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Example sentences for "advise"

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advis; advisability; advisable; advisableness; advisably; adviseable; advised; advisedly; advisement; adviser
  1. I cannot advise that: he is very rude to such as you.

  2. After leaving the Hospital, I do not advise an immediate visit to the Academy.

  3. But I advise him to forego that foregone disappointment.

  4. I do not advise a visit, unless you have plenty of time to spare.

  5. I should advise three or four days each to the first-named towns, and a week to the capital.

  6. And Ypres is so inaccessible that I advise you to neglect it.

  7. I advise the visitor after seeing these tombs and the great chimney-piece of the Franc de Bruges to read up the history of Charles the Bold and his descendants, down to Charles V.

  8. Unless you are a military man or a student of tactics, I do not advise you to undertake the dull and wearisome excursion to =Waterloo=.

  9. Have you never suspected that I put it on?

  10. But Alexander, frightened by her tone, retreated to his box.

  11. He does not come to breakfast at present.

  12. Advise her to give up two or three of her principal ladies," suggested one, "and perhaps that will satisfy Peel.

  13. She must stand at the head of a great nation, and the one in whose advice she had trusted could advise her no longer.

  14. I advise you to send for Sir Robert Peel.

  15. He had been sent by King Leopold, as soon as his royal niece had attained her eighteenth birthday, to guard her interests and advise her if it should be necessary.

  16. Let me advise you to take care what you put in the king's head, for you can never put it out again.

  17. Philip professed to have every desire to oblige his great ally, Henry of England, but he pleaded that Margaret was sole ruler in her own states, and, though he might advise her in this matter, he could not control her.

  18. In my character of a physician," said he, shortly, "I would advise you not to remove the young lady for several hours.

  19. Instead of this useless defiance let me advise you to cultivate a spirit of meekness and submission.

  20. Old Nero was but a foretaste of what you may meet with, so I advise you to marry Mr. Colville, and content yourself.

  21. Let me advise you to go back to college another year at least," urged Mrs. Vance.

  22. Would you advise me to increase the amount?

  23. Yet oft have I enjoin'd her to advise With me, her friend, and truest counsellor.

  24. Now, you have the whole story, you may advise me as you please: but remember, I still preserve my veto.

  25. My dear Etheridge, with your permission, I will not advise at all.

  26. Appeal from the justice to the fears of government, and suspect the man who would advise to longer forbearance.

  27. Who the thief was, I can't think; but I advise him not to begin his game again.

  28. We could say little but advise that his friends should labour to get it put off, till he comes.

  29. My dear boy," he writes affectionately, "I advise you to trust neither man nor woman more than is absolutely necessary.

  30. Old physician: “No; I would advise an inquest.

  31. He is especially interested in young men,' said he, 'and will leave his own affairs at any time to aid or advise them.

  32. Finally, we advise nobody to accept Darwin's, or any other derivative theory, as true.

  33. That accomplished scholar, himself for once at fault, could only frankly advise me to do at last what I ought to have done at first,--to apply to Theodore Parker.

  34. Barton, vice-president of the American National Red Cross, and soon after a response was received, expressing pleasure at what had been done and promising that a delegate should be sent to inspect our work and advise in organizing.

  35. We however promised to remain in Beaufort, meet with the committee each day, advise with them, study the situation and report our conclusions when we could safely arrive at them.

  36. We found a faithful merchant to stand by, advise them and report to us.

  37. The camp is guarded; but I advise you all not to walk in your sleep or you’ll certainly experience something shocking.

  38. While he lives his men will never give in, so I advise you to try and kill him off the first thing.

  39. If you're determined to make a scene," said she, "I advise you to be quiet about it.

  40. I took it upon myself in this hour of sorrow and confusion to advise them, through the mouths of your loyal officers, that your excellency is not to be disturbed before dawn.

  41. Only confess that, when you saw me at your mercy, dejected, crushed, despairing, it was cruel in you to advise the course that might have been most fatal to me.

  42. Why advise me thus wickedly to use violence, terror, and surprise, towards an angel of purity, whom I respect as my mother?

  43. Advise me, my dear Count, what to do in this case.

  44. If you will not and cannot advise me, I must follow the dictates of my conscience.

  45. Any one not familiar with the castle will very likely lose his way, but I advise you to be more careful in future.

  46. I want to hear it from you, and I advise you not to try to deceive me.

  47. It is my duty as your friend to advise and to warn you even although I should offend you by doing so.

  48. He must wait for the right moment, and in the mean time his aunt promised to advise him of everything that occurred at the Schommers', so that he should on no account lose this right moment.

  49. Then we can hardly avoid seeing and speaking with each other occasionally; but I would advise you, Herr von Bertram, to spare me such annoyance as far as you can.

  50. If you have anything to say to me, I advise you to do so quickly, or you may lose the opportunity.

  51. The doctor alone could advise and assist him.

  52. Who can advise me if you, who saw the whole affair, cannot?

  53. Let me advise you not to irritate me by opposition.

  54. Ay--there they go with their signs ag'in, but if I advise you to land may they eat me as well as roast me.

  55. You can advise Hetty as you land," she said hastily, "for I intend that she shall accompany you to the shore.

  56. When a man says, 'I have parted with my horse because I wanted money,' I advise him to say it in a whisper.

  57. It is not every man we could honestly advise or desire to come to this colony.

  58. You do not advise such extreme precautionary measures, Mr. Masters, surely?

  59. Thus you come to me whenever the current of my life changes, to love and advise me.

  60. We advise all druggists to keep the book for sale,--as an anodyne.

  61. But what he does, he does with my full sanction, and I have come hither to advise you of it since you appeared in doubt.

  62. Such was the course he would advise and urge.

  63. You advise me, then, to be reconciled to the abbe?

  64. Comte de la Fere would advise you just as I do.

  65. So, then, you advise me to go and get myself made a prisoner in the Bastile?

  66. Whatever you may know, I can only advise you to be patient.

  67. Fouquet, "would you advise me to abandon my friends?

  68. You are my friend, and I am afraid I should not advise you as you would like.

  69. I advise you, monseigneur, not to quarrel with a hundred or a hundred and twenty loose fellows, who, by putting their rapiers end to end, would form a cordon of steel capable of surrounding three thousand men.

  70. I do not advise you to do anything of the kind, monseigneur.

  71. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "advise" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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