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  1. She lived to see a numerous progeny of the fifth generation, and at her death there were living children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren to the number of 121.

  2. Keppel, fifth son of the Earl of Albemarle.

  3. They must strike before Don Miguel de Espinosa received the reenforcement of that fifth galleon, the Santo Nino, which was coming to join him from La Guayra.

  4. Cussy could make it one fifth there was no more to be said.

  5. Is it impossible to award us the one-fifth share?

  6. For one fifth of the prizes, the officers would answer for their men; not for less.

  7. They demand to know when this sharing of the spoil is to take place, and when they are to receive the fifth for which their articles provide.

  8. Cussy has exceeded his instructions in admitting you to one fifth of the prizes taken.

  9. He added that should they delay their departure, he would so soon as he was reenforced by a fifth ship, the Santo Nino, on its way to join him from La Guayra, himself come inside to seek them at Maracaybo.

  10. I do not forget, for instance, as you appear to be doing, that the articles we signed are the condition of our service; and the articles provide that we receive one-fifth share.

  11. Accordingly on this, the fifth night, Lopez was close behind the Emperor, and both were within a day of the capital, and less than a day ahead of Driscoll, Jacqueline and Ney.

  12. This was the fifth day of their journey since leaving MurguĂ­a's hacienda.

  13. With the Fifth Lancers under Colonel Mendez, the best of the few native regiments in the field, he had been assisting at a manner of pacification.

  14. After deducting the fifth part for their Catholic majesties, he divided all the rest among the people who had been employed in the expedition, giving one of those crowns or coronets to the lieutenant in token of victory.

  15. On the twenty-fifth June he discovered the island de Sal, one of the Cape Verdes, and passing it he came to another very improperly named Bona vista, which signifies good prospect, yet the place is dull and wretched.

  16. This date is assuredly erroneous, as we afterwards learn that nothing had been finally settled with Portugal on the fifth of September.

  17. When they came to pay the fifth for the copper axes, which they had bought for gold, they were much confused on finding them rusty.

  18. But the Spaniards both defrauded the crown of the fifth part of the pearls, and abused and destroyed the Lucayans, so that the fishery fell much off.

  19. The worst part of the business was, that we assigned him a fifth part at all the gold which might be acquired, after deducting the share belonging to the king.

  20. Except the fifth elegy, which is tainted with immodesty, the others, particularly the first, are highly beautiful, and may be placed in competition with any other productions of the elegiac kind.

  21. Nor did he enter upon them all at Rome, but upon the fourth in Asia, the fifth in the Isle of Samos, and the eighth and ninth at Tarragona.

  22. On the fifth circle when I stood at large, A race appear'd before me, on the ground All downward lying prone and weeping sore.

  23. These figures include men up to the forty-fifth year.

  24. The Turks do not regard a foetus as being really alive until after the fifth month, and have no scruple in causing its abortion.

  25. The same may be said of men between the twenty-first and twenty-fifth year of age, the great majority of whom are unable to support a family, while women of this age are all marriageable.

  26. In the torrid zones it sets in as early as the ninth or tenth year, and sometimes one meets women of that age with their first babes in their arms; but they are faded when they have attained their twenty-fifth or thirtieth year.

  27. All those women are enfranchised who have attained their twenty-fifth year and who have an annual income of at least 225 dollars in the cities (less in rural districts), or whose husbands pay the required amount of taxes.

  28. In the fifth century the Salic law repealed the right of inheritance of women to patrimonial estates.

  29. Public opinion in general maintains, that men should not marry until they have attained their twenty-fourth or twenty-fifth year of life.

  30. Of the remaining one-fifth of our mothers again only a small minority are able to enjoy the care and the comforts that should be bestowed upon every woman in this condition.

  31. In other words, of the men who marry after their thirtieth year every one would have had gonorrhoea twice, and every fourth or fifth one would be inflicted with syphilis.

  32. Two others were Jewish girls from Blossom Street, and the fifth was a little German from Roxbury, a special friend of Gretchen's.

  33. I ascended into the dressing-room, I think they called it, in the upper story, where there was a piece containing one twenty-fifth of an acre of lace undergoing a fearful operation for a human constitution to sustain.

  34. The fifth Earl of Berkeley, who died in 1810, had always declared that any one might without disgrace be overcome by superior numbers, but that he would never surrender to a single highwayman.

  35. But in the process of development it became usual to find a new word for the end of the fifth line, thus at once securing a threefold rhyme and introducing the element of unexpectedness, instead of inevitableness, into the conclusion.

  36. My fifth journey over the Apennines--dull of course.

  37. After his death a duodecimo edition was put forth, very beautifully illustrated; and this has been followed by a fifth edition lately published, with new embellishments, by Mr. Virtue.

  38. In the fifth was a portrait, by an unknown artist, of Olivia Waldachini, the favorite and sister-in-law of Pope Innocent X.

  39. I found that the immense crowd in the Salle des Marechals was but about one fifth of the assembly.

  40. In going out of the gates of Milan, we met a cart full of peasants, tied together and guarded by gens d'armes, the fifth sight of the kind that has crossed us since we passed the Austrian border.

  41. One is Cornelia, who was the fifth wife of Pompey the Great; the other is Clodia, the sister of Clodius the Turbulent.

  42. What a moving scene is that in the fifth elegy of the first book!

  43. It is estimated that at one time no less than one-fifth of the population of Rome was in a condition of compulsory servitude.

  44. This made the fifth time that Sylla had wedded.

  45. It was on the fifth day of ---- that I was known to be Ann Withers, and the daughter of my supposed nurse.

  46. Yet these 1012 women are only about one-fifth of the professional prostitutes in Chicago.

  47. It is like asking why Athens in the Fifth Century B.

  48. Recollect that Venice ceased to be free in the year 1796, the fifth year of the French republic; and you will perceive that there never was prediction more pointed, or more exactly followed by the event.

  49. The fifth column is said to be the one to which Bonivard was chained during four years.

  50. It was as if he himself were the fifth little pig, and as if the wind were the wolf.

  51. The Governor and Company of the English colonists of Connecticut are to hold "the same of his Majesty, his heirs and successors as of the manor of East Greenwich in free and common soccage, yielding the fifth part of all gold or silver ore.

  52. The fourth lord was a hanger-on of Frederick, Prince of Wales, while the fifth to hold the title was a notorious profligate.

  53. Cannot Natural Selection, Struggle for Existence, Variability and Survival of the Fittest, between them, furnish a fifth class of vertebrates?

  54. It was Jack who finally stirred herself from her dumb gloom to take up that fifth and carry it out of the room.

  55. So they waited the meal and each from time to time stole a glance at the fifth plate where Bud should sit.

  56. FIFTH WEEK I left my garden for a week, just at the close of the dry spell.

  57. FIFTH STUDY I I wish I could fitly celebrate the joyousness of the New England winter.

  58. For the Lower Fifth was certainly the refuge of many weather-beaten mariners.

  59. The Sixth, the Army class and the Upper Fifth were all supposed to be preparing for some future paper.

  60. During his two years in the Lower Fifth Mansell never once spent more than five minutes learning his "rep," yet on no occasion did he get less than twelve out of twenty.

  61. Gordon was fifth in the House; and, good Lord, that amazing ass Rudd was a prefect, and second in the House!

  62. No, we want French, jolly few cribs to be got of Daudet that are any use to the Lower Fifth .

  63. Of course the Third works the whole time, while the Fifth just writes the translation between the lines and then plays barge cricket.

  64. Gordon announced this fact as the Lower Fifth were pretending to prepare for the exam.

  65. The average boy has probably read all the poetry he will ever read terms before he ever reaches the Fifth Form.

  66. Lovelace major had passed into Sandhurst at his fifth attempt, and Armour would take his place as house captain.

  67. No one who has ever been through the Upper Fifth at Fernhurst would have the slightest difficulty in writing a character sketch of any English king, even though he might never have read a chapter about him.

  68. The Fifth is trusted to work, so it can spend school hours in its studies.

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