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Example sentences for "grasped"

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grapples; grappling; grapplings; graptolites; grasp; grasping; grasps; grass; grassed; grasses
  1. Hib had grasped the axe, but he never knew what smote him once behind the ear and sent him rolling lifeless against the bulwark.

  2. One hand held a stout stick, and the other grasped the skirt of his Jaeger dressing-gown, from under which could be seen his bed-socked ankles and feet thrust into Jaeger slippers.

  3. Over the stile and along the footpath which cut diagonally across a field of barley he moved at a stiff trot, and his spaniel, who had not grasped the situation, frolicked ahead with a certain surprise.

  4. He placed the saucepan back on the stove, and grasped the cup he had filled.

  5. And wondering a little whether he meant her to, Nedda timidly stretched forth her own and grasped it.

  6. He grasped Scorrier's hand--the gesture was deferential, yet distinguished.

  7. The painter grasped his chin; his eyes had suddenly become tragical.

  8. He had stretched his legs like compasses,--and the way he grasped his gown-wings seemed to turn him to a pair of scales.

  9. Felix heard the clearing of a throat close by, and, more than ever conscious of the scent of gutta-percha, grasped its connection with compassion in the heart of Mr. Pogram.

  10. One of her tiny brown hands had escaped the shawl and grasped its edge with determined softness.

  11. That foot felt very cold, and she grasped it tight.

  12. She held out both her hands, and Jon grasped them across the table.

  13. How never grasped the fact that 'Time steals away'?

  14. The pale young man grasped his hand, and gazed into his eyes.

  15. He laughed good-humoredly as he grasped Carrington's outstretched hand.

  16. This is a gala day," he told them, as he grasped their hands in warm welcome.

  17. It rendered his handsome face repulsive for the moment, as he grasped the arm which was not clinging to Aunt Huldah.

  18. The hands that grasped John Carrington's arm and shoulder gripped him, shook him slightly.

  19. The strongest grasped the helm, and, with the guillotine, confiscation, and exile, endeavored hopelessly to cripple their adversaries.

  20. I said I held a light; but, as the smoke and iron hurtled by, the lamp was dashed to atoms, and in my outstretched hand I grasped a knife!

  21. The higgler grasped it, and was dragged out to a place of safety.

  22. Toni said nothing, but shoving aside the helmsman with a stroke of his paw, he grasped the wheel, making the boat swerve in another direction.

  23. The sailor raised his cane, but before he could strike he felt his arm grasped by two nervous hands.

  24. She felt herself grasped by a pair of powerful hands that lifted her up from the floor.

  25. An irresistible hand grasped the keel, making the landing a vertical one.

  26. Every head that put itself within reach of his disturbed glance he grasped between his arms, raising it to his nose.

  27. After having grasped the raft as his last means of salvation, he had to avoid the floating casks, rolling toward him on the swelling billows, which might send him to the bottom with one of their blows.

  28. Suddenly he grasped the prime motive force of our existence, hitherto only conjectured and enveloped in mystery.

  29. He then grasped them together with both hands, and finding the other sufficiently strong to support him, deliberately swung himself on to it; thus on he went among the lofty summits of the trees, till he was lost to sight.

  30. The Frau, however, grasped the gun, evidently intending to do battle.

  31. Oliver grasped him by his woolly hair just as he was being torn away; and directly after, Potto, gaining his feet, rushed up the sand carrying Oliver in his arms.

  32. I ran forward with another rope, the end of which Oliver held, and just as Roger caught hold of Potto Jumbo's hand, and was dragging him up, I grasped him by the arm.

  33. But we held the rope tightly, leaning back against it; and Oliver grasped the person with his hand, and with desperate energy we hauled them both ashore.

  34. Looking up as well as he could through his dishevelled hair, he held out one hand to Slagg, who grasped it firmly.

  35. Sam, as he grasped the rope with both hands, "only, the longer you hold on to me the longer you will be of getting out of the water.

  36. The poor fellow, catching sight of him as he came near, made a clutch at him, but Sam was well aware of the danger of being grasped by a drowning man.

  37. Slagg and Robin having already helped each other upon it, grasped his hair.

  38. Scarcely had he uttered the last word, when the King with a furious oath sprang upon him, grasped him by the throat, and thrusting him fiercely down on the steps of the dais, placed one foot on his prostrate body.

  39. A look of baffled longing and un gratified ambition came into his musing eyes,-his strong, shapely white hand clenched nervously, as though it grasped some unseen yet perfectly tangible substance.

  40. In some cases I have omitted Mr. Mill’s statement entirely, and put in its stead a simpler form of the same exposition which I believed would be more easily grasped by a student.

  41. Only the hand that grasped Dot's was cold--cold as ice.

  42. And with the words he stooped and grasped his brother's hand for a moment.

  43. He stretched out a hand which Capper grasped and laid gently down.

  44. For the first two or three minutes Harry's, slower moving mind hardly grasped more than the fact that their enemies appeared to have won a complete triumph.

  45. He grasped his hand with a grip which had all its youthful vigour, and strode out of the room with the step of early manhood.

  46. A thrill ran through the American's veins as he grasped the hand which had written so many splendid things, and looked into the eyes which harboured such splendid thought.

  47. Here he held out his hand, which Humphrey grasped with effusion.

  48. Mr. Cassilis grasped the pencil eagerly, and began to write.

  49. Tears stood in his eyes as he grasped me by the hand.

  50. Joe grasped his wife, and the Rosebud, and the bedclothes in one mighty embrace, and bore the whole bundle towards this back door.

  51. He grasped the copper tube from which the water spouted with such force as to cause it to quiver and recoil like a living thing, so that, being difficult to hold, it slipped aside and nearly fell.

  52. Joe passed out, got on the head of the escape, and, holding the bundle on his shoulder with one hand, grasped the rounds of the ladder with the other.

  53. Having at the same time satisfied his curiosity and rested his arms, he grasped the handles once more and the horses pulled and tugged at the primitive implement.

  54. How tightly I grasped it in my little fist that night when I slept in a doorway!

  55. While motionless the rider yet sat in his saddle, an invisible hand grasped the reins.

  56. When the Russians found the corpse of Khasi-Mollah, the right hand still pointed to heaven, the left grasped the beard, and over the face was spread the placid expression of a dream instead of the last agony.

  57. In a moment more he grew deathly pale and grasped the pommel of the saddle to keep him from falling, remaining thus until one of his followers helped him to dismount, and placed him at the foot of a tree.

  58. He shut himself up for weeks in one of his castles, dismayed, inconsolable, heated with passion, ready to crush the world if his hand could have grasped it, a sorry spectacle of disappointed ambition and overthrown pride.

  59. His senses returned, and he grasped the situation in an instant.

  60. Jasper read it over several times, and then stepping over to David he grasped his hand.

  61. She grasped frantically at everything on which she could lay her hands, and was only able to arrest her downward descent when a few feet from the water.

  62. In a twinkling he grasped the whole situation.

  63. Through this the castaways waded, and soon they were grasped by the sailors and helped in.

  64. Seeing it Mr. Damon took courage, and his hands, which had grasped the uprights with such firmness that his knuckles showed white with the strain, were now removed.

  65. He has grasped at the strongbox of the King's Theatre: some Lottery had been set on foot for those sufferers by the hailstorm; in his extreme necessity, Lomenie lays hands even on this.

  66. I am glad to see that Fred grasped the idea so readily, for that encourages me to let him use his own judgment while doing this job.

  67. She grasped the horn of her saddle with both hands, and only thought of saving herself from falling.

  68. He grasped her hands in both his own, and his keen eyes read her very soul.

  69. Mr. Burroughs no longer pressed for an answer to the question he had asked, but grasped at a new argument.

  70. She grasped a rifle and told her husband, she would help him to fight.

  71. Directly, Joe saw the savage trying to draw a knife from its sheath, and waiting till it was about half way out, he grasped it quickly and sank it up to the handle in the breast of his foe, who groaned and expired.

  72. Caffree sprang boldly upon the nearest Indian, grasped his throat firmly, hurled him to the ground, and drawing a cord from his pocket attempted to tie him.

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    Other words:
    ascertained; comprehended; conceived; realized; recognized; understood