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Example sentences for "dissatisfaction"

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disrupted; disrupting; disruption; disruptions; disruptive; dissatisfactions; dissatisfactory; dissatisfied; disse; dissect
  1. Conrad Weiser, the Indian interpreter, in his journal of a conference at Aughwick, stated that the dissatisfaction with the purchase of 1754 was general.

  2. The content of consciousness includes the Will--the unrest of consciousness in its actual situation, a dissatisfaction with its state of inertia, and a movement towards some End.

  3. This conation is an inheritance; it is present in the form of dissatisfaction with the present situation; it moves in the direction of a goal which is marked out by intellect.

  4. The men were deeply moved; some wept like children, others swore like demons, and all partook in the general dissatisfaction of the movement.

  5. So far, sir, the matter may be plain to us, and we run no hazard of doing any thing which may give dissatisfaction to any State in the Union.

  6. It was further, he said, to be noticed, that during the time those services were performing, no dissatisfaction had been manifested by the present memorialists.

  7. Our resources, however, might be made to answer for the support of such a force as that which was intended for the service of the preceding year, and there would be little complaint or dissatisfaction among the people.

  8. And more and more his feelings of dissatisfaction and uneasiness increased.

  9. In the hospital there I met the boys who had been wounded on the other side and who talked about old age and dissatisfaction and uneasiness, just as you do.

  10. Out of her dissatisfaction would there not grow disappointment in her husband?

  11. Would not dissatisfaction with herself follow very quickly upon her marriage?

  12. How many houses and husbands are rendered uncomfortable by the constant dissatisfaction of a wife with present comforts and present provisions!

  13. The dissatisfaction arising from his conduct is not a thing of yesterday.

  14. Mr. Murray does not seem to have had many letters from Mr. Gladstone, though Croker mentions his having called on Mr. Murray to express his dissatisfaction on an article which appeared in the Quarterly on the Corn Laws.

  15. As a result of these frequent incitations and the fact that he was still in the first stages of his instruction, Beethoven, eager to learn, became discontented and often gave expression to his dissatisfaction to his friend.

  16. Look after this, best of women, since if it is not done dissatisfaction will surely result.

  17. He had no sooner seated himself, than I expressed a strong dissatisfaction with this course, and avowed an intention to make an effort in behalf of my poor friend, myself.

  18. The dissatisfaction among the soldiers increased hourly, until it reached a high pitch of insubordination.

  19. In the meantime, the Indian who had so nobly released his prisoner returned to his village on the Kankakee, where he had the mortification of finding that his conduct had excited great dissatisfaction among his band.

  20. But then, again, when he saw that the lady seemed somewhat alarmed by his look, he smiled upon her kindly, as if to mark that any feelings of dissatisfaction which he experienced were not directed towards herself.

  21. Duke of Cumberland, 223; dissatisfaction at Lord Brougham's being raised to the Woolsack, ii.

  22. It says:-- Much dissatisfaction is expressed by the French speaking inhabitants of the rural parts at the lack of figures of value on the stamps, the denomination in all cases being printed in English which they are unable to understand.

  23. There is dissatisfaction brewing in sexual matters as well as in every other department of life, and only the hypocrites cry "Peace" when there is no peace.

  24. A sound like the cry of a cat, such as is made in playhouses to express dissatisfaction with a play; also, a small shrill instrument for making such a noise.

  25. A continued expression of dissatisfaction or discontent; a popular outcry.

  26. But he always avoided making any mention of the jewel, or of his dissatisfaction at having attempted so wild an escapade.

  27. Buckingham undertook the command of this expedition himself, as there had been so much dissatisfaction with his appointment of a commander to the other.

  28. By these and similar proceedings, large sums of money were collected by the Star Chamber for the king's treasury, and all expression of discontent and dissatisfaction on the part of the people was suppressed.

  29. As early as 1879 Sir John Macdonald, on finding in England much dissatisfaction over his high taxation of British imports, proposed to give British goods a preference if the United Kingdom would give Canada a preference in return.

  30. At first various restrictions were imposed, and considerable public dissatisfaction resulted, especially in regard to certain of the regulations.

  31. In 1753, arising out of the general dissatisfaction with the Post Office felt at that time by the trading public, the legality of the double charge was contested.

  32. Mrs. Bulstrode said no more, attributing some dissatisfaction which she felt to her own want of spirituality.

  33. The 95 theses spread rapidly through Germany, adding dangerously to the already widespread dissatisfaction with the Church and the Pope.

  34. His ill-humour is partly a result of his dissatisfaction with the disorders which he knew or believed to exist in his immediate surroundings, in the Order, and in ecclesiastical life generally.

  35. In any case, Luther’s own testimony as given above leads us to suspect the presence in his mind at an early date of a deep-seated dissatisfaction which foreboded ill to the monk’s future fidelity to the Church.

  36. For what is the all-pervading dissatisfaction of his wretched being but an unrecognized hunger after the righteousness of his father.

  37. There is even some dissatisfaction implied, I think, in the word I have translated 'dismissed.

  38. Netherlands, and during that short period of personal rule his policy had brought into being all the more important sources of dissatisfaction which ended in the revolt.

  39. They ought to acknowledge frankly that the corrupt morals of the mediaeval clergy had done much to cause dissatisfaction and to justify revolt.

  40. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dissatisfaction" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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