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Example sentences for "fiasco"

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  1. And for that desire much of the Mohawk & St. Lawrence fiasco was eventually forgiven it.

  2. English fiasco of the Tobacco Corporation, which not only came to grief itself, but nearly caused a revolution in the country.

  3. And, as Joe had said, the man had not been seen publicly since the fiasco of his attempt to expose Joe's mystery box trick.

  4. And we haven't any reason to suppose that Carfax is, either, after his fiasco in trying to expose my Box of Mystery trick.

  5. In fact Snorky had been considerably puzzled at his roommate's actions after the fiasco of the Mosquito-Proof Socks.

  6. The battle was a tragic fiasco for the Regulators, who fought bravely, but without adequate arms or real leadership.

  7. After the fiasco of his siege of Tipton's home, Sevier had seized upon the renewal of hostilities by the Cherokees as a means of regaining his popularity.

  8. And really, one cannot help agreeing cordially with their lordships, and heartily deploring the loss of so many brave men in a fiasco due to thorough bad management.

  9. This was the theater of the failure of Count de Lesseps, the most stupendous financial fiasco in the history of the world.

  10. But he shows in what a fiasco any such situation would necessarily end.

  11. Howe is on sounder lines when he makes the fiasco an argument in favour of his plan of colonial representation in the Imperial parliament.

  12. Of this fiasco Howe felt, spoke, and wrote very bitterly.

  13. I should like dear Daisy to have something to console her for that terrible fiasco about her Guru.

  14. His nerves on that occasion had been worn to fiddlestrings with all the fuss and fiasco of planning the tableaux, and thus fancying himself in love had been just the last straw.

  15. Unfortunately our influence had sunk to zero since the Oczakoff fiasco of 1791.

  16. The Barton Bridge Temperance Fete fiasco had proved the greatest sensation that the county had ever known.

  17. Richard Little, whom he had met in connection with the Temperance Fete fiasco at Barton Bridge.

  18. The fiasco of Mr. Cleveland's attempt to restore Queen Liliuokalani to her throne was hit off in Judge by a cartoon portraying him as Don Quixote, physically much the worse for wear, as a result of his latest tilt at the Hawaiian windmill.

  19. For the new grouping of mutually jealous factions against a common danger had, in spite of the fiasco of the second Dreyfus case, shown a way to victory.

  20. Moreover, Germany had not got over the Agadir fiasco and was furious with England as well as France.

  21. One need not probe further back in history than to the autumn of 1914 to ascertain the blundering fiasco that was made in that sphere of our alleged activities.

  22. The Greenwater mining-boom fiasco stands in a class by itself as an example of mining-stock pitfalls.

  23. The music was familiar from performances of the work as an oratorio; as an opera it came as near to making a fiasco as a work containing so much good and sound music could.

  24. These things are mentioned thus early in the story so that light may be had from the beginning on the artistic side of the most sensational fiasco ever made by an artist of great distinction in the United States.

  25. After his New York fiasco Signor Mascagni went to Boston, where troubles continued to pile upon him till he was overwhelmed.

  26. Crowds went to see him and he reaped a golden harvest from the credulous, until the grand fiasco came.

  27. But sometimes she failed, and a ludicrous fiasco was the result.

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