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inclosed; incloses; inclosing; inclosure; inclosures; included; includes; includeth; including; inclusion
  1. My arrangements," he stated quietly, "did not include useless running around.

  2. I do not include foul balls, of which six line drives went near third base.

  3. It is through intimate contact with these fundamental conceptions, worked out with such infinite pain and patience, that the individual experience is broadened to include the experience of the race.

  4. It seemed best to include all the important renderings of these stories, and leave the teacher to choose among them for his class.

  5. But don't you think the education of a young lady should include some little experience of traveling?

  6. We cannot be otherwise than agreed that this love and this gift were for all, and so must include my poor China.

  7. Sidenote: Maps] The maps might ultimately include the following features, every one of which is to be found in the maps of one or another of the progressive cities of this country and Europe, and many of them in all.

  8. Subject, therefore, to the conclusions of the Flood Commission, a satisfactory development of the Pittsburgh wharf may be expected to include the following features.

  9. Mr. Thomas Hutchinson's belief that they are Lamb's, added to that of their discoverer, leads me to include them confidently here.

  10. The connection of cotton-raising and its raw material is too close to risk a manufacturing trust that does not include practical control of the raw material.

  11. Then he rode to town, and told Taylor again of his fears of a labor movement which would include whites and blacks.

  12. For that reason we're planning a trust to include the raising and manufacturing of cotton in America.

  13. The plan of this book does not include the wonderful stories of the Old Testament, which are easy of access to any teacher and may be used as experience directs.

  14. All such men as these one might include in the category of traitors with perfect reasonableness.

  15. The sour Cherries include the various kinds of Morellos and pie Cherries, and these usually ripen after the sweet Cherries.

  16. The sucking Insects include all the kinds of plant lice, the squash bug and all the scale Insects.

  17. I'd admire to include him," murmured Denver.

  18. In this sense we may include by far the larger portions of these vespers among Mozart's great works.

  19. His compositions include over one hundred published opus numbers, the most pretentious probably being his Choral Concerto.

  20. They include scales, arpeggios, and other forms of exercises in special technical designs.

  21. We shall thus include in a single chapter all that relates to principal or accessory openings, to doors and their construction, to those loftily placed windows which were calculated to give so little light.

  22. These, however, include the epical compositions of Theocritus, who might well have assumed a different manner when treating of Hercules or the Dioscuri from that in which he sang the loves of Lycidas and Daphnis.

  23. Not, as Bacon asserted, has time borne down upon his flood the froth and trash of things; far rather may we thank fate that the flotsam and the jetsam that have reached our shore include the best works of antiquity.

  24. By science here and elsewhere, when used without a qualifying epithet, I mean to include what is also known as philosophy.

  25. I may here pause in the historical narrative to say a few words about the personal history of Lamartine, which, indeed, will include all that history has to say concerning the Second Republic.

  26. It was evident that if he would secure the out-of-doors support of Boulanger's popularity, his ministry must include Boulanger.

  27. Grévy should be retained as president, and promised that his party in the Chamber would support any ministry which should include General Boulanger, and of which he should be virtually the head.

  28. The total balances include the working balances in the innumerable District Treasuries all over India and the sums already deposited with the Presidency Banks.

  29. The speculative business of estimating the future of silver is best left to experts in the matter, even though the price ultimately paid has to include some commission to them for their services or their foresight.

  30. I include all the other Banks given in my first group (see p.

  31. On the one hand, these balances are even weaker than they look, because they include the Exchange Banks’ balances at the Presidency Banks.

  32. This does not include the funds held abroad on account of the Russian Treasury.

  33. With insects it is now known that the numerous facets on the cornea of their great compound eyes form true lenses, and that the cones include curiously modified nervous filaments.

  34. Several families of crustaceans include a few species, possessing an air-breathing apparatus and fitted to live out of the water.

  35. Again, islands often possess trees or bushes belonging to orders which elsewhere include only herbaceous species; now trees, as Alph.

  36. In one sense the conditions of life may be said, not only to cause variability, either directly or indirectly, but likewise to include natural selection, for the conditions determine whether this or that variety shall survive.

  37. Altogether no less than ten genera are enumerated, which include species that imitate other butterflies.

  38. Consequently the groups which are now large, and which generally include many dominant species, tend to go on increasing in size.

  39. Some hawks and owls bolt their prey whole, and after an interval of from twelve to twenty hours, disgorge pellets, which, as I know from experiments made in the Zoological Gardens, include seeds capable of germination.

  40. We must be cautious in attempting to correlate as strictly contemporaneous two formations, which do not include many identical species, by the general succession of the forms of life.

  41. An organ for vision must be formed of transparent tissue, and must include some sort of lens for throwing an image at the back of a darkened chamber.

  42. The expenses included in the statement of cost of haulage include all working expenses, repairs, general management, and depreciation.

  43. The streams spoken of have their beginning in the lofty grounds which intervene between Rochdale and Cliviger, and include aspiring Thieveley Pike.

  44. The city on the Palatine had been extended so as to include the town of the Sabines or Quirites on the neighbouring Quirinal hill, before the first king, who was born in the Sabine country, was called to rule the Romans.

  45. Maybe your honir would Include her in the Bail--the lord sees it would be Charatey.

  46. When I mention monstrosities I include numerous other apparent defects besides.

  47. We are agreed that physical evil is simply displeasure and under that heading I include pain, grief, and every other kind of discomfort.

  48. And I am somewhat inclined to think that the gifted author of the letter does not greatly differ in opinion from me, although he seems to include all modalities among the realities of which he declares God to be the sole cause.

  49. One does not include among the disorders inequality of conditions, and M.

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