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Example sentences for "groggy"

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groceryman; grog; groggeries; groggery; groggily; groin; groined; groining; groins; grommet
  1. While the woman watched, I pulled away the stripped red and green coverlet and lifted out her groggy little boy, tender and vulnerable.

  2. To my groggy sight they seemed playful, harmless little caricatures, though next to them were raised bas-reliefs of warriors in battle dress.

  3. That lubber Groggy Fox ran into me, cut down my bulwarks, and carried away my bowsprit an' some o' my top-hamper.

  4. Seems to me as if they've all gone mad," remarked Groggy Fox, with a sarcastic grin.

  5. He was named Georgie Fox--better known in the fleet as Groggy Fox.

  6. The laugh which followed this question drowned Groggy Fox's reply.

  7. Groggy Fox's crew was noted as one of the most quarrelsome and dissipated in the fleet.

  8. Groggy Fox of the Cormorant, as he sailed past the Fairy, after the carrying-steamer had left, and the numerous fishing-smacks were gradually falling into order for another attack on the finny hosts of the sea.

  9. Groggy Fox vented a loud laugh at the bare supposition of such treatment of his throat, admitted that his mate was right, and gave orders to launch the boat.

  10. That'll not keep me from going to the copers," said Groggy Fox, with an oath.

  11. Groggy Fox pointed to one of the surrounding vessels as he swept past in the Cormorant.

  12. This reply was received with much approval, and the character of Groggy Fox immediately experienced a considerable rise in the estimation of his comrades of the fleet.

  13. Even Groggy Fox gave it as his opinion that there might be worse things after all in the world than "mission wessels!

  14. Among these last was Groggy Fox, who, irresolute of purpose, was still holding back.

  15. Brandy's more in your way, Groggy Fox, than in mine.

  16. Rúgi siya kay naigù sa usa ka búl, He’s groggy because he got drunk on his jarful of toddy.

  17. Do you want to make me groggy with this toddy?

  18. Nahubug ang buksidur sa nagpungasing kúmù sa kuntra, The boxer became groggy from the blows his opponent rained on him.

  19. B12; ab3(1)] get groggy from a blow or liquor.

  20. Nabangug (mibangug) ang isdà sa butu sa dinamíta, The fish got groggy from the dynamite explosion.

  21. Bangug pa ang buksiyadur sa kastígung nadáwat, The boxer is groggy from the punishment he received.

  22. Fisher came up for the third round, visibly groggy and shaken by the force of the tackles he had received, but game.

  23. Fisher, groggy under the bruising impact, barely had time to turn on his stomach before Stover was upon him.

  24. When the ninth round opened the men were both groggy and stumbled to the center of the ring like two blind men groping for each other, swinging wildly and moving slowly.

  25. He's like a newly-hatched chicken, all fluffy and clean, a little batty-eyed and groggy but intensely curious about everything.

  26. Ah was too groggy to ken richt awa' that the Bow had rammed anither ship and that Ah had been pitched oot o' her into the wan she'd hit.

  27. His fingers were stiff, his mind groggy with wine, but he would play a song he knew well.

  28. Hawksworth stared at him through a groggy haze, marveling at the dexterity of his chestnut-brown hands.

  29. He spread it over the table, oblivious to the grease and encrusted ale, and stared at it for a moment in groggy disbelief.

  30. Hawksworth watched in groggy fascination as she rose and, clasping her hands above her head, bowed toward a small bronze statue of the Dancing Shiva she had placed on a corner table.

  31. But, groggy as he was, he couldn't sleep.

  32. He slept so well, in fact, that he was still groggy when he stepped into the waiting car.

  33. Of course, after a severe buffeting which left us all rather groggy and winded for the boxing contests, the Fijians won.

  34. It was nearing daybreak when the Keeper awoke, groggy from the effects of the narcotic.

  35. I stood by a groggy wooden cross, the eternal observer.

  36. Think of that, with the Grasshopper as groggy as a five days old calf!

  37. He was too groggy to say a word, but he comes pretty near winnin' me right there.

  38. The doe bounded in advance, and waited: the fawn scrambled after her, slipping and tumbling along, very groggy yet on its legs, and whining a good deal because its mother kept always moving away from it.

  39. But Frank, who could neither see nor hear distinctly, was too groggy to rise, and the village girls drew together in an alarmed group.

  40. You were not groggy on your legs," was Mr. Stockwell's first remark to Ernest.

  41. Piracy gave a sailor a good chance,' said the mate, with a groggy look at the hands lounging forward.

  42. Here the groggy little man set up so loud a laugh that Captain Glew walked away, and the conversation came to an end.

  43. Hope you will be able to read a word of the last, no joke writing by a bad lantern with a groggy hand and your glasses mislaid.

  44. The English youth was digging groggy sleep out of his eyes and getting slowly to his feet.

  45. He awoke from a groggy sleep to find himself in the back seat of one of the armored cars.

  46. I got groggy an' didn't know much of anything.

  47. If I can knock 'em too groggy to think, will you carry on and keep 'em that way?

  48. And finally, when all four were so groggy that they could scarcely think, the job was done and checked.

  49. Think she'll stick it with that groggy wheel?

  50. He was anxious concerning the groggy side-car wheel, but almost before he knew where he was, Dick Tracey had started the engine and the motor was swishing through the crisp, powdery snow.

  51. Barjan's blow of last night had sent him groggy to the ropes; but the blow Bookie Skarvan had just dealt had smashed in under his guard and had landed on an even more vital spot.

  52. Barjan did not know it, but Barjan had struck a blow that had, in a mental way, sent him groggy to the ropes.

  53. It was as though he were dazed and groggy from a blow that had sent him mentally to his knees.

  54. Jack, groggy and already half spent from his exertions, clinched and hung on.

  55. He sat up and pondered this with groggy slowness.

  56. The Wolf, groggy from the blow that had almost cracked his skull, was wobbly on his legs--his feet were heavy as though he wore a diver's leaden boots.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "groggy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    apathetic; catatonic; dazed; dead; dilapidated; doddering; dormant; drowsy; drunk; dull; flat; foul; groggy; heavy; inactive; inert; languid; languorous; latent; leaden; lifeless; logy; passive; phlegmatic; queasy; ramshackle; rickety; rocky; sedentary; shaky; silly; slack; sleeping; sluggish; slumbering; smoldering; spidery; spindly; stagnant; standing; static; suspended; tame; teetering; torpid; tottering; tottery; tumbledown; unsteady; wobbly