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Example sentences for "displeasure"

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displease; displeased; displeases; displeaseth; displeasing; displeasures; disport; disporte; disported; disporting
  1. Tyrconnel at the news of this was said to have burnt his wig, as an indication of his displeasure with the townsmen's proceedings.

  2. Annoyed at their breach of manners, the marquis had not however committed himself to displeasure ere he spied a joke: 'I told you so, mistress Dorothy!

  3. Rowland on the other hand was inclined to attribute the mishap to the displeasure of lord Herbert, whose supernatural acquirements, he thought, had enabled him both to discover and punish their intrusion.

  4. Divine displeasure is directed against all "who confess not His hand in all things, and obey not His commandments.

  5. Then Balin told his brother of all that had happened at Camelot, and of the displeasure of the king, and that he had determined to win Arthur's favor at the risk of his life.

  6. And during the whole year he was always meek and mild, and gave no cause for displeasure to man or child.

  7. Estelle Hagerup boldly risked the good lady's displeasure by declaring that at least half must be left behind, and herself undertook to separate the sheep from the goats by weeding out all but the indispensable articles.

  8. John eyed the strangers with a displeasure for which he could not account at once, and saw, in the ancient lady, the bridesmaid Lord Henry had so unwillingly admitted to that distinction.

  9. I did not moot the question yesterday, although the circumstance which aroused my displeasure occurred the day before.

  10. At the risk of your father's displeasure I took Maggie to visit Susy Collins the other night.

  11. Was there nothing equivocal on which he may ground his displeasure should he be told that I am here?

  12. Anselm was now enthroned at Canterbury, and his appointment could not be revoked; but the King was quick to show his displeasure at the new Archbishop.

  13. On the appointed day he diligently calls on the crows, who represent the spirits of ancestors, to come and eat the food which he places ready for them; and if no crow turns up, he is disturbed at having incurred the displeasure of the dead.

  14. It was unfortunate, in a way, that he had a considerable fortune of his own, and could snap his fingers at the displeasure of his relatives, if they presumed to show it.

  15. But so they did also to the other priests whose business it was to scorn the possibility of failure, and to deny the displeasure of the Gods.

  16. Without shewing the least displeasure at these angry words, Tom took his leave; and the old woman now addressed herself in good earnest to the task of preparing the cordial for the young stranger.

  17. There was a sanctified displeasure in his tone, as he spoke of Nancy.

  18. This circumstance, while it froze in the bud every available objection to her course, quelled none of the displeasure that was felt at her woman's perversity.

  19. Longchamp yielded under protest, threatening the displeasure of the king, and was allowed to escape to the continent.

  20. As human creatures, fallen under the displeasure of a despot with a judicial power of torture to enforce his investigations, even they claimed some compassion.

  21. Is her son determined to submit to this, and to all the tediousness of the many years of suspense in which it may involve you, rather than run the risk of her displeasure for a while by owning the truth?

  22. And yet I do assure you," replied Lucy, her little sharp eyes full of meaning, "there seemed to me to be a coldness and displeasure in your manner that made me quite uncomfortable.

  23. I don't believe that any such displeasure is likely to interfere.

  24. She knows the honour that has been done me by Colonel Hubert, and knows too, that nothing but the fear of your displeasure could have made me hesitate to accept it; .

  25. The soup is upon the table," said Herr von Osternau, who had observed this little scene with some displeasure and was in a hurry to cut it short.

  26. During breakfast, when the Ernaus were discussed, she was as displeased as I had been by Bertha's cynicism, but her displeasure was only transitory.

  27. It was with reluctance that they gave up the former island to Rome, and they heard with great displeasure the good advice of Flamininus that they should content themselves with their Peloponnesus.

  28. Her sister Agnes soon joined Clara, provoking the stormy displeasure of her father and her uncle, who was savagely cruel in his treatment of this young girl.

  29. So without loss of time he despatched to Rome Philippe de Bresse, afterwards Duke of Savoy, with orders to intimate to the Holy Father his displeasure at this conduct.

  30. He was Monsignore Porcari, dean of the rota, who was charged to communicate to the king the displeasure of the Romans when they learned of the cardinal's breach of faith.

  31. A King's displeasure may cause court-parasites to tremble-- but a People's Honour is more to be guarded than a thousand thrones!

  32. A slight smile cleared away something of the doubt and displeasure on the King's face.

  33. Fleda thought that was a kind of magic remarkably common in the world; but even her displeasure could not give her courage to speak.

  34. Mr. Carleton was silent a moment; and when he spoke there was no displeasure and more tenderness than usual in his voice.

  35. Deliver over all your displeasure upon me when anything goes wrong--I will be the conductor to carry it off safely into the kitchen and discharge it just at that point where I think it will do most execution.

  36. One day at breakfast Mr. Rossitur had expressed his impatient displeasure at that of Miss Elster's manufacture.

  37. You shall wreak your displeasure on no one but me," he said smiling.

  38. Fleda was the only third party present, and Charlton unwittingly allowing himself to meet her eye received a look of keen displeasure that he was not prepared for.

  39. Charlton's displeasure with the existing state of things had revived as his remorse died away, and that quiet face did not have a quieting effect upon him.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "displeasure" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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