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Example sentences for "advertise"

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adversus; advert; adverted; advertence; adverting; advertised; advertisement; advertisements; advertiser; advertisers
  1. If you desire a scene of some sort, in order to advertise our changed relations to the household, you may call upon me this afternoon at three.

  2. His men lay in wait for the red rogues, who caught three, two of whom they killed, and in order to advertise a warning to future offenders, cut off the hands of the third at the wrist, and set him free.

  3. So small, in fact, was the hostelry that it became necessary to advertise when all the rooms had been taken.

  4. It was about that time, according to my recollection, that another attempt was made to advertise Los Angeles through her far-famed climate, an effort which had a very amusing termination.

  5. When he was ready, Beaudry began to advertise the superior merits of his land; and I still have in my possession one of the flaring circulars, printed in red ink, including such headlines as these: NOW IS THE TIME!

  6. He had a tenor voice of rare quality and power, and used it, while exquisitely rendering choice arias, to advertise his wares.

  7. He sold watches, clocks, jewelry and spectacles; and he used to advertise with the figure of a huge watch.

  8. And now, behold, I go unto my people: come therefore, and I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days.

  9. I shall not advertise the particular places, but they are well known.

  10. The same adapted, with the addition of heavy black bands, and is printed in green and scarlet, for small poster to advertise the completed work.

  11. During these latter days of enormous library activity, we have been conscientiously examining the functions of a library; we have been trying all sorts of methods to popularize it, to advertise it.

  12. An almanac put forth to advertise some nostrum, or a novel prepared purely as a piece of merchandise, does not acquire dignity or value simply because bound in leather and placed on the shelf with "Paradise Lost.

  13. Advertise it for sale at half-price," he said.

  14. Everybody passed her table for the one made popular by the loud-voiced man who knew so well how to advertise his wares.

  15. If you were my husband, I'd advertise immediately underneath that I wasn't responsible for your manners.

  16. If you were my wife, I should advertise in the papers that I wasn't responsible for your debts.

  17. The quantity turned out is so great that there's no hope for the special attention of the public unless one can afford to advertise hugely.

  18. I shall teach my wife carefully, and then let her advertise lessons to girls; they'll prefer coming to a woman, you know.

  19. Only one feature was advertised at one time, but the "feature" was always carefully selected for its wide popular appeal, and then Mr. Curtis spared no expense to advertise it abundantly.

  20. He has no choice but to advertise in the successful periodical.

  21. Punch's ridicule was often trenchant and effective, but undoubtedly it helped to advertise one who was avid of notoriety, and infinitely preferred abuse to neglect.

  22. It is fit I should advertise that Mr. Hamilton spoke of the individual merely as a figure, without professing to identify him in name or history either with Thot, Budha, or anybody else.

  23. I shall advertise it," he said judicially and slid it back into his pocket.

  24. I was going to advertise them," he said in an undertone.

  25. Some large town in Scotland would be the safest destination that I could publicly advertise myself as bound for.

  26. On Monday, however, the landlady would begin to feel uneasy, and on Tuesday she would advertise for him.

  27. He would advertise 'Every Other Week' on his family vault.

  28. She shed them decorously, even under cover of the dark; she was still a dainty and proud little lady, with nothing about her to advertise conspicuously that she was crying, or why.

  29. Men with big names in state politics would make speeches there, while the Colonel presided with his usual self-effacing charm, which did not advertise the known fact that he was a bigger power in the state than any of them.

  30. The others made themselves equally comfortable, all but Judge Saxon, who had ceased to advertise the fact that he was not.

  31. Then a sudden passion would sieze him, and he would stamp upon the deck, crying out that she was a rickety old craft, and that her owners were swindlers to advertise her as the fast-sailing Argus.

  32. As for that," replied my lady, "I cannot help wondering that any one can be silly enough to advertise for him.

  33. Careful study of a large number of these announcements shows, however, that it was only thought desirable to advertise when the epidemic was thought to be abating, or when it had abated.

  34. You fancied it would serve to advertise you, if anything.

  35. Of course you can advertise for a partner to invest in a 'sure thing,' and all that, but those games are too near fraud.

  36. But I shall have the 'New York Herald' every day, and if you advertise for me I shall be sure to see it.

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