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Example sentences for "inadequacies"

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inaccurate; inaccurately; inaction; inactive; inactivity; inadequacy; inadequate; inadequately; inadequateness; inadmissible
  1. Inadequacies are fired onto me daily, you know, even if I do tell myself its inside me and that you do not pull the trigger.

  2. It's those inadequacies like going out in rags.

  3. What are the inadequacies of instinct and impulse that necessitate morality?

  4. The reason why no such document can emerge can be connected to the inadequacies of literacy-based politics.

  5. The very weaknesses and inadequacies inherent in these policies would in themselves become a major cause of the reforms that were less than a decade away.

  6. If there are educational inadequacies in any State, the whole Nation suffers.

  7. So that maximum progress can be made to overcome present inadequacies in the Interstate Highway System, we must continue the Federal gasoline tax at two cents per gallon.

  8. But, looking back over 10 years' experience and ahead to the future, we cannot fail to see defects and serious inadequacies in our system as it now exists.

  9. Leaders blame the inadequacies of some educational facilities; the ignorance, injustice, or excessive indulgence on the part of some parents and educators; and the overlenient courts.

  10. Or you may also conclude that the fault does not rest with the dream but that the inadequacies of our dream interpretation result from errors in our conceptions and hypotheses.

  11. Confucius sought to establish a totalitarian system of traditional controls which would perpetuate society and civilization regardless of the misadventures or inadequacies of government.

  12. In the lecture in which he criticized the inadequacies of democracy as applied in the West, Sun Yat-sen made an interesting comment on the proletarian dictatorship which had recently been established in Russia.

  13. It only amounted to a rectification of the inadequacies of the past.

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