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Example sentences for "inactive"

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inaccuracies; inaccuracy; inaccurate; inaccurately; inaction; inactivity; inadequacies; inadequacy; inadequate; inadequately
  1. He maintained that, under all the circumstances, government were fully justified in all they had done, and would have merited impeachment if they had remained inactive at such a critical juncture.

  2. They sailed for Brest where they lay for several months inactive and useless, and where thousands of them died from a terrible sickness which had broken out among them while laying off the English coast.

  3. This island was taken without any difficulty, and Hopkins retired up Providence River, where he remained inactive and useless.

  4. Both fleets, however, remained inactive till Byron sailed away to escort our homeward-bound West India fleet to a certain latitude.

  5. Although the Prussians were not wholly inactive during this campaign, yet they did not act with much vigour.

  6. The emperor putting himself at the head of his army, endeavoured to rouse the whole force of Germany; but the north was kept inactive by the neutrality of Prussia, and other princes were overawed by the invaders.

  7. During the inactive of the allied armies before Sebastopol, and in the neighbourhood of the Tchernaya, certain expeditions were undertaken, which were important.

  8. It was expected that the count would immediately attack Lord Howe's squadron, but he lay inactive outside the Hook for eleven days.

  9. I could not return home and remain inactive while every man in the South is fighting for the defense of his country, so I will take my chance of being exchanged.

  10. While Rosecrans was operating on the enemy's rear, McClellan was inactive in front.

  11. The Kshetrajna is said to be only an inactive witness (of the functions of the others).

  12. This, however, is not the case, for the Soul is truly only an inactive Witness of everything.

  13. Though the lord of a existent beings both mobile and immobile, though inactive and divested of attributes, it enters, nevertheless, the well-known mansion of nine doors and becomes engaged in action.

  14. The Soul simply beholds them (as an inactive Witness).

  15. He is only the silent and inactive Witness of everything.

  16. I am the most inactive woman when I am here," she said.

  17. While inactive in Brisbane, an English letter was forwarded to me from the Melbourne Post-office.

  18. But I was too hungry to remain inactive long.

  19. M839) They made one grand effort while Regulus lay inactive in winter quarters.

  20. M567) The victorious Athenian fleet was now at Ægospotami, in the Hellespont, opposite Lampsacus, having been inactive for nearly a year.

  21. Every year his power increased, while the States of Greece remained inactive and uncombined—a proof of the degeneracy of the times—certainly in regard to self-sacrifices to secure their independence.

  22. But while the Athenians remained inactive behind their walls, the cavalry was sent out on skirmishing expeditions, and a large fleet was sent to the Peloponnesus with orders to devastate the country in retaliation.

  23. He was obliged to remain inactive at Eion, at the mouth of the river, three miles distant from Amphipolis, which excited great discontent in his army, but which was the wiser course, until his auxiliaries arrived.

  24. It was as inactive in tendency as the garden.

  25. She had earned an inactive morning by her expedition before breakfast, and announced her set determination to go no further than the elm-trees beyond the rose-garden, and when arrived there to do nothing whatever.

  26. March, 67), and this was before the enemy had even threatened to appear, for the Romans during that time had been inactive in Judaea.

  27. The compensating principles which religion had added to it are gradually evaporating and being eliminated at the top, while at the bottom they are coagulating into a thick and inactive mass.

  28. But the knowledge and admission of these faults and defects chemically precipitates their venom, which becomes no more than a salt, lying inactive at the bottom of the heart, whose innocent crystals we can study at leisure.

  29. I find him innocent of the guilt of standing inactive by and seeing that cruel fist strike his blind mother's beloved face.

  30. The old warrior was naturally fond of fighting; he saw also that to remain inactive would endanger both crown and kingdom, whereas a successful blow might secure his popularity in Granada.

  31. But the inactive spirit which is all pervasive, is both inexpressible as well as inconceivable, owing to its devoid of all attributes (turiyatita).

  32. This egoism also has no essence of its own and is therefore as inert and inactive as a dead body.

  33. He who sees the inactive God in all his active duties, and sees also all his works in the inactive Gods; that man is called the most intelligent among men, and he is said the readiest discharger of his deeds and duties.

  34. Know thus quiescent soul impels also, to be the cause of all the exertions of the mind or mental operations, as the inactive vacuum is the material cause of the growth of trees.

  35. The action of the inactive or quiescent spirit of God, is to be understood in the same manner, as the motion of the lead is attributed to the causality of magnetic attraction, which moves the immovable iron.

  36. It is the will which is the active agent of its actions, and this being so, neither the inactive body nor the unchanging soul is the actor of any action.

  37. And whether the intelligent people are employed in busy life, or sit inactive at home; they are always quiet and at rest by following the course of their respiration (neither breathing hard or being out breath).

  38. That a life of business is preferable to a private and inactive one; the friendship of great men is a laudable acquisition, yet their favors are ever to be solicited with modesty and caution.

  39. The adoring seraph would be an encumbrance, and nothing better than a child upon his hands; and the soul which had to be awakened and directed by him would run great chance of remaining torpid and inactive all its days.

  40. The worm, after spinning its cocoon, soon changes to a chrysalis, and remains inactive for several days, when it makes an opening in one end and crawls out.

  41. Nor were the women of Europe inactive during these years.

  42. Gravid females usually do not feed so frequently or so much as other snakes, because they tend to become inactive as the ova develop.

  43. Cottonmouths have been found on occasion when other snakes were inactive because of low temperatures, but minimal temperatures tolerated by this species are not known.

  44. At these times the snakes that were inactive began to jerk for a few seconds.

  45. They were under the command of General Coustard, who kept his position during the whole attack, inactive and unmolested; had he attacked M.

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