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Example sentences for "incompleteness"

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incompetency; incompetent; incompetents; incomplete; incompletely; incomprehensibility; incomprehensible; incomprehensibly; incomprehension; incompressible
  1. Put the four Gospels down by the side of the two thick octavo volumes, which it is the regulation thing to write nowadays, as the biography of any man that has a name at all, and you will feel their incompleteness as biographies.

  2. First, then, we have here the avowed incompleteness of Christ's own teaching.

  3. Nor is the incompleteness of Scripture as a historical book less marked.

  4. In them we have the Evangelist's own acknowledgment of the incompleteness of his Gospel, and his own statement of the purpose which he had in view in composing it.

  5. First, then, we have here set forth the incompleteness of Scripture.

  6. It is true that our human knowledge, in all things fragmentary, is especially so in this case, on account of the extreme incompleteness and defectiveness of the records of creation.

  7. From the incompleteness of the Spanish returns of foreign trade, it is unfortunately not possible to test the complete accuracy of those given here by collation.

  8. It is also due in part to the incompleteness of our knowledge in this branch.

  9. This extreme and very unfortunate incompleteness of the paleontological evidence, which cannot be pointed out too often, is easily explained.

  10. It is in this very regard that the incompleteness of human knowledge is most clearly revealed.

  11. But the mere fact that a successful working science exists, with the help of which human life has been fundamentally modified, signifies that the quality of incompleteness in human learning is no hindrance to its efficiency.

  12. His whole speech and demeanor on that occasion show him to have been a co-conspirator, fully aware of the scope of their plot, and displeased at the incompleteness of the "job.

  13. It confounds and confuses all the relations of the subject, and is an apt illustration of the incompleteness of the notions of the common-law jurists of England in regard to matters not comprehended in that limited branch of legal science.

  14. And so, all the way along through the prophets, in repeated emphasis of the incompleteness of the blood-covenanting symbols in the ritual sacrifices.

  15. Botticelli meant all this imagery to be altogether pleasurable; and it was partly an incompleteness of resources, inseparable from the art of that time, that subdued and chilled it.

  16. It seems almost certain that the incompleteness of many longer works designed in the Italian period, the abandonment of the tragedy on Tasso's story, the unfinished state of Charles I.

  17. As it is, the first book does not contain what was said in the earlier essay, and it therefore exhibits a certain incompleteness on account of these deficiencies, which must always be supplied by reference to it.

  18. The following lines, from Ancient Sex Worship, substantiate the above remarks, and at the same time, they show the incompleteness of the writings of many antiquarians.

  19. On account of the incompleteness of many books which describe primitive races, a number of references are given throughout these pages, and some bibliographical references are added.

  20. This peculiar incompleteness or contingency stands out prominently when the situation rises to the level of uncertainty and perplexity.

  21. Or we may say that the distinction between focus and margin is just another aspect of the distinction between the conditions for further activity and the incompleteness which leads to further adjustment.

  22. The sentence remained unfinished; and its very incompleteness left Spinrobin with the most grievous agony of apprehension he had yet experienced.

  23. This extraordinary provision for the benefit of Senators only illustrates the crudity of Randolph's intentions at the time and the incompleteness of his plan.

  24. The incompleteness with which this was done shows very plainly that toward the end of the ten days the Committee worked in haste.

  25. And incompleteness of any sort leads to trouble.

  26. Besides, this incompleteness in every case is more theoretical than real.

  27. But this incompleteness is unavoidable, because in any case theory must either have deduced from, or have compared with, history what it advances with respect to things.

  28. Sometimes this incompleteness is justified by the idiom of the language, but more often it is the result of carelessness on the part of the speaker.

  29. Tense shows also the completeness or incompleteness of an act or condition at the time of speaking.

  30. It was this incompleteness in all his work, a defect quite unavoidable in work of such magnitude, that weighed so heavily upon the Apostle's mind.

  31. The incompleteness of the Apostle's own work in the island is spoken of in plain terms.

  32. An incompleteness in the execution of my deliberate plans would render me more miserable than I am to-day in being cast off by my own family.

  33. Life had been a disappointment to him, and he was haunted by a sense of the incompleteness of his own existence.

  34. The natural tendency is to forget, in construction, the results yielded by criticism, to forget the incompleteness of our knowledge and the elements of doubt in it.

  35. There must still be difficulty and incompleteness here, only to be solved and perfected 'when iniquity shall have an end.

  36. Moreover, the incompleteness is not personal.

  37. Every such situation is specific; it is not merely incomplete; the incompleteness is of a specific situation.

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