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forceps; forcer; forces; forceth; forcible; forcing; forct; ford; fordable; forded
  1. The publication of this interview, which was designed to conciliate England, had a contrary effect upon Holland, and the feeling that their ruler was held down by no sense of responsibility was borne in forcibly upon the people.

  2. This express disclaimer of any responsibility to the people may be found in several speeches, but nowhere was the ex me mea nata corona attitude more forcibly expressed than on this occasion.

  3. Mr. Hall crossed the Blue Ridge, at the stupendous fissure of the Wind Gap, where the mountain seems forcibly broken through, and is strewed with the ruin of rocks.

  4. He here felt what an insignificant being man is in the creation; and his mind was forcibly impressed with an awful idea of the power of that mighty Existence, who commanded the waters to flow.

  5. The ram, duly supplied with compressed air, is fixed in position over the anvil, upon which it descends more frequently if less forcibly than a steam hammer.

  6. Surfaces are smoothed with a rasp, a file, a plane; sand is rubbed on abrasively, or falls from a height, or is forcibly blown with a blast of steam or air.

  7. Faraday, with the guiding law of reciprocity ever in mind, forcibly deflected a magnetic needle so as to create a current in a neighboring wire by the motion of his hand.

  8. Instead of being allowed to take its way to the roof, the warmed air is forcibly directed to the floor which otherwise would be unduly cool.

  9. When an electrical conductor, such as a coil of copper wire, is forcibly rotated in that field, powerful currents of electricity arise in the wire, equivalent as energy to the mechanical effort of rotation.

  10. Oxygen and nitrogen, like any other two gases, tend forcibly to diffuse into each other, as we may see in the distension of a thin rubber sheet dividing a container into two parts, one filled with oxygen, the other with nitrogen.

  11. Garay had hardly left the town to look after the rest of the province than the creoles, indignant over unfair treatment, forcibly demanded an open Cabildo.

  12. They used their power to revenge themselves on their personal enemies, their secret police was worse than anything John had maintained, and they forcibly suppressed the newspapers which dared criticise their acts.

  13. The Pellegrini government gave him its earnest support, and charges were made by the Radicals that their votes would be forcibly suppressed in the election of October, 1891.

  14. When in use this aperture must always be left open, otherwise an accident is sure to happen, as the heat expands the air in the lamp, and the spirit is forcibly expelled.

  15. The following narrative of an outbreak of purulent ophthalmia that occurred on board a vessel freighted with slaves for the West Indies forcibly illustrates the character and infectious nature of this disease.

  16. The influence of age in predisposing to typhoid fever is forcibly illustrated in the following table extracted from Dr Walter Blyth's 'Dictionary of Practical Hygiene': Years of Age.

  17. Many persons seriously damage their eyes by forcibly rubbing them when drowsy, especially on awaking in the morning.

  18. A piece the size of a pea being worked in the hand till tough with the warmth, then placed upon the thumb, and forcibly stroked down with the forefinger, curls up, following the finger, and is marked by it with longitudinal streaks.

  19. The azure vault that canopied all, had that look of distant glory and of grand repose, which so often meets the eye, and so forcibly strikes the mind, of him who travels in the deep valleys and embedded lakes of Switzerland.

  20. How could he do this more forcibly than by turning the streets and gardens of their delights into ruins and the haunts of the wild ass, even though it should seem inconsistent with his declaration that Zion was inviolable?

  21. Everything that has come forcibly and gloriously to the front of things, every drift that appears to dominate history, all that asserts its claim on our wonder, and offers its own simple and strong solution of our life--is our Assyria.

  22. Erase that, and the passage reads forcibly enough.

  23. But, without entering into its wider relations, this aspect is important, as that which most forcibly impressed the sacred writers.

  24. I will give you the letter in the morning," said Miss Muir, with a curious quiver in her voice, and the look of one who forcibly suppressed some strong emotion.

  25. Her face was as altered as her dress, for now a soft color glowed in her cheeks, her eyes smiled shyly, and her lips no longer wore the firm look of one who forcibly repressed every emotion.

  26. The thing that struck him most forcibly was the stupid waste of it all.

  27. Her head, adorned with more than the usual quota of toothpicks, brought the quills upon the fretful porcupine forcibly to one's mind.

  28. While he spoke, he again seized Alice, held her forcibly down with one hand, while with the other he deliberately drew from a side pouch a long case-knife.

  29. He perceived that her feeling at last overpowered her voice, and she paused abruptly, and turning round, her face was so eloquent of emotion, that Ferrers was forcibly struck by its expression.

  30. When the adolescent spiritual self begins to rule him, then the moral point can be more forcibly pressed home; but it is quite futile while he is at the growing animal stage.

  31. But surely those who hold this view cannot understand that fundamental difference in the instincts of the sexes which I tried to show as forcibly as I could in my former articles upon Marriage.

  32. This is a striking ease; but it only illustrates very forcibly that children are not merely sleeping, and eating what is given to them, like cattle and sheep.

  33. While there might be some disadvantages in this particular association, it forcibly suggests the value of association in general.

  34. Hylax had been forcibly carried to Salamis with his young mistress, lest his sagacity should lead to a discovery of her prison.

  35. You remind me,' said Robert dryly, sitting down on one of the library stools, 'of some of those sentiments you expressed so forcibly on the first evening of our acquaintance.

  36. Forcibly he possessed himself once more of those closely locked hands, pressing their coldness on his own burning eyes and forehead in hopeless silence.

  37. He was forcibly struck with the blind and comparatively motiveless pugnacity of the Squire's conduct.

  38. He caught her by the arm, and drew her forcibly to him.

  39. Her mittened hands were clasped nervously on her lap, and there was about her such an air of forcibly restrained excitement, that Mrs. Leyburn's mild eyes gazed at her with some astonishment.

  40. Something stirred within him, and he went up to her and forcibly took it from her.

  41. In other pieces, the shape of the central medallions and the designs which cover them suggest most forcibly that they were copied from old mirror backs.

  42. In Oushaks, as well as others, are seen the evidences of Persian treatment; while the drawing and colour schemes of the prayer rugs forcibly suggest Saracenic, Grecian, and Christian ideas.

  43. Most of them also contain the small octagonal discs and larger octagonal figures with Greek crosses at the centre that suggest forcibly the designs of Southeastern Caucasia.

  44. It would not surprise us, for example, if the movements in trance showed increased concentration; if a dynamometer (for instance) was more forcibly squeezed by the spirit acting through the man than by the man himself.

  45. Neckar and La Fayette listened with evident uneasiness to his bold and weighty sentiments, as if conscious of the perils which his words so forcibly portrayed.

  46. The dog was descried, with the end of the rope in his mouth, forcibly dragging along the disappointed fox.

  47. The small portion of time these lessons would occupy, compared with their valuable results, should warn him most forcibly not to neglect them.

  48. Those whom he has found in the place, have been forcibly sent to Bohemia.

  49. Clara, seizing her by the arm and endeavoring forcibly to drag her to her detested suitor.

  50. Alf was about to rush forward, when Tuiskoshirer forcibly dragged him back.

  51. I may have to express myself more forcibly than politely.

  52. Well, I should be very sorry to see you forcibly ejected.

  53. At that time women were unwearied in going from house to house distributing books and tracts upon the subject, and presenting it clearly and forcibly to thousands of families who would otherwise have disregarded it.

  54. The final victory of the Assyrian arms is generally attributed to Ashur alone, but just before the battle and in the midst of the fray, Ramman's presence is felt almost as forcibly as that of Ashur.

  55. Anunna reminds one forcibly of the god Anu and of the goddess Anunit, and the element ak is quite a common afformative in Babylonian substantives, conveying a certain emphatic meaning to the word.

  56. She would not let the girl speak, she would see her go, humiliated, with head bent, forcibly swallowing her tears of shame.

  57. Behind these ropes the crowd was forcibly kept back.

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