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Example sentences for "fibbing"

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fiance; fiancee; fiant; fiasco; fiat; fiber; fibered; fibers; fibre; fibred
  1. The only time women do at all well in fibbing is to each other.

  2. If Shelley believed what he wrote to Leigh Hunt, he was fibbing when he talked to Hogg and others of his cruel father's malignant purpose to shut him up in a lunatic asylum.

  3. If Shelley really believed his father was watching for an opportunity to shut him up in a madhouse, he was fibbing when he wrote to Leigh Hunt, that his father would probably soon retire from parliament in his favour.

  4. She wouldn't have minded his fibbing outright, so much, for then it wouldn't have seemed to come from his nature.

  5. Fibbing a nob is most excellent gig = getting in a quick succession of blows on the head is good fun.

  6. Well, they are fibbing devils if they tell you you are despised.

  7. She knew, but tender creature that she was, she was prepared to do anything short of fibbing to shield her pet from another out-burst.

  8. How easily the old familiar fibbing came to her!

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