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Example sentences for "buttercups"

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  1. But the sweet summer swallows sing on the branches; they do not see the wallowing animal, they see only the sunshine and the summer, golden buttercups and blue sky.

  2. As the grass is so safe from intrusion, one of the earliest buttercups flowers here.

  3. So that the bird came upon me unexpectedly out from the shadow of the trees that overhang the water, past me, and on into the sunshine over the buttercups and sorrel of the field.

  4. Now the grass is so high the flowers are lost under it; even the buttercups are overtopped; and soon as the young apples take form and shape white bramble-bloom will cover the bushes by the palings.

  5. The herbage, too, was gay with flowers, as gay as an English meadow save that for daisies there were patches of tall arums and lilies, and for buttercups a superb golden-belled campanula.

  6. There are no gowans or buttercups or heather, to blazon it like a spring meadow or an August moorland.

  7. For some five minutes or so he leant at the little casement window, gazing at the gold of the buttercups seen through a blurred mist of rain.

  8. It looked on to a tiny vegetable garden, in much the same state of neglect as the front garden, and was separated from a field yellow with buttercups by a low hawthorn hedge.

  9. For they came to a stream and her fairy lover Caught at her hand and swung her over, And the broad wet buttercups laughed and gilded Their golden knees in the deep sweet clover.

  10. The buttercups are beautiful, still they are buttercups every day.

  11. I will trim my hat with seaweed and buttercups together, and we will go out on the beach to-night and get some gold and silver shells to dress mon miroir.

  12. Madame de Frontignac stood in a fresh white wrapper, with a few buttercups in her hair, waiting for the breakfast.

  13. Then Debby said her prayers like any pious child, and lay down to dream of pulling buttercups with Baby Bess, and singing in the twilight on her father's knee.

  14. So I just pressed these buttercups that grew by the gate of Anne Hathaway's cottage.

  15. Cousin Carl gave me a photograph of the cottage, and I fastened the buttercups here on the side.

  16. And buttercups grew on each inch of ground, No room for a pin could between be found, They gathered, and gathered, you may be bound, Till pinafores all were loaded!

  17. They laughed for they lay, gather'd flow'rs in each hand, Mid buttercups sweet as in Buttercup Land!

  18. She ate honey from the flowers, and drank dew out of the golden buttercups and danced and sang the livelong day.

  19. Down under the mud the old toad was very busy, decking the best room with buttercups and buds of water-lilies to make it gay for her little daughter-in-law, Thumbelina.

  20. Slowly, as was their wont, they crossed among the constellations of buttercups and daisies, and entered the fernery.

  21. Far-off a cuckoo called; a wood-pigeon was cooing from the first elm-tree in the field, and how the daisies and buttercups had sprung up after the last mowing!

  22. We watch the grass growing taller and taller, till the buttercups no longer tower above it, and the orchids die away.

  23. Buttercups are there which send a golden light over your chin if you hold them near enough, buttercups, and dandelions, and purple thistles, and wild orchids.

  24. Come, Miss Stoneleigh," he used to say, "have a run down amongst the buttercups and daisies.

  25. I want you to hear little Cobweb sing `Buttercups and Daisies.

  26. So now, I think the buttercups And daisies in the green Are jewels from the treasure-store Of the kind Fairy Queen.

  27. At break of day I hurried down, To gather them with care; Yet nought I saw but buttercups And daisies lying there.

  28. The fields were gay with buttercups and daisies, and wild roses nodded shyly at him from the briers along the roadside.

  29. Her hat was a big, flapping affair, covered with buttercups and daisies.

  30. Buttercups and daisies, Violets and May, Pimpernels and cowslips, Make a sweet bouquet.

  31. I love,' said a Beetle, 'The Buttercups all.

  32. Well, there was no doubt a time when every blossom had both stamens and pistil, as dog-roses and buttercups always have.

  33. Not the smallest trace of gold, even in the buttercups themselves, was to be seen.

  34. Before going out she had with much labor filled the great kettle with water, so now the water was boiling, and she had only to put the buttercups in and put the cover on.

  35. In five minutes she was out on the lawn, with a huge basket beside her, pulling away at the buttercups with might and main.

  36. The big buttercups grow in yellow bunches by the brink.

  37. But the Asters worked bravely, so did the Clovers and Buttercups and the Pitcher-plant kept open house with the old-fashioned hospitality one so seldom sees nowadays.

  38. Quite a shout went up from all the Asters; and the late Clovers and Buttercups joined in it, for they were honest, sensible flowers, and liked fair play.

  39. The acid of the pretty wood-sorrel is a poison, so nothing will eat it; and the buttercups growing in meadows are untouched by cattle, because of the poison in their leaves and stems.

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