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Example sentences for "disparity"

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  1. Notwithstanding the great disparity of numbers, the vim of the "barefooted boys" prevailed against the veterans of Buell's army, under General G.

  2. There was another point of similarity--the great disparity of numbers.

  3. This disparity is in part easily explainable by referring to the varying conditions of life among different peoples.

  4. The disparity in the number of women would next produce the custom of wife-capture.

  5. For, in the second place, statistics show a considerable disparity between them at birth.

  6. The ultimate causes of polyandry, he demonstrates, are identical with the forces which have produced a numerical disparity between the sexes.

  7. Slow promotion and the disparity in wage scales contributed to excessive labor turnover because, under the prevailing conditions of scarcity, trained workers were able to improve their incomes through a change of jobs.

  8. An important element of the program is the elimination of the continuing disparity in living conditions of the rural and urban populations.

  9. Mary had to go to her help, and together they spread the table, and apologized for the disparity between the cups and the plainness of the food.

  10. But the Tibetan is so stubborn and convinced of his self-sufficiency that it took many lessons to teach him the disparity between his armed rabble and the resources of the British Raj.

  11. Now they knew the disparity of their arms they might shrink from further resistance, yet there was every chance that the Lamas would compel them to fight.

  12. The disparity of years is great, I know," he said.

  13. With his countless millions and his ancestral castles, what does a little disparity of years signify?

  14. The disparity of the forces actually engaged was probably not great, since the extent of country over which the French were quartered prevented many of them from coming up in time for action.

  15. This disparity between white and yellow rates of increase is by far the most pregnant of contemporary phenomena.

  16. But the analogy is with multiplication, as I have suggested: and the larger the sum by which 1, 2 and 3 are multiplied, the greater is the disparity between the products.

  17. In the Russo-Japanese War, one of the effective factors was the greater area of the Russian soldier as a target, and the disparity between the food requirements of the little victors and the big losers.

  18. A curious equality of friendship, originating, I suppose, in our respective circumstances, sprung up between me and these people, notwithstanding the ludicrous disparity in our years.

  19. Do not think or speak of disparity between us, for there is none, except in all my many imperfections.

  20. There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.

  21. There can be no disparity in marriage, like unsuitability of mind and purpose.

  22. There can be no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose'--'no disparity in marriage like unsuitability of mind and purpose.

  23. Their natures and their temperaments were widely different; and, from the great disparity in their ages, as well as in all their associations, there was scarcely one point of friendly contact in common to them.

  24. There is so little on and, and so much on spare, that the disparity of accent is very manifest.

  25. Such the difference between accent at par and disparity of accent.

  26. In this case there is a disparity of accent, and the word is compound.

  27. The word beef steak is evidently a compound idea; but, as there is no disparity of accent, it is not a compound word.

  28. The first class of exceptions consists {363} of those words where the natural tendency to disparity of accent is traversed by some rule of euphony.

  29. Good illustrations of the parity and disparity of accent may be drawn from certain names of places.

  30. To anticipate objections to the rule respecting the disparity of accent, it may be well to state in fresh terms a fact already indicated, viz.

  31. I dare not, Sir, conjecture whence arises this more than parity in the genius of the sexes, among the above persons, notwithstanding the disparity of education, and the difference in the opportunities of each.

  32. The disparity of numbers should be considered by our generals.

  33. It is a monstrous undertaking to attempt to subjugate so vast a country as this, even with its disparity of population.

  34. Great as was the disparity of numbers, the emergency would have justified an attempt to save Monro at any risk.

  35. We wonder at the disparity between our individual ideals and the national ideal, but when you remember that the national ideals have been formed by one half of the world--and not the more spiritual half--it is not so surprising.

  36. You will see that in a second, if you look at the disparity that there is between our conceptions of individual duty and national duty.

  37. This disparity in the number of the captives of France and England lasted throughout the war, and, as will be seen, interfered seriously with the exchange of prisoners.

  38. They had discovered and had removed the worm of disparity that eats away the heart of countless marriages.

  39. The opposing forces encountered a short distance in front of Groveton, but the disparity in numbers was too great for the Union troops.

  40. Shade by shade the fatal truth had dawned even upon her--the fatal disparity between herself and her new relatives.

  41. Notwithstanding the disparity of numbers, and the exhausted condition of the defenders of the boat, the Indians at length appeared to despair of success, and the canoes successively retired to the shore.

  42. The loss of the Indians, in killed and wounded, notwithstanding the disparity of numbers after the shameful retreat of Miller, was even greater than that of Captain Estill.

  43. This is always what creates the immense disparity between men and women.

  44. This will always cause disparity and discord between them.

  45. To the extent of this conviction is to be attributed the wide disparity between the feeling displayed by the military and the townsfolk.

  46. Never was there such a contrast to his chief; but indeed it was said, that to this very disparity of temperament he owed all the influence he possessed over Massena's mind.

  47. I; nor am I certain whether I deemed the disparity to their credit!

  48. The disparity between the number coming in from the Army of the Potomac and Western armies was so great, that we Westerners began to take some advantage of it.

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