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  1. After all the stitches have been tied take the handle of your scalpel or the forceps and raise the edges of the skin, which will have rolled in, until they meet each other.

  2. After five days you may remove your stitches in this manner: Cut the stitch near the skin on one side, grasp the knot in the bite of the forceps and pull it out.

  3. The compression of the forceps while you are getting ready your other instruments will seal up the vessel so that when you remove them it will not bleed any more.

  4. When the bleeding has been entirely controlled get out your surgical kit and throw a pair of the hemostatic forceps into the boiling water.

  5. Have some one pull up on the forceps and at the same time with your forefingers slip the knot down over the end of the cut vessel.

  6. So with forceps in one hand and the Bible in the other, Mackay found himself doubly equipped.

  7. He went to a native blacksmith and had a pair of forceps hammered out of iron.

  8. Before that, and for awhile, dentists who had abandoned the forceps used an instrument known as the pelican,--said to much resemble the skid used by lumbermen.

  9. The obstetric forceps were for so long a time kept secret that they were of small benefit at first to the obstetric art.

  10. A forceps or instrument for extracting substances.

  11. Defn: Torture by pinching with forceps or pinchers.

  12. Defn: A pair of forceps of various kinds, having a beaklike form.

  13. Defn: A forceps with a measuring attachment for ascertaining the size of the fetal head.

  14. The sac is now lifted carefully by the extracting forceps to see that it is all clear and attached only by the discharge duct.

  15. The assistant now holds these forceps and thus supports the sac so the operator can see the duct clearly.

  16. The sac is now held free in the clamping forceps and not a particle of the scent fluid has escaped.

  17. The duct, which alone holds the sac, is now clamped in the automatic forceps as near the sac as feasible as shown in Fig.

  18. Now by means of the extracting forceps the sac is gradually lifted by raising it a little on one side and then on the other.

  19. I put the polype, whose stomach is well filled, in a little water in the hollow of my left hand; I then press it with a small forceps nearer to the tail end than to the head.

  20. Hooks and forceps used for the extraction of arrows.

  21. Accordingly, several kinds of hooks and forceps for removing arrows are described and depicted in the treatise (see fig.

  22. A pair of strong broad pointed forceps much facilitate the operation.

  23. Bending over him with what I suppose was a pair of forceps plunged into a wound in his right side, was Doctor Christy, the surgeon who had attended me when suffering from a much lighter wound.

  24. He then had recourse to the forceps again, and, in an instant, brought up a small splinter of bone, not bigger than an ordinary iron tack.

  25. The forceps are now removed and the integument allowed to retract; with the scissors the inner mucous fold is now split along the dorsum and trimmed off so as to leave about half an inch in front of the corona.

  26. Bernheim prefers the circumcision forceps of Ricord, as modified by M.

  27. Obstetrical forceps embrace the head of the foetus.

  28. It is also sometimes produced by the unskillful use of forceps and other instruments employed by midwives.

  29. An operation for stone in the bladder in which the perineum and part of the urethra are cut; the prostatic portion of the urethra is dilated to introduce forceps and withdraw the stone.

  30. The right hand applies the upper glass with the forceps b to the drop of blood as it exudes from the puncture, and takes it up, without touching the finger itself.

  31. The forceps b is then quickly brought to a and the slip with the little drop of blood allowed to fall lightly on the other.

  32. The method of tenotomy as I carry it out is as follows: The conjunctiva is seized with fine forceps exactly over the insertion of the muscle to be divided, and the fold thus raised cut into with the smallest possible wound.

  33. Take in the forceps a piece of iron picture-cord wire 6 or 8cm long, hold one end in the flame for an instant, then dip it into some S.

  34. With forceps hold a short strip of Mg ribbon in a flame.

  35. With the forceps take a piece of Na, not larger than half a pea, from the naphtha in which it is kept, drop it into the H2O, and at once cover the receiver loosely with paper or cardboard.

  36. When he broke a forceps he flung it on the floor, and caught a new pair.

  37. By means of an army-bullet forceps the knife was extracted easily through an incision 5/8 inch long in the walls of the stomach.

  38. Clamp-forceps were immediately applied to the cut vessels and one on each side the aperture in the common carotid from which a small spurt of blood, certainly not half a teaspoonful, came out.

  39. Otis states that it was not until the wars of Augustus that Heras of Cappadocia designed the famous duck-bill forceps which, with every conceivable modification, has continued in use until our time.

  40. Hemorrhage was restrained first by pressure of the hands, then by pressure-forceps and ligatures.

  41. Examination showed that the fish had firmly grasped the patient's uvula, which it was induced to relinquish when its head was seized by the forceps and pressed from side to side.

  42. However, on account of the symptoms complained of by the patient I introduced a polypus forceps into the lower part of the pharynx and toward the esophagus, where a body, distinctly moving, was felt.

  43. Futile attempts to extract the fish by forceps were made.

  44. In this way the forceps did not occupy a part of the opening while the large end of the stone was passing through it.

  45. An attempt to remove by the forceps failed, as the violent movements of the heart drew the needle back into the cavity.

  46. In two of the cases the forceps was used, but not on account of uterine inertia; the fetal head was voluminous, and in one of the two cases internal rotation was delayed.

  47. Then either with the fingers or with a light pair of forceps the tooth must be shaken very gently, until it is loosened.

  48. In extracting teeth, the forceps ought only to be used after the tooth has been luxated by means of the pelican.

  49. Forceps for extraction of splinter or necrosed fragments of the maxillary bones (Abulcasis).

  50. Forceps for loosening the tooth previous to extraction (Abulcasis).

  51. Roman dental forceps found (1894) at Hamburg, Germany, in the ancient Roman castle Saalburg.

  52. Very ancient dental forceps and two other dental (?

  53. Elevator to be used when the extraction of a root by means of the root forceps proves impossible (Abulcasis).

  54. Then the surgeon, keeping the head of the patient firmly between his knees, applies a stronger pair of forceps and extracts the tooth in a straight direction, so as not to break it.

  55. It is scarcely necessary to remark that the forceps are neither cutting nor crushing instruments, but are simply intended to lay hold, like the hand itself, and enable us to draw down the head, or change its position.

  56. The manner in which the forceps draw the head is well shown in the above plate, and also the compression of the head itself, which is seen to be squeezed almost to a point at its presenting part.

  57. In this position the labor may be long delayed, and difficult, and most practitioners endeavor to turn the head round, if they cannot bring down the feet, or else apply the forceps at once.

  58. If however the patient becomes exhausted, or the head be unusually large, the forceps are generally used after waiting five or six hours.

  59. The accidents which have followed from the use of the forceps are numerous and terrible, and I could give a most horrifying account of them if it were necessary.

  60. The cases in which the forceps are absolutely necessary however, are VERY RARE, much more so in fact than many people suppose.

  61. Finally, if all fail, the hand must be introduced into the womb, the child turned, and brought away by the feet; or the forceps must be used if absolutely necessary.

  62. Forcipiform: having the form of forceps or pincers.

  63. The King and his people, thinking the tooth was being pulled, started down the hill, the forceps still clinging fast to the monster's big front tooth.

  64. They simply brought forward the big pair of forceps and reached them toward the Dragon.

  65. King; and fifty men seized the handles of the forceps and began to pull with all their strength.

  66. The handles of the forceps were so long that fifty men could take hold of them at one time.

  67. A dog was placed on the table, the forceps were applied, and the operation perfectly succeeded.

  68. The slide of the forceps then shuts its blade, and the artery is held fast.

  69. I next, with the forceps and knife, cleaned the others, and ordered the diluted chlorinated lime to be alternated with tincture of myrrh and water.

  70. One of the methods consists in continuing the torsion until the part held in the forceps is detached.

  71. The forceps should he applied, and the claws reduced to their proper size.

  72. The catheter being now withdrawn, and the finger or a pair of forceps introduced into the bladder, the calculus may be grasped and extracted.

  73. The knife and the forceps must usually be resorted to, and in the hands of a skilful surgeon the life of the animal will be saved.

  74. He seizes the divided vessel with a pair of torsion-forceps in such a manner as to hold and close the mouth of the vessel in its teeth.

  75. Amusat, of Paris, we are indebted for the introduction of the artery-forceps for the arresting of hemorrhage.

  76. Take the forceps in the right hand, and seize one edge of the skin.

  77. Now take a bit of cotton, and with the forceps introduce into the eye-socket through the neck.

  78. If we fail with the hand, forceps may be introduced through the mouth and the object seized when it is just beyond the reach of the fingers.

  79. Through this the forceps are gradually pushed with gentle, oscillating movement until they enter the bladder and strike against the hard surface of the stone.

  80. The operation is performed by grasping the base of the tumor with suitable forceps and twisting it round and round until it is torn from its attachment, or by cutting it off with a noose of wire.

  81. The animal having been thrown and properly fixed, an assistant holds the eyelids apart while the operator seizes the haw with forceps or hook and carefully dissects it out with blunt-pointed scissors.

  82. In inflammations due to local irritants of a noninfective kind a careful examination will usually reveal their presence, and the first step must be their removal with a pair of blunt forceps or the point of a lead pencil.

  83. Should it be the last molar that is thus elongated, it will require the aid of the veterinary surgeon, who has the necessary forceps or chisel for cutting it.

  84. The embedded stings should be extracted with fine forceps or even with the finger nails.

  85. Incisions into the dead tissue may be made, and when sloughing commences the tissue should be removed with forceps and the resulting wound treated as in dry gangrene.

  86. It consists in cutting into the urethra just beneath the anus and introducing the lithotomy forceps from this forward into the bladder, as in the mare.

  87. In such case the stump of the cord should be sought for and the artery twisted with artery forceps or tied with a silk thread.

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