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  1. If they are, they could be passed from the grasses to cows and then from the cows' milk to humans.

  2. New generations of rats were being born and were subsisting on grasses and other plants in an environment still slightly radioactive.

  3. Illustration: Survey of pasture grasses to determine whether radioactive materials are present.

  4. Spring and daisies came apace; Grasses hide my hiding place; Grasses run like a green sea O'er the lawn up to my knee.

  5. Yet there is a great pleasure in pushing through it, tall grasses and bennets and sorrel stems reaching to the knee--the very dogs delight in it.

  6. This partially closed the crevices between the rude slabs, and from the raised turf grasses had grown thickly, and filled the remaining space except in one spot.

  7. Where once was the stage, there are now brown grasses dried up by the sun.

  8. Among the ruins of Nero's palace I watched white butterflies flitting among feathery, silver grasses and red and white daisies.

  9. I looked down and there, among the rankly growing grasses of the moat, I saw a young girl, very thin, her black hair hanging and bound with bright handkerchiefs, sketching vaguely a danse du ventre.

  10. Marmora shone from afar; in the waterless moat, that stretches at the feet of the walls, the grasses were waving, the ivy grew thickly, here and there big patches of vegetables gave token of the forethought and industry of men.

  11. She has set her grasses and flowers among the stones of the Temple of Zeus.

  12. The fragrance of sweet grasses fills the air and the night is full of silence save for the brooding calls of some doves in the forest, and I wait and watch for the grey lady but she does not come.

  13. Wending our way through the tall grasses we mount to where Bannow church holds its ruined watch over the dead within and around it and over the city buried in the sands and under the sea.

  14. Green grow the grasses to-day over this site of Ireland's most ancient capital.

  15. As I move through the long grasses to enter the ruins I pause a moment to pay tribute at the tomb of one Walter French, a man who passed one hundred and forty years upon the earth and "died in the prime of life.

  16. Passing upward into the sunshine and forward amidst the long grasses which cover the humbler dead, I find that one more has but now joined this silent company, and those who brought her here are slowly leaving the churchyard.

  17. On the headland where we stand green grasses spangled with buttercups roll inland into broad meadow lands and towards distant purple mountains.

  18. The river is of that sort, and having loitered downward under its trees and through its grasses murmurs confidential bits of gossip about the castle yonder upon its banks.

  19. As Burnet drew nearer to the river, the grasses and reed-like plants of the marsh grew taller and thicker.

  20. No artificial grasses are cultivated, no enclosures are made, nor is any fodder laid up against the season of scarcity.

  21. She could not go to the clustered village on the left, nor into the saltings on the right, nor even on to the sea-wall where the new rushes and grasses were showing.

  22. The grasses towering above her eyes were a forest.

  23. A hawk soared above her, a perfect thing of sun-brightened grace, the grasses smelled warm and pleasant, and under her beat the happy heart of the summer land.

  24. Following an old and rutted woodland road to the Glade, they passed a Berkshire abandoned farm--a solid house of stone and red timbers, softened by the long grasses that made the orchard a pleasant place.

  25. Not with that hay on yer mug," agreed Mike, casting a sleepy eye upward from where he lay in lazy content in the long, sweet grasses under the butternut tree.

  26. A wind stole softly by, rustling the tall grasses and swaying the tree tops.

  27. Let violets be born, Let leaves and grasses sprout, And children wander out, garlands to twine.

  28. They sing a song of which the following is a free translation: Let earth herself adorn With grasses and fresh flowers, And let cold hearts, these hours, in love's fire burn.

  29. She picks out a sunny hillside among high grasses and bushes for the nest, so that the rain will flow off and not flood it, and because that here the cows are not so likely to trample, nor the plow and mowing-machine to come.

  30. I stand alone upon the crest of a breeze-kissed hill, listening to the moan and whisper of the wind sighing through the grasses at my feet, or the notes of a meadow lark, thrilling and sweet, as it flits by.

  31. On the south the level prairie melted away into the limitless distance, clothed in the tender grasses and flowers of early spring-time, while on every hand stretched away the horizon-bound prairies of the Western plains.

  32. In farmer-like manner the ground upon which it stands is carefully divested of all other grasses and weeds during the time it is growing.

  33. From the porch we stood gazing out at the whitening rain that blotted all save the nearer landscape, and the smell of wet, midsummer grasses will always be associated with the poignancy of that moment.

  34. After a rain its swollen waters were turbid, opaque yellow-red with the clay of the hills; at other times it ran smoothly, temperately, almost clear between the pasture grasses and wild flowers.

  35. A tribe of plants answering to the English sedges; they are distinguished from grasses by their stems being solid, and generally triangular, instead of being hollow and round.

  36. In South America also arborescent grasses abound in the dense forests of Chiloe, in lat.

  37. The order of plants to which grasses belong.

  38. As I walked, or rather, trotted along, it did just that, and in the growing warmth of the day the sweet fragrances of the many various grasses rose to the surface, delighting my odor perceiving sensors with their earthy simplicity.

  39. The trees on Daem are taller and stronger than any known before, the grasses are thicker and livelier, the waters are purer and cleaner, the wind is fresher.

  40. From the sun's lowly position on the eastern horizon, it was evident to me that the new day was just dawning, casting a golden hue on the grasses that covered the prairie's surface.

  41. For the ferns and grasses it will be found worth while to consult: "How to Know the Ferns.

  42. Bending down the tips of the rushes they somehow manage to weave them, with the weeds and grasses they bring, into a bulky ball suspended between the rushes and firmly attached to them.

  43. On a May morning, when buttercups spangle the fresh grasses in the meadows, he rises from their midst into the air with the merriest frolic of a song you ever heard.

  44. Usually they go to sleep among the reeds and grasses in a favourite marsh where the bands return year after year; but some prefer trees.

  45. THE MARSH WREN Hidden among the tall grasses and reeds along the creeks and rivers, lives the long-billed marsh wren, a nervous, active little creature that you know at a glance.

  46. While we sat within a few feet of the tree, both birds would carry into it fine twigs and grasses for the foundation of the nest and, later, long horse hairs which they coiled around and around to form a lining.

  47. She keeps well concealed among the grasses where her grassy nest is almost impossible to find, especially if it be partly arched over at the top.

  48. Twigs, leaves and grasses form the rude cradle for the eggs, and, as a final touch of devotion, the mother bird plucks feathers from her own soft breast for the eggs to lie in.

  49. In one side of this green grassy globe they leave an entrance through which to carry the finer grasses for the lining and the down from last season's bursted cat-tails.

  50. Every time she saw a little hump of dead leaves or twigs and grasses her heart bounded with hope, but on closer examination she found no nest at all.

  51. The nest chamber, approximately nine inches in diameter and six inches below the surface of the ground "was filled with grasses packed in a layer-like formation.

  52. The nest cell, seven inches in diameter and nine inches below the surface of the ground, "was lined with grasses mixed with much rabbit and mouse fur.

  53. Tender grasses were thrusting their tiny blades from under last year's leaves and here and there the woodland's pale-green carpet was enriched with masses of varying colours where wild flowers were bursting into bloom.

  54. The wolves were big handsome creatures with thick fluffy coats that waved like tall grasses in a strong breeze as they bounded along.

  55. Grasses enter largely into the construction of all the nests.

  56. The external portions of these nests were composed almost entirely of long, coarse strips of bark loosely interwoven with a few dry grasses and stems of plants.

  57. On the second day the work continued and the "rim consisted of plant fibers and grasses woven partly into the original down but mostly into the sides and around the top.

  58. Within it is a more elaborately interwoven structure of finer dry grasses and mosses.

  59. It was made of dead grasses and leaves, deeply imbedded in the moss of the hummock, and was lined with finer grasses and hairs.

  60. Above this a lining of much finer rootlets, leaf-stems, and very fine grasses was used.

  61. The female was now bringing large loads of a mixture of grasses and plant fibers and working at a rate of about one trip every four minutes.

  62. He describes a typical nest as follows: "Plant fibers, dry grasses and a few very small weed-stalks were all neatly woven together to form the walls of the nest.

  63. The nest was now partially surrounded with woven plant fibers and grasses with a slight formation of a rim.

  64. Horses, no doubt, lived upon grasses and the like when they cared for themselves.

  65. His neck and jaw grew longer as he was obliged to reach lower and lower down to bite off the wiry grasses of the plain.

  66. With the forest behind him, Mog trotted across the narrow ribbon of grasses to the lip of the almost vertical cliff overlooking the tree-filled valley below.

  67. An hour later he was crossing the narrow belt of grasses bordering the precipice overlooking a forest-filled valley.

  68. There was no sound but that of the rustling grasses stirring lazily in the early evening breeze from the east.

  69. In response a half-score of men rose from the tall grasses nearby.

  70. And then he was parting the rank grasses from above the motionless body of a boy, lying there face down.

  71. A line of broken grasses began where the game path ended.

  72. Not daring to follow further, he watched her take an empty gourd from its hiding place in a clump of grasses and set about filling it with rich, red fruit from a cluster of low bushes.

  73. As he did so there was a quick stir in the tangled grasses near his hand and Sleeza, the snake, struck savagely at his fingers.

  74. Feeding a short distance from the balance of his charges, he lifted his head from time to time to stare intently across the wind-stirred grasses to the east.

  75. There were soft grasses and growing things about him.

  76. They were perhaps a third of the way across the open ground, when Tharn, in the lead, halted abruptly, his eyes on a section of the grasses some hundred yards ahead.

  77. A young man, clad only in an animal skin about his middle, had leaped from a clump of grasses less than twenty yards from the fleeing herd.

  78. Here, Mog had gone down beneath Sadu; a few paces away were the broken grasses where Alurna had been tossed.

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