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Example sentences for "inadequacy"

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inaccurately; inaction; inactive; inactivity; inadequacies; inadequate; inadequately; inadequateness; inadmissible; inadvertence
  1. The inadequacy of the system devised by the Catholic Monarchs at Santa Fe had already become evident.

  2. The inadequacy of the installation has been made the subject of continuous reports.

  3. As in the Spanish-American War, the utter inadequacy of the Quartermaster’s Department under its civilian appointees had become a scandal within a few weeks, and threatened already to demoralize the entire volunteer body.

  4. We talked only of what we were not thinking of, and parted, after a few days, with a sense of relief that proved the inadequacy of friendship to perform, in such cases, the office assigned to it by tradition.

  5. But, as a means of throwing light on the inadequacy of such speculations, it may be well to consider in detail some of those points where the argument most obviously fails in premises, method, and results.

  6. Even so good a play as The Duchess of Malfi is marred by inadequacy of motive on the part of the duchess's persecutors.

  7. This capital starvation has been largely responsible for the dismal housing situation and for the inadequacy of other essential amenities.

  8. It is impossible in a work like the present to examine these various theories, and show their inadequacy as philosophical explanations of the fact.

  9. He affirms this to be equally true on the principles of Atheism, Pantheism, or Theism, for the only thing that he takes into account is the inadequacy of the testimony, and not the inadequacy of the cause.

  10. The inadequacy of the Indian service and the inefficiency of the Federal never showed up more plainly, to the utter discredit of the nation, than at this period and in this connection.

  11. Choctaw complaint about the absence or inadequacy of arms [Ibid.

  12. So impressed was he with the inadequacy of a common statue to express the gratitude of America, that he would rather have nothing done, than to have what was done in this backhanded way.

  13. We have seen the inadequacy of this theory, in the light of the many adaptations such as that of which the fish, Anableps, with its bifocal eyes, and the double sexual organs of terrestrial snails, are types.

  14. Oh, I don't say the flats are in the right of it," said her husband, when she denounced their stupid inadequacy to the purposes of a Christian home.

  15. The Inevitable Inadequacy of the Analogy 24 1.

  16. It is probable that the continuation by Eugenius, which had come into his hands during this period, had, with its resumption of the point, reminded Bode of the inadequacy and inexactness of his previous rendering.

  17. I realised the inadequacy of the senses first.

  18. The inadequacy of words becomes the more evident when it comes to matters intellectual.

  19. Music may interpret continuous emotions, but its inadequacy to tell a definite tale is abundantly shown by that odd hybrid known as “programme music.

  20. So soon as this question was really earnestly considered, and the thinking mind could not always avoid the consideration, then there was revealed the inadequacy of the assumption.

  21. In the system of Hegel the word resumes its original Socratic sense, as the name of that intellectual process whereby the inadequacy of popular conceptions is exposed.

  22. The special function of the so-called "Socratic dialectic" was to show the inadequacy of popular beliefs.

  23. Once established before the grate, and consoling himself for the inadequacy of the dinner by the perfection of his cigar, Mr. Jackson became portentous and communicable.

  24. As Archer listened, his sense of inadequacy and inexpressiveness increased.

  25. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "inadequacy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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