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Example sentences for "inaction"

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  1. The unconsciousness which follows the inaction of the heart and mind, in consequence of the suspension of the vital breath is the highest perfection (of yoga philosophy).

  2. The action of the mind impairs the body, but its inaction preserves it entire).

  3. Ignorance and its action which are causes of creation, have both their rise from the omniscience and inaction of God until they are dissolved at the dissolution of the world.

  4. But his practical mind told him that inaction could not help the world, and that to find a remedy for the nation's ills, their cause must first be learned.

  5. The Moors could not comprehend the meaning of this inaction of the Christians, after having apparently invited a battle.

  6. For a long time he retained his crouching seat on the wooden stool that stood before the hearth; then at last the activity at work within his mind made further inaction intolerable.

  7. For a while inaction reigned in the room; then, with a pale face and nervous manner, Enid rose, bowed to the Prophet, and moved noiselessly to the door.

  8. So she tried to hide from him how weary and heartsick inaction was making her, how hard it was for her to stay alone so many hours each day.

  9. For repose and inaction are as foreign to healthy life as death itself, of which they are the symptoms; and if ever there was an intense and vivid life, Susan had it.

  10. But now, sitting in enforced inaction and in the chill and calm which diffuses from the tomb, he was using the unused, the reflective, half of his mind.

  11. But to an intelligent man any environment, except one of inaction or futile action, soon becomes interesting; the coming of Madelene was all that was needed to raise his interest to enthusiasm.

  12. In ninety days, with the patriotism of the people paralyzed by the inaction of our great army, the funded debt of the country will depreciate with a rapidity that will startle us.

  13. I trusted but few of our people; but to pacify the country I announced from the Senate that the armies were about to move, and inaction was no longer to be tolerated.

  14. But in acknowledging inaction to be both superior to action and a state of perfection, does he not make us wish that the inaction might be perpetual?

  15. Sunrise, midday, Sunset and night on those seats cause action and inaction in beings, according to the time with reference to the side of Meru.

  16. The battle of Antietam had been regarded a victory by the Federals and a source of hope to the North, after a wearisome period of inaction and defeats.

  17. As the weeks passed, the great Northern public grew impatient at the inaction and demanded that Sumter be avenged, that a blow be struck for the Union.

  18. I never could stand the inaction of the Upper House.

  19. He realized that he had no desire to leave this city where life was suddenly keyed to its highest pitch, and retire to the security and inaction of the country.

  20. Inaction of the Athenian fleet after the battle of Arginusæ.

  21. Tullow Castle delayed him for five precious days, after which he had the satisfaction of slaughtering the garrison, and five more days were spent in inaction on the Barrow.

  22. But his after inaction and efforts ending only in failure, disgusted the people and Congress.

  23. Sometimes these feints were entirely relinquished, and intervals of absolute inaction continued so long that it might seem a matter of doubt why the two lines were there at all, with so vague a similitude of war.

  24. We owe it to her that the family existence of England does not rot in mere inaction and peace.

  25. A long period of inaction followed, but during this time the most important events happened with regard to the ultimate result.

  26. No matter how great their ambition or natural capability, they had no prospect of emancipating themselves from the dull sphere of inaction to which custom relegated them.

  27. A variety of reasons, all equally creditable to Major Gordon's judgment and single-mindedness, induced him after two months' retirement to abandon his inaction and to sink his difference with the Futai.

  28. In some cases nerves overstrained by hours of inaction gave way, and a few men threw down arms or equipment in a momentary panic, abandoning even their Maxim gun for a time.

  29. But nobody can pretend to regard our present inaction following investment as anything but a disagreeable necessity, or affect a cheerful endurance of conditions that become more intolerable day after day.

  30. Now, however, the regulars, who had long been ready for any service, in view of the brilliant performance of the irregulars, regarded inaction as a slur upon their particular regiments.

  31. At such times the risk of inaction can be equally great.

  32. If disaster results from the continued inaction of Congress, the responsibility must rest where it belongs.

  33. Interest rates have passed the peak of 1966; and if there is continued inaction on the tax bill, they will climb even higher.

  34. It will brace up resolution until one may almost perform miracles, or it may be dissipated in irresolution and inaction until life is a wreck.

  35. In other quarters of the kingdom, the affairs of the Swedes began to wear a more favourable aspect, and to recover from the humiliation into which they had been thrown by the inaction of France, and the desertion of their allies.

  36. France from the German war, and was the cause of the inaction of its troops in the field.

  37. Has not his envious and perfidious inaction already betrayed the French army at Auerstadt?

  38. Soon after, Napoleon was heard reproaching Bernadotte with his envious and treacherous inaction during the battle of Auerstadt, and his order of the day at Wagram, in which he had assumed the honour of that victory.

  39. That cessation of operations in the Soudan does not at this moment mean our military inaction in the East.

  40. Others feared that complete inaction would give an opening to the Fenian extremists.

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