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Example sentences for "crowbar"

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croupy; crouse; croustades; croutons; crow; crowbars; crowberry; crowd; crowded; crowding
  1. And take this beastly crowbar with you, too.

  2. Unfortunately I was obliged to release the somewhat cumbersome crowbar I had been carrying about with me, and it dropped with a sullen thwack upon my toes.

  3. The old man let the crowbar fall to his side, his jaw dropped, and he stood in a stooping position, staring.

  4. He picked up the rope and crowbar slowly, and in a dazed, blinded way, that, in her agony of impatience and alarm, seemed protracted to cruel infinity.

  5. He raised his eyes to hers, and then, with a sudden cry, dropped the rope and crowbar he was carrying, and reeled against the wall.

  6. Firstly the shovel had been smuggled from the coal cellar and secreted in a corner of the yard behind the ash barrel together with an iron crowbar to use as a lever and an empty sack to aid in the removal of the treasure.

  7. Captain Pegg inserted the crowbar in a wide crack between the fourth and fifth boards, then we all pressed our full weight upon it with a "Yo heave ho, my hearties!

  8. Sergeant, give some one else that lantern; take a man with you up there by the gun, and bring back a crowbar or two, and one of the engineers' picks.

  9. You haven't brought a crowbar to move the stone.

  10. The bed removed and the lamp lighted, the prisoner lay flat on the floor, crowbar in hand, and furnished with a napkin alongside in which to collect the fragments as they were chipped out.

  11. Whereupon Casanova with his crowbar proceeded to dig a hole by the roadside.

  12. Casanova begged the gaoler to buy him a new folio edition of the Vulgate, just published, and the volume was procured in the hopes that the crowbar might be concealed in the back of the binding.

  13. The crowbar was then wrapped in paper and stowed in the back of the book, care being taken that it should project only an inch on either side.

  14. The man was under great obligations to Casanova, who fiercely resented this cruel treatment and at once adopted a menacing tone, crowbar in hand.

  15. The crowbar was of no avail in removing the bars.

  16. Balbi brought with him the crowbar and a pair of scissors with which Soradaci immediately trimmed the angel’s overgrown beard and next used his skill as a barber upon Casanova.

  17. Thy sledge and crowbar take, And pry me up that stone, or break; Now fill that rut upon the other side.

  18. At last, by sheer impatience bold, The man a crowbar seizes, His idol breaks in pieces, And finds it richly stuff'd with gold.

  19. Now, observe; continue driving the end of the crowbar straight into this hole until you have made it about nine or ten inches deep; that will be sufficient.

  20. I'm sure mineralogy is not," retorted Prose, throwing down his crowbar from exhaustion.

  21. With your crowbar you have knocked it in the head.

  22. At half-past five in the evening the cook at the boarding-house sounded a prolonged alarm upon a crowbar bent in the form of a triangle, that hung upon the porch of the boarding-house.

  23. They brought me a crowbar and I set to the task by beginning to unpave the street.

  24. He began to pick up the intermediate space, but the crowbar was heavy, fell out of his hands and struck me on the leg.

  25. He wore neither coat nor waistcoat, his sleeves were rolled up, he had a crowbar in one hand, and a heavy hammer in the other.

  26. Carlton worked upon them with the cold-chisel first, the crowbar next, and finally with his naked fingers, removing the stones with immense care, and very deliberately dropping each into its own bed in the long grass outside.

  27. The corporal and the baron were exerting all their strength to fix the crowbar securely in a crevice of the rock.

  28. With the view of verifying his conjectures, Bavois passed the cord round about the crowbar and pulled at it with all his strength.

  29. As he spoke he drew from under his long overcoat a strong iron crowbar and a small vial of brandy, both of which he laid upon the bed.

  30. He fixed his crowbar firmly in a crevice of the rock, seated himself, braced his feet against the bar, threw his shoulders well back, and then feeling that his position was secure he bid the baron let himself down.

  31. It occurred to him that it would not be a bad idea to drive this crowbar into the bottom of the grave which he had dug, in order to ascertain if there was anything within its reach.

  32. Once out, his eyes fell on a stout iron crowbar which was standing among the other tools, such an implement as is used to make holes in the earth wherein to set hurdles and stakes.

  33. Sikes, invoking terrific imprecations upon Fagin's head for sending Oliver on such an errand, plied the crowbar vigorously, but with little noise.

  34. Toby: fastening a small crowbar to a loop inside the skirt of his coat.

  35. The vaqueros were just moaning for blood, the Guards turned loose to celebrate their victory with more drinks, and while the row was enough to drown artillery, Jim's crowbar drove a brick which fell outside the wall.

  36. I dropped a crowbar through the window-hole.

  37. The guards will be full curious when they hear the crowbar thumping.

  38. Late that evening, towards midnight, a crowbar dropped down through the window-gap in the wall, and Jim began to labour out a hole for their escape.

  39. Why had Worth gone to the shed hunting a crowbar to open the door?

  40. Make way for my crowbar and we'll get in out of the wet.

  41. He sticks a crowbar into the earth, noting how the frost disappears from day to day.

  42. Isak is sitting down, holding the crowbar between his knees, and resting on it like a staff.

  43. Isak could not understand what there was to make such a fuss about; but he had his own ideas, no doubt, and off he went to the edge of the wood, with crowbar and pick, and fell to working at a stone.

  44. Isak stands still with his crowbar in hand; this was news, and good news, the best that could be.

  45. They found old Bonypart at last, picked clean by hungry crows, But no one knew how Crowbar died -- the soul of Marshall knows!

  46. He'd scarcely closed his quiet eyes or drawn a sleeping breath -- They say that Crowbar slept no more until he slept in death.

  47. We tramped till dark, and tried to track the pack-horse on the sands, And just at daylight Crowbar came with Milroy's station hands.

  48. We took the track and followed back where Crowbar followed fate, We found a dead man in the scrub -- but 'twas not Crowbar's mate.

  49. The dam went dry at Dingo Creek, and we were driven back, And none dared face the Ninety Mile when Crowbar took the track.

  50. But now, talking of open vaults, have you brought the crowbar to force the door, sir?

  51. And they went and inserted the crowbar between the grating and the stonework, and wrenched with all their united strength; but their efforts availed nothing, even to move the door.

  52. Dan, jumping up, seizing the crowbar and poising it over Dick's head.

  53. By the aid of the crowbar Dick pried the stone loose from its setting in the ground.

  54. It was Tom Reade, who, just as Mr. Fits started forward, and was still moving, thrust the crowbar between his legs.

  55. Dan brought the crowbar and quietly handed it to his chum.

  56. Tom Reade now raised the crowbar once more, standing where he could aim at the fellow's head.

  57. Dick picked up the crowbar and Greg the lantern.

  58. The crowbar and pick will, in such cases, very quickly enable the traveller to deepen it sufficiently to meet his temporary needs.

  59. A crowbar or two will be found very useful for lifting out broken pieces of stone, &c.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "crowbar" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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