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Example sentences for "adviser"

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advise; adviseable; advised; advisedly; advisement; advisers; advises; adviseth; advising; advisor
  1. So slow, so eager, so bloodless and gaunt, I felt as if Richard were wasting away beneath the eyes of this adviser and there were something of the vampire in him.

  2. I took one of these opportunities of mentioning my doubts of Mr. Skimpole as a good adviser for Richard.

  3. First Caddy declared (and would at first declare nothing else) that I was the best adviser that ever was known.

  4. But the office of adviser was a difficult one.

  5. He had yielded finally to the demands of his angry nobility, had dismissed his liberal adviser Speranski and substituted Araktcheef, an intolerant, reactionary leader.

  6. A cable was dispatched to our military adviser in London, then General Harding-Stewart, to place at once on order the armament for the fort, which it had been decided should consist of two 9.

  7. An officer, at that time General Harding-Stewart, retired, was acting as military adviser and inspector of warlike stores to the several colonies.

  8. Whilst enjoying a pipe I glanced at one of the headings: "Death of Colonel King-Harman, Military Adviser and Inspector of Warlike Stores in London for the Australian Colonies.

  9. Inspector, Warlike Stores, and Military Adviser for Australian Colonies, in England.

  10. They refused, for the very good reason that as war had been declared it was just the very time when they required the services of their military adviser in England.

  11. Sir Reginald Bassett had been appointed British Resident, to act as adviser to the young rajah thereof, and there had been no question of a flitting to Simla that year.

  12. She cannot have a better adviser than you, and whatever plans you make I shall sanction.

  13. He had been my companion and adviser from the day of my widowhood; and we were nearer and dearer to each other, and more in each other's confidence, than mothers and sons usually are.

  14. He was an ardent politician, and for several years argent to the Liberal party, and the constant adviser of Mr. Jacob Henry Tillett throughout his chequered experiences on the hustings and in the election courts.

  15. Vereker, the professional adviser to the Harbour Department of the Board of Trade, held an inquiry at the King's Arms Inn, Martham, for the purpose of receiving suggestions as to the best methods of preventing future encroachments.

  16. Trotter, electric adviser to the Board of Trade; and on July 26th Col.

  17. It is true that the king can select any adviser he pleases, but is the man whom he selects as adviser permitted to consent to things which have injurious results?

  18. There at the winder, smelling to the jessamine, is the new rector's adviser and agent.

  19. It was St. Bernard who acted as an adviser of the popes, at one time deciding between two rival candidates for the Papacy, who combated most vigorously the heresies of the day, and who by his fiery appeals set in motion one of the crusades.

  20. He even made his chief adviser Cardinal Wolsey, the most conspicuous churchman in the kingdom.

  21. At this time she had secured employment as literary adviser to Mr. Johnson, the publisher of her pamphlet.

  22. In Naples the celebrated Abarbanel became the confidential adviser of Ferdinand the Bastard and Alphonso II.

  23. It is urged that the injured man should forgive his enemy, but a philosophical adviser considers that Christianity is hardly equal to this particular matter: "Things have gone too far.

  24. Maecenas: patron of letters and learned men, the adviser of Augustus.

  25. Your architectural adviser travels in your party: how very convenient,' said the young tourist to her.

  26. Having been left in narrow circumstances by her husband, she was at present living with Miss Power as chaperon and adviser on practical matters--in a word, as ballast to the management.

  27. What gentleman is there of broken fortunes, undefined rights, and in search of evidence, without a legal adviser of some sort?

  28. I was afforded specially favourable chances for this kind of work through the kind hospitality shown me by the Vice-Minister of Home Affairs and Adviser to the King, Mr. C.

  29. With his adviser he had made good weapons and some improvements; yet all this was nothing.

  30. Though always an adviser with Old Mok, Ab's chief male companion in adventure was the stanch Hilltop, who was a man worth hunting with.

  31. So when any magnificent scheme suggested itself to the two youths, Ab at once sought his adviser and was not discountenanced.

  32. Federico Madrazo used to spend a portion of his time at the Academy of Barcelona as instructor and adviser to the Director.

  33. Harcout the Adviser reappears, and is anxious lest Mr. Lyon be drawn into some terrible Confession.

  34. Merlin became the royal adviser as soon as Arthur ascended the throne, helped him win signal victories over twelve kings, and in the course of a single night conveyed armies over from France to help him.

  35. Merlin, who had by this time become the prime minister and chief adviser of the British kings, predicted that they would win the victory, but that one would be slain.

  36. He was the principal, and indeed the only, adviser to whom Lord Salisbury and his friends could have recourse for Irish information.

  37. Andersson, Mining Adviser to the Chinese Republic, and proved to be one of the best native collectors whom I have ever employed.

  38. On the morning of the day that witnessed the departure of Strahan and his company Merwyn's legal adviser had arrived and had been closeted for several hours with his client.

  39. Well, but life is very dull in Deptford village, and it amuses you to twist a Queen's adviser around your finger!

  40. Why, he is but an adviser to the queen of half an island, whereas my Tamburlaine was lord of all the golden ancient East: and what does my Tamburlaine matter now, save that he gave Kit Marlowe the subject of a drama?

  41. It is interesting to note that Edison became greatly interested in the later developments by Marconi, and is an admiring friend and adviser of that well-known inventor.

  42. One of the great cases in which he thus took a leading and distinguished part was that of the quadruplex telegraph; and later he acted as legal adviser to Henry Villard in his numerous grandiose enterprises.

  43. He was the confidential adviser of the king, especially with regard to Scottish affairs, and rendered important service in promoting the Revolution Settlement.

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