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Example sentences for "disillusionment"

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  1. Now, so far as the insurrection of labour goes, American conditions differ from European, and the process of disillusionment will probably follow a different course.

  2. The disillusionment about marriage which had discovered Trafford a thwarted, overworked, and worried man, had revealed Marjorie with time on her hands, superabundant imaginative energy, and no clear intimation of any occupation.

  3. Undine felt herself trapped, deceived; and it was intolerable that the agent of her disillusionment should presume to be the critic of her conduct.

  4. The change had come gradually, marked by one disillusionment after another; but there had been one moment that formed the point beyond which there was no returning.

  5. A part of the severe disillusionment following marriage, depends upon the lack of normal sexual sensibility in the wife; and it is by no means improbable that this state depends in some cases upon the education received in girlhood.

  6. There was a life's disillusionment in the question.

  7. Indeed, she had fancied that he returned the feeling, but disillusionment had come on the evening when he had unexpectedly met Evelyn.

  8. I've met with the same disillusionment here as I did in British Columbia.

  9. Disillusionment would be swift and final: Clare never forgave a bore.

  10. Elsbeth, not unused to disillusionment and hopes deferred, could sigh and smile and acquiesce, knowing it for the phase that it was and forgiving Alwynne in advance.

  11. It was not a disillusionment on the part of the Chinese officials in connection with their foreign expert, but a disillusionment on his part in regard to his real position and opportunities for accomplishing something for China.

  12. There is an air of realism and disillusionment about this position, which makes it attractive to those idealists who wish to think themselves cynics.

  13. The war has left throughout Europe a mood of disillusionment and despair which calls aloud for a new religion, as the only force capable of giving men the energy to live vigorously.

  14. At the same time he had become convinced that Folco had deceived him, for some reason or other which he could not guess, and the knowledge was the first serious disillusionment of his life.

  15. It is true that where there has been no enthusiastic belief there can be no despairing disillusionment when the light goes out; but it is truer still that hope and happiness are the children of faith by the ideal.

  16. Abuse did not merit respect; however, it swept the disillusionment from my mind regarding the idolization of an individual for his age or his popularity, for too often an individual was placed on a pedestal, only to evoke disappointment.

  17. No less persecutory than any totalitarian regime, these mass media are ominous symptoms of the social malaise of disillusionment with the realities of life and with more institutionalized modes of expression.

  18. One should hope that the disillusionment of the West is near.

  19. As these unpleasant truths emerge, the bitterness, resentment and disillusionment will grow and a backlash will develop.

  20. He cleverly thrusts at them the double edge of their own disillusionment and disappointment.

  21. And yet something real enough in the world--unmorality let off its chain, disillusionment on the prowl!

  22. V 1 It was not quite disillusionment that Pierson felt while he walked away.

  23. This feeling that to be alive was unworthy of him when so many of his flock had made the last sacrifice, was reinforced by his domestic tragedy and the bitter disillusionment it had brought.

  24. There are moments of disillusionment in the lives of men from which the sensitive recorder shrinks.

  25. The English type of disillusionment was familiar enough to Winifred, who had always moved in fashionable circles.

  26. Disillusionment is not welcome to a woman's heart; the less welcome when it is disillusionment with self as much as with another.

  27. XI Returning the next afternoon from the first ride for several days, Winton passed the station fly rolling away from the drive-gate with the light-hearted disillusionment peculiar to quite empty vehicles.

  28. Some one might have reminded him that emotionally he was very much of a wreck, that her youth had a right to demand its like, that his wearied disillusionment was no match for her fresh, exuberant faith.

  29. Between her ardent faith and his tired disillusionment lay a chasm which was more than a matter of years.

  30. Greater than the disillusionment of war was that of the making of the peace.

  31. There are those who hold our case to be desperate, to whom the disillusionment of peace, after the high optimism engendered by the vast heroism and the exalted ideals instigated by the war, has brought nothing but a mood of deep pessimism.

  32. His own disillusionment had come already; but that of the little old white-haired lady was harder to bear than his own.

  33. There was nothing but disillusionment to which he could look forward.

  34. The time of disillusionment or despair which usually supervenes may, as a rule, be compared with the numbing torpor of winter, necessary doubtless in our human economy, but lacking the charm and vitality of the expansive phase.

  35. Altogether, what a time of disillusionment this was to the young officer.

  36. It was a season of disillusionment in more senses than one; for there he saw for himself the seamy side of Parisian life, and drifted for a brief space about the giddy vortex of the Palais Royal.

  37. Do you think William's disillusionment will be as abrupt as all that?

  38. If, I decided, I could bring about her complete disillusionment my conscience would be at rest.

  39. It may create a feeling of disillusionment about world-unifying efforts.

  40. In addition to disillusionment with the promises of materialism, a force of change undermining the misconceptions about reality that humanity brought into the twenty-first century is global integration.

  41. In addition to disillusionment with the promises of materialism, a.

  42. If one thinks of God as a visible Ghost in heaven, he will overlook many of the essentials until the pitiful disillusionment comes.

  43. The shock of disillusionment when it comes, as it is bound to do, will be tremendous.

  44. Not seldom, he or she loses heart and hope and returns to Ireland mentally and physically a wreck, a sad disillusionment to those who had been comforted in the agony of the leave-taking by the assurance that to emigrate was to succeed.

  45. Those who used the story were not slow to suggest that, had the Bill become law, the failure of spontaneous generation in the Connemara potato patch might have been typical of much analogous disillusionment elsewhere.

  46. The passion for gain had passed among them at last and the trail of disillusionment it had left could not be effaced.

  47. He hesitated, afraid of going further, of finding a sudden disillusionment in the worldly attitude her words implied.

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