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Example sentences for "inaccuracy"

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inability; inacceptable; inaccessibility; inaccessible; inaccuracies; inaccurate; inaccurately; inaction; inactive; inactivity
  1. To the copies made by the pupils from their master's pieces, he gave bold retouches, and occasionally corrected some inaccuracy in their model, until at length he began to criticise Guido openly, and to provoke his resentment.

  2. Michele, at the church of the Madonna delle Vigne, predominates amongst the pictures of that church: and it may be justly ranked with those Venetian productions in which the spirit and noble colourings atone for the inaccuracy of the drawing.

  3. This is a good example of the inaccuracy of Elliott's reprint of Robertson's stenographic report.

  4. The fact that a large share of it was never written or revised by its authoress for publication will be kept in view, as explaining any inaccuracy of expression or repetition of thought, should such occur in its pages.

  5. It is very true, however, that she should not have published the very first paragraph in her book, which presents an inaccuracy and shallowness of thought quite amazing in a person of her fine perceptions, talent and culture.

  6. Higginson on, over-fondness for manuscript sources, inaccuracy of quotations, 294.

  7. It may well enough be true that the designedly untruthful historian, like the undevout astronomer, is an anomaly, for inaccuracy comes not from purpose, but from neglect.

  8. Carlyle and Macaulay are honest partisans and you know how to take them, but for constitutional inaccuracy such as Froude's no allowance can be made.

  9. They were guilty of an inaccuracy when they spoke of natural Law.

  10. Only some moral philosophers, and particularly Mill, are guilty of logical inaccuracy when they reject Eudaemonism but retain Utility as the aim of morality.

  11. This leads the editor to observe a more serious inaccuracy of Mrs. Piozzi, than Mr. Boswell notices, when he says Johnson left her table to go and sell the Vicar of Wakefield for Goldsmith.

  12. This paragraph has been altered; and a slight inaccuracy immaterial to the argument, has been removed.

  13. Champollion uses the term gouache, body colour, in speaking of these paintings, but as the characteristic of that process is that every tint is mixed with white, there is some inaccuracy in doing so.

  14. And this unavoidable inaccuracy must be greater or less, according to the complexity and novelty of the objects defined.

  15. Waiving any exception that might be taken to the inaccuracy or inexplicitness of the distinction between internal and external, let us inquire what ground there is to presuppose that disinclination in the people.

  16. These examples, which are nearly as dissimilar to each other as to a genuine republic, show the extreme inaccuracy with which the term has been used in political disquisitions.

  17. It is more probable that the inaccuracy of the Julian calendar gradually produced the change.

  18. Pliny remarks that when he wrote, the gnomon had ceased for thirty years to mark the time rightly, and he ascribes this inaccuracy to some displacement of the obelisk due to natural causes, such as earthquakes or inundations.

  19. Very few Frenchmen have had Sainte-Beuve's intense repugnance to insufficiency of information and inaccuracy of language.

  20. It is, as you say, frivolous, bent on amusement, incapable of attention sufficiently prolonged to grasp any serious subject, and liable both to confusion and inaccuracy in the ideas which it hastily forms or easily receives.

  21. Inaccuracy of study of water-effect among all painters.

  22. It is easily understood, therefore, why he should adopt this system, which is just what any awkward workman would naturally cling to, trusting to the inaccuracy of observation of the public to secure him from detection.

  23. Then would it be a gratuitous task to set about convincing them that no inconsistency, no inaccuracy is discoverable within the compass of these Twelve concluding Verses.

  24. The grave misapprehension which has resulted from all this inaccuracy of detail (pp.

  25. The inaccuracy of the time-records must, however, lessen the significance of this result.

  26. I shall be most grateful, therefore, if readers will kindly draw my attention to any inaccuracy they may notice.

  27. Footnote 556: It should be specially observed that it is an inaccuracy of language to speak (as is commonly done in certain cases) of individuals as being neutral.

  28. But he became at last satisfied of the futility of his own objections, and the inaccuracy of his reasoning.

  29. They sent for the author, to convince him of the inaccuracy of his analysis, and to persuade him to alter its results.

  30. It was not till the year 1810, that the inaccuracy of these opinions was established.

  31. With these and a few similar trifling observations, most of which he has drawn from Eratosthenes, whose inaccuracy we have before shown, he breaks off.

  32. The inaccuracy of the description consists in this; that Bacchus leaving Lydia and Phrygia should have taken his course by Media into Bactriana, and returned by Persia into Arabia Felix.

  33. Could we have the inaccuracy mentioned here?

  34. That was the inaccuracy that she spent Christmas not in a motel but in our home.

  35. If you are going to make comment about it, if you feel there is some inaccuracy here then I would like to introduce that in evidence, since apparently you are.

  36. This inaccuracy of speech is the result of centuries of supernaturalistic bias.

  37. A more serious criticism than the charge of inaccuracy is that of partial vision, and from this Hugo cannot be entirely exculpated.

  38. Moreover, inaccurate as Hugo often is, it is never the inaccuracy that falsifies.

  39. He had passes between both armies, and seemed to know (but with that inaccuracy which belonged to the good Father's omniscience) equally well what passed in the French camp and in ours.

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