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  1. But before the old helmsman again stood Dionysos, the young and fair, in all the glory of undying beauty.

  2. Then on a sudden the voice of the helmsman was heard, as he shouted, "Fools, what do ye?

  3. Presently the helmsman is shot down, and the ship, coming up in the wind, loses headway and falls off with her stern and quarter exposed to a raking fire.

  4. If the quartermaster had obeyed his order, it would have given the "Monk" an advantage by enabling her to rake his stern; but Barney had arranged beforehand that the helmsman should do just the opposite of what he said.

  5. The ice did split with a thunder-fit; The helmsman steered us through!

  6. The commander of the vessel, perceiving deep water ahead, encouraged the helmsman with a cry.

  7. The helmsman stuck nobly to his post, head down, and without a look at the fort.

  8. One who steers; the helmsman of a vessel.

  9. It was a four-oared gig, and the helmsman had taken his place in the stern behind them.

  10. The wind is northing a bit," the skipper said as, after giving the helmsman instructions, he came up to Frank.

  11. Andrews, the best helmsman on board the yacht, held the tiller rope, and Perry was standing beside him.

  12. And obeying his own order, he dashed the helm down before the helmsman could handle the spokes.

  13. Stand over that helmsman with a top-maul!

  14. The helmsman who steered by that tiller in a tempest, felt like the Tartar, when he holds back his fiery steed by clutching its jaw.

  15. Is it not that the helmsman acts through the medium of mechanism, while the generals act through the medium of men?

  16. The secret of the success achieved seems to lie in the knitting together of all the personnel parts by invisible wires of common understanding, analogous to the visible wires that connect the helmsman with the steering-engine.

  17. Now what is the essential reason for the efficient direction exercised by the helmsman of the Pennsylvania, and the relative impotency of generals?

  18. She went forward reeling, half-buried in tumbling foam, twisting in spite of the gasping helmsman in peril of rolling over, and out of the spray and darkness the dim line of bluff came rushing back to them.

  19. Desmond glanced astern a moment when the sable helmsman shouted, and then resolutely turned his eyes ahead.

  20. I had, to support me, the mono-syllabic skipper and a helmsman with nothing to say.

  21. There being no illumination in the wheel-house but the restricted glow from the binnacle, this silent comment of mine on man and his fate caused the helmsman no amusement.

  22. About midnight, the silent helmsman put away his pipe, as a preliminary to answering a foolish question of mine, and said, "Sometimes it happens.

  23. When the sun rose the helmsman ceased to sing, for by song he cheered himself in the lonely night.

  24. Soon we all ate, and then the helmsman laid him down to sleep while a comrade took his place, and they all spread over him their choicest furs.

  25. And behind them in the after end of the ship the helmsman prayed aloud the helmsman's prayer, which is prayed by all who follow his trade upon the River Yann, of whatever faith they be.

  26. And as I thought of this the helmsman ceased to sing, and I looked up and saw a pale light had appeared in the sky, and the lonely night had passed; and the dawn widened, and the sailors awoke.

  27. And again the sailors prayed, and thereafter we supped and slept, and the helmsman took our lives into his care.

  28. We heard the Pathnites beating upon drums as we passed Imaut and Golzunda, then all but the helmsman slept.

  29. When the song ceased we suddenly all awoke, and another took the helm, and the helmsman slept.

  30. The huge icebergs had bewildered the helmsman in the leading boat, and he had missed the channel, and had turned directly toward the shore until the boat was stopped by the solid floe.

  31. The helmsman was ordered to steer between them, for to go round involved quite a circuit.

  32. Before me stood Tuczynski, my faithful helmsman and orderly, at former times skipper on the Weichsel and Nogat; behind me, the mate leaned against the wall of the conning tower contentedly and yawned.

  33. We stopped the wild shooting against the dangerous prow, and all of us aimed at the helmsman and fired.

  34. He could thank his skill as a helmsman for his long career in the navy.

  35. Even the helmsman deserted his post at last to join in the general clamour; a circumstance of which Courtenay took immediate advantage by springing to the tiller and ramming it hard down.

  36. My first glance was aft, and I must confess that I was as surprised as I was pleased to see that Tompion and the helmsman were still on board, and that the wheel was intact.

  37. Mr Courtenay, the helmsman is your mark, if you can--" Crack!

  38. Captain Scott ordered the helmsman to go to the shore, and there the painter of the Malay sampan was cast off, and her men got to the land.

  39. The helmsman headed the boat for the middle of the stream, and the captain rang the speed-bell.

  40. A gasoline motor of 3 horse-power, with the appearance of having been well cared for, was aft where the helmsman could attend to it while holding the boat on her course, and lashed on either side inboard were oars and spare fittings.

  41. Then Captain Eph cried out once more for the guidance of the stranger, and the reply was sufficient to convince him, if he had not already decided the matter in his mind, that the helmsman of the boat was very young.

  42. The helmsman answered through his speaking trumpet, to the usual questions of where we were bound, and from whence we had sailed.

  43. Then called the helmsman Palinure from lofty deck on high: "Ah, wherefore doth such cloud of storm gird all the heavens about?

  44. And lo ye now, where Palinure the helmsman draweth nigh, Who lately on the Libyan sea, noting the starry sky, Fell from the high poop headlong down mid wavy waters cast.

  45. Then Gyas and Chimæra's bulk he holdeth hard in chase, Who, from her lack of helmsman lost, must presently give place.

  46. Kit thought Miguel did not hesitate; his lined face was imperturbable, and he directed the helmsman with a firm movement of his hand.

  47. With her rudder lifted, she did not steer, and while the helmsman sweated at the wheel she yawed about until her quarters sank and the screw got hold.

  48. Directing the helmsman in steering a vessel.

  49. It should be remembered, however, that there are times when the very best helmsman is hardly able to steer a ship, and if a vessel is out of trim or slow in her motions, no skill can keep her close to her course.

  50. Before letting go, the helmsman should give the course to the man that relieves him in an audible voice, and the new man should repeat it aloud just as it was given, so as to make it sure that he has heard correctly.

  51. The helmsman will often let the wheel fly off to leeward, taking care to meet her easily and in season.

  52. In steering, the helmsman stands on the weather side of a wheel and on the lee side of a tiller.

  53. I then endeavoured to set the old lady right, by explaining to her that the business of the man at the wheel was to steer the vessel, and that he was not always the same person, the helmsman being changed at regular periods.

  54. Mrs. Cummings's compassion for the helmsman was changed into a somewhat different feeling a few days after.

  55. The helmsman waved his hand as if in reply and disappeared, when the steamer's speed was checked.

  56. The brig was dashing on literally at the mercy of the gale, and at any moment might strike a reef or the mainland, to the destruction of all on board as well as her own stout timbers, for the helmsman had no idea of what lay before them.

  57. An engineer and a helmsman was all the force needed by such an arrangement, and thus the voyage might be brought to a speedy conclusion without other aid.

  58. The ship, her tiller shot away, and her helmsman killed, staggered helplessly a moment, and then fell up into the wind.

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