer came from the radio speaker and interrupted the threat: "Warning to all cars.

  5. He shifted the dial again; a young Literate announcer was speaking quickly, excitedly: ".

  6. Teddy Hart, who had played the knight to the announcer of the day, Miss Anita, spied her laughing at his antics when he was called to the front and mischievously tossed the ball to her.

  7. Fred turned his eyes towards the pier and stared curiously at the little figure in a khaki suit with red tie and hat, standing so proudly erect on a small platform as the Pioneer announcer for the day.

  8. The measurers pulled the tape tight, and then the announcer called, "One hundred and forty-nine, three.

  9. Finally the announcer cried, "Thirty-eight, three and a half.

  10. There was the beginning of a cheer and then a hush, as the announcer called, "One hundred and fifty-two, five.

  11. A burst of applause greeted the Director of the Institution as he walked forward and introduced the announcer of words, a college president.

  12. So the two brave little ladies took the last two seats for the defence of the Rest of the World and the announcer began to give out the words to the waiting fifty.

  13. Small boys laden with popcorn and ice cream cones went through the grandstand with their wares, a policeman wearing a badge of giant size kept order, and a solemn-faced announcer presented the numbers of the program.

  14. Mr. Sullivan, after talking it over with me, had accepted the honorary position of announcer at the ringside.

  15. The announcer turned and crossed to the opposite corner of the ring and John's eyes followed him.

  16. The announcer stepped to one side, out of camera range, and clapped his hands as a signal for the audience to clap.

  17. The announcer turned to the audience and said, "Isn't her hair beautiful?

  18. Listlessly she read the messages, as the report for the fifth Aqueduct event of the afternoon began to flash in and the announcer cried out, “They’re off!

  19. They try for the extra point," the announcer called.

  20. Now play will be resumed," the announcer droned.

  21. A covenant was entered into which was written with menstruous blood, because blood was the announcer of the female period of pubescence.

  22. This doctrine, and his own intractible temper, immured the unhappy announcer of it in a monastic dungeon till he died.

  23. His voice died quickly away for the announcer was calling the next event.

  24. A few minutes later the announcer rode forth to broadcast through his megaphone that Connie Carl had won first prize in the riding contest.

  25. Mingled with his voice, the Inter-Allied announcer was saying: "Greater-New York 10.

  26. From a disc, an announcer was detailing dispatches.

  27. I told the British National Announcer it was a Venus plot.

  28. It was in full operation; our Inter-Allied news-tape was clicking; the low voice of the announcer droned through the silence.

  29. Priscilla learns from the announcer that "this little lady is out of 'Irony' by Theodore Dreiser".

  30. At each "pop" the announcer blows a loud blast on the fog horn.

  31. There was a silence while the announcer made the statement about the opening event, and then, as the various contestants came forward, there were cheers for the representatives of each college.

  32. The announcer went into the final commercial, with Barby and Scotty listening attentively.

  33. They walked to the gate just as the train announcer called the arrival.

  34. A moment later the announcer bellowed out the last call for a certain train, and his raucous voice aroused Barry from the trance.

  35. When the announcer strolled near him, he felt impelled to turn toward the news stand in the corner.

  36. Smitty Valentine and Florence Huyler running neck and neck," the announcer droned.

  37. Not a half mile between them," the radio announcer droned.

  38. This the announcer did, and then, tense with excitement but thoroughly master of himself, Bob stepped to the transmitter and propounded the first of his conundrums.

  39. The announcer was giving Joe's name this time, and all Herb and Jimmy could do was to sit and look at each other and mutter inarticulately as Joe recited his selections.

  40. The sonorous voice of the announcer ceased, and the little group in Dr.

  41. It seems that he was listening in at a radio set somewhere, and I guess it must have pretty nearly knocked him off his pins when he heard the announcer give my name.

  42. Officials of the Pow-wow needed Busbee as announcer and refused to run any risks of his being laid out.

  43. Busbee, who had been the efficient chief announcer at the Pow-wow for the three days, gave the spectators yesterday a thrilling exhibition of bulldogging at the close of yesterday afternoon's bulldogging contest.

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