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advertence; adverting; advertise; advertised; advertisement; advertiser; advertisers; advertises; advertising; advertized
  1. And the glowing advertisements of quack remedies appealed strongly to the popular fancy.

  2. The descriptions of symptoms and diseases in the advertisements of charlatans, suggest morbid ideas to the objective mind of the reader.

  3. He could write the Spotless Town kind of verses while eating breakfast, and although he did not take art seriously, he drew some of the most successful advertisements of his time.

  4. The following pages contain advertisements of a few of the Macmillan novels.

  5. If the various advertisements brought a reply, Sylvester was to hunt out John Rivière in whatever part of France he might be, and then communicate with Lars Larssen for further orders.

  6. The result of the advertisements in the Paris newspapers was annoying.

  7. One of these advertisements begins thus: "A clock is of no use without hands!

  8. Included among the advertisements in the first number is an announcement of this production, with an engraving depicting Miss La Creevy at work.

  9. Indeed the church advertisement page in cities whose churches indulge generously in display advertisements is not altogether reassuring reading.

  10. He began what others have since completed,--that is, he made trade and advertisements the sovereign masters of literature and newspapers.

  11. You have, I suppose, read the advertisements marked on these papers?

  12. Not one had been presented; payment was of course stopped, and advertisements descriptive of the bills of exchange, as well as of the notes, were inserted in the evening and following morning papers.

  13. Casting my eyes over a table, near which the clerk had placed me a chair, I perceived a newspaper and the "Police Gazette," in both of which the advertisements for the discovery of Owen Lloyd were strongly underlined.

  14. Advertisements offering large rewards were circulated; but the unknown forger baffled detection.

  15. Your brother is evidently not living in London, and that accounts for your advertisements not being answered.

  16. BYRN" The first of the following advertisements was a standing one, in the "Vicksburg Register," from Dec.

  17. The preceding are extracts from advertisements published in southern papers, mostly in the year 1838.

  18. Scores of such advertisements are in southern papers now on our table.

  19. Footnote 25: Advertisements like the following are not unfrequent in the southern papers.

  20. The preceding testimony of Mr. Clay, is strongly corroborated by advertisements of slaves, by Courts of Probate, and by executors administering upon the estates of deceased persons.

  21. This is shown by hundreds of advertisements in southern papers, like the following: From the "Mobile Register," July 21.

  22. Almost every newspaper published in the states far south contains advertisements like the following.

  23. It is probable that some of the scars and maimings in the preceding advertisements were the result of accidents; and some may be the result of violence inflicted by the slaves upon each other.

  24. Clippings and advertisements for free samples were hoarded and quickly posted.

  25. Then I arranged advertisements to run six months, and went on to Pensacola and to Tampa.

  26. I am sorry I do my dear Alma Mater such lamentable discredit; but, unfortunately, we were not taught to wear our diplomas on our hats as advertisements of scholarship.

  27. People who are neither 'lost, strayed, nor stolen' spend no time hunting for imaginary advertisements that never go to press.

  28. You never saw or heard of the advertisements I published in various papers, asking you to inform me where I could find you?

  29. We do not say that they may not be overcome in the future; but to talk, as the advertisements do, of the certainty that liquid air will soon largely replace steam in furnishing motive power is going entirely too far.

  30. If the mysterious "personal" advertisements in the daily papers could be understood by the outside world, it would be seen that appointments are not unfrequently made through their agency.

  31. It's a variant of those advertisements they print in the magazines.

  32. It's the fault of these dashed magazines, with their advertisements of correspondence courses--Are You Earning All You Should?

  33. A good newspaper, if properly conducted, could have some fun and get a good many advertisements by swopping kind words at regular catalogue prices for goods.

  34. It was pitiful enough, so that men who had their seats began to read advertisements and other things with their papers wrong side up, in order to seem thoroughly engrossed in their business.

  35. I looked through the shipping advertisements in a Melbourne newspaper.

  36. It is for that reason that you see the pages of the magazines and newspapers filled with advertisements of new cures for ancient diseases.

  37. It was a long journey from the little corner of the world into which his thoughts had strayed, to the ornate, artificial-looking parlor, with the Turkey-carpet upon the floor and framed advertisements upon the walls.

  38. Have you seen all those advertisements of brain foods?

  39. It is recommended that where because of unusual conditions, rural carriers cannot be obtained at the maximum rate of pay, advertisements be issued calling for proposals for the performance of such service.

  40. One hundred and forty advertisements are now pending for such service in this contract section.

  41. The many advertisements in quite recent times of foot powders and other artificial relief for the foot show that people are suffering much more than before, or, at least, are less able to bear the discomfort.

  42. The advertisements of the nostrum maker have proved especially effective, and printer's ink, properly administered, has been a most potent remedy.

  43. Who knows but he may there see something to his advantage; and, besides, the mysterious advertisements may suggest ideas for plots.

  44. The advertisements are as quaint as the correspondence.

  45. I constantly see, in advertisements from county meetings, all these species of monstrous injustice played off against the Catholics.

  46. Your advertisements fell into my hands, which treated upon my case.

  47. A small percentage of cures will follow the proper use of a good truss, and the advertisements of the so-called rupture cures are founded upon such cases.

  48. At last I came across one of your advertisements of Dr.

  49. The remedy for the lying advertisements is for honest men to tell the truth.

  50. Men who spend hundreds of dollars for the publication of advertisements offering to give away valuable information can always be safely set down as swindlers.

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