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Example sentences for "advertisement"

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adverted; advertence; adverting; advertise; advertised; advertisements; advertiser; advertisers; advertises; advertising
  1. An advertisement for subscriptions to liquidate this debt has been for some weeks past inserted in a London newspaper.

  2. An advertisement of this kind warrants the person to take the property, if found, and then the negro becomes a property in trust.

  3. Take the one item of advertisement alone.

  4. The advertisement in the paper had been a trick to lure a timid man.

  5. There had been one advertisement in particular.

  6. The cock biographer has fixed a direct lie on the hen, by an advertisement in which he affirms that he communicated his manuscript to Madame Thrale, and that she made no objection to what he says of her low opinion of Mrs. Montagu's book.

  7. Yet a certain set of expressions are so necessary to please the diurnal readers, that when Johnson and I drew up an advertisement for charity once, I remember the people altered our expressions and substituted their own, with good effect too.

  8. We must not, therefore, attempt to depict her emotion when the advertisement in the Times accidentally met her eye, and suddenly raised her from her despair.

  9. The wife of Lord Glenarvan, of Malcolm Castle, who published an advertisement in the Times in regard to the shipwreck of the Britannia?

  10. Soon after this I saw his advertisement of the Pamphlet he intended to publish.

  11. An advertisement of this kind warrants the person to take the property, if found.

  12. Here is a picture from the advertisement of the 'Female Institute' of Columbia; Tennessee.

  13. He said that reading the advertisement in the agent's catalogue was the only thing that reconciled him to being the owner of the house.

  14. Do they think people likely to take a house after reading the advertisement without ever going to see it?

  15. All I blame the advertisement for is that it did not mention other things.

  16. The advertisement stated that the sole duty of the boy was to wait on the table when the Confederate officers ate, as they objected to being waited upon by convicts.

  17. On the third morning he happened to pick up a paper, and glancing over its columns, saw an advertisement which caused every nerve in his body to tingle.

  18. It was an advertisement for a boy to work in the dining-room and wait on the table at the penitentiary.

  19. Directly I heard of the proceedings I went to his Eminence Cardinal Sanguinetti to tell him that the result would be an immense advertisement for your book.

  20. For my part I shall go to the Ministry of Fine Arts, to settle that affair of the Comedie; and besides I've some calls to make, some contractors to see, and a big launching and advertisement affair to settle.

  21. I had a lot of worrying business, some contractors to see, a big advertisement affair to settle, and I feared that I should never be able to come and kiss your hand.

  22. Further, in order to give more effect to the next performance, Harel constantly suspended the play--a means of advertisement and a way of publishing hitherto quite unknown.

  23. The advertisement certainly produced its effect on me, for I was much taken with it: I asked for his tailor's address, and he gave it me.

  24. In a few moments a woman might have come down the steps into the subterranean office, who answered the editor's inquiring look by telling him that she wanted a place as cook, and wished him to write an advertisement for her.

  25. The editor himself would have written the advertisement for her with the velocity of a practiced hand, then read it over to her, taking particular pains to get the name spelled right, and the address correctly stated.

  26. He made about thirty dollars a week profit, and was going along at this rate, not ill satisfied with his lot, when he read one morning in the paper an advertisement for a factory manager.

  27. My kennels are famous, as you doubtless noted in my advertisement in Town and Country--and I can personally guarantee every pup that comes out of them.

  28. He should have stipulated in his advertisement that none except motherless young women need apply.

  29. With this very number "Pickwick" was destined to leap into its amazing popularity, and the advertisement must have been a valuable one.

  30. He looked at it, and had read the advertisement reproduced above.

  31. All at once she had thrust the advertisement sheet of the paper underneath his nose, with the exclamation-- "Look at that!

  32. The advertisement says 'letters only'; there is evidently an objection to a personal call.

  33. But, my dear aunt, you are not seriously thinking of paying any attention to such an advertisement as that?

  34. And in some of the back numbers was the advertisement about Mr. Higgins.

  35. I can see that advertisement this minute, right afore my eyes--'Information wanted of my husband, Edward Higgins.

  36. I'll hunt for that missin' husband advertisement of Desire Higgins's.

  37. And Debby, she read the advertisement about him in the Arizona paper, and it said he had the spring halt in his off hind leg, or somethin' similar.

  38. I'd just found the one with that advertisement in it and was readin' it.

  39. Footnote 275: This letter is probably by Anthony Henley; see advertisement at end of No.

  40. In the advertisement to the Second Edition ("An Enquiry after Wit," &c.

  41. The following advertisement appeared in the Postman for Jan.

  42. Footnote 211: The following advertisement is among the Harleian MSS.

  43. It is an age of advertisement, the growth of new economic conditions, for advertisement creates as well as reveals new markets.

  44. A reply to this advertisement brought the information that the Rev.

  45. To those who answered this advertisement was sent a letter written on pale blue stationery, such as is used for social correspondence, with the initials --.

  46. It would be possible to take every statement of the above advertisement and prove each one to be false.

  47. But when they are investigated and the facts brought to light the advertisement falls to pieces.

  48. The advertisement as generally printed runs: No physician in the world has had such a training, or has such an amount of information at hand to assist in the treatment of all kinds of female ills.

  49. If we heard such stories in every-day life we would smile credulously at our informant and doubt his sanity, but in a patent medicine advertisement we expect to read of miracles and we almost hope to be told of impossible happenings.

  50. About three weeks after the appearance of the advertisement in 'Galignani,' one of Mark Wylder's letters reached Larkin.

  51. What better justification of his pretensions, what better advertisement than his button torn off with a piece of the trousers of the assassin?

  52. Sir Alfred Booth was informed through the press of this advertisement on either Saturday evening, May 1, or Sunday morning, May 2.

  53. Captain Turner, the master of the vessel, saw the advertisement or "something of the kind" before sailing, and realized that the Lusitania was included in the warning.

  54. This advertisement clearly shows that even in countries like England haunted houses do exist, or at least houses exist which are believed to be haunted.

  55. Only this morning I read this funny advertisement in the Morning Post.

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