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Example sentences for "advert"

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adversis; adversities; adversity; adversum; adversus; adverted; advertence; adverting; advertise; advertised
  1. It is with great pain,” he said, “that his Lordship must next proceed to advert to the subject of the promises which you have held out to the chiefs of Candahar.

  2. At this distance of time, with the mists of boyish inexperience upon my memory of myself, I can only advert to the issues of that evening as they appeared.

  3. I spent such an afternoon as would have been cheaply purchased by a whole life of solitude; but I must only advert to one circumstance that distinguished it.

  4. Yet Plato does not again advert to it, either in Sophistes or Timaeus, in both of which there is special demand for it.

  5. I now advert to two matters which we find in the Politikus, but not in the Sophistes.

  6. It is therefore the less matter of wonder that Plato should not here advert to the relation between the two, or to the different sense in which existence might properly be predicable of both.

  7. To understand this fact, it is necessary to advert to the different circumstances of this country, and of the European kingdoms, which we take as our models.

  8. We do not advert to the time when the course of law has been forcibly obstructed in Connecticut.

  9. But not to mention the practice of a single nation, at a single period; let us advert to a general rule among civilized nations; that it is lawful to put to death prisoners taken in a garrison by storm.

  10. Of course; Forester will pay his visit, and only advert to the matter with caution and delicacy.

  11. Nor can I fail to advert in this connection to the debts which many of the States of the Union have contracted abroad and under which they continue to labor.

  12. Among the incidents to the measures of the war I am constrained to advert to the refusal of the governors of Maine and Connecticut to furnish the required detachments of militia toward the defense of the maritime frontier.

  13. It is gratifying to advert to the cordiality of our intercourse with Spain.

  14. That this may be the more manifest, it may be proper to advert to the causes and to the history of the principal events of that revolution.

  15. To prove in the first place the general falsehood of the complaints themselves it is only necessary to advert to recent official documents.

  16. We will here first advert to a very remarkable state in which the vision of many persons is found to be.

  17. We will only advert here to the transition from white to red heat in glowing iron.

  18. In conclusion we may, however, at once advert to some peculiar states or dispositions of the organ.

  19. It may therefore be useful to advert to the exemplification of this principle in the scope and design of the work immediately before us.

  20. Lord Melbourne presents his humble duty to your Majesty, and has just recollected that in the letter which he wrote yesterday, he omitted to advert to a part of your Majesty's last to which your Majesty may expect some answer.

  21. There is one thing in your former letter which I must answer, or, rather, more advert to.

  22. I shall also advert to the propriety of such men as Mr. Methley, or any member of the English Conference, assuming to exercise a censorship over the character of any members of the Canada Conference.

  23. I took occasion to advert to what had excited the strongest feelings in my own mind, and in the minds of our people generally--namely imputations on our loyalty to the Government and laws of the country.

  24. But in like manner, all the inmates of the clan and the guests spent on the morrow another festive day, but we need not advert to it with any minuteness.

  25. Chia Yün himself did not feel as if he could very well advert to the subject, with the result that he had no alternative but to retrace his steps homewards.

  26. I can hardly advert to it without feeling all that has been much more eloquently expressed by the gentleman from Virginia than it is in my power to express it.

  27. In contemplating war, it is also proper to advert to the state of the Treasury.

  28. Leaving the division of sentiment in our country, let us advert to ancient and modern history, and search for examples upon this important subject.

  29. I will advert to one argument of the gentleman from New York, (Mr. EMOTT,) who has examined this subject with ability.

  30. He did not advert to this circumstance from any want of respect to this Government: he should always treat them with the highest respect.

  31. Among the incidents to the measures of the war, I am constrained to advert to the refusal of the Governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut to furnish the required detachments of militia towards the defence of the maritime frontier.

  32. He took occasion to advert to the numerous captures made by our private armed vessels, and their utility as a system of annoyance to the enemy.

  33. Before I proceed to consider these questions, I beg leave, Mr. President, to advert to what may be considered a preliminary question.

  34. The Eastern people will advert to these circumstances, and be dissatisfied.

  35. Let me advert to a circumstance connected with this theme, which cannot but be appreciated by every heart of sensibility.

  36. Before closing this historic document, I cannot but advert to certain notions and traditions concerning the venerable pile in question.

  37. Before considering the re-arrangement of marks entailed by the proposed distribution of the sciences, I must advert to the position of Mathematics in the Commissioners' scheme.

  38. My purpose requires me to advert in these alleged secondary uses of language, not, however, for the view of counter-arguing them, but rather in order to indicate what seems to me the true mode of bringing them to the proof.

  39. First, however, let us advert to the reasons why relaxation is more pressing now than formerly.

  40. I will next advert to the applied science of Art or Aesthetics, long a barren ground, so far as scientific handling was concerned, but now a land of promise.

  41. Having detained you so long with these observations, I must yet advert to another most interesting topic,--the Free Schools.

  42. And if we advert to a greater name, that of Pellegrino Tibaldi, is it easy to discover what relation exists between the adventures of Ulysses and the purposes and pursuits of the academical Institute of Bologna?

  43. Gérando advert expressly to the peculiar resemblance between the system of Gassendi and Locke, in the account they give of ideas of reflection.

  44. As it is not necessary to make a distinct head for the Latin drama, we may here advert to a tragedy by Heinsius, Herodes Infanticida.

  45. Though I can mention nothing else in English which comes exactly within our notions of a romance, we may advert to the Dodona’s Grove of James Howell.

  46. This, indeed, proceeds in part from the general similarity, the religious and even theological cast of their subjects; I advert particularly to the last part of Dante’s poem.

  47. There are, it is true, other reasons against sudden changes of temperature, particularly the change from cold to heat, besides the fact that they tend to produce chilblains; but I cannot do more just now than barely advert to them.

  48. I have only very briefly to advert to one other subject, before closing these remarks on the government of the English leper hospitals.

  49. But Capitolinus, the principal authority regarding the biography of Aurelius, does not even advert to the report.

  50. I shall afterwards have occasion to re-advert to this curious point.

  51. We advert the goods more and still he payeth us.

  52. An ecclesiastic, who one day delivered a discourse in his presence, took occasion to advert to the laxity of the age, in general terms, indeed, but bearing too pertinent an application to the cardinal to be mistaken.

  53. To the cause of the paleness and the desperate mood I shall advert anon.

  54. Before, however, I begin a new chapter and with it the above-mentioned sketch, I should like to advert to a few other matters.

  55. But Carlyle never spoke of himself in that way: I never heard him advert to his Works and his Fame, except one day he happened to mention 'About the time when Men began to talk of me.

  56. I am ashamed to advert to my own little ailments, while you, I doubt not, are enduring worse.

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    advertisement; announcement; hint; insert; leaflet; mention; notice; pamphlet; plug; refer; return; suggest