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Example sentences for "apathetic"

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  1. One ought to drink vodka: it stimulates the brain, dull and apathetic from travelling, which makes one stupid and feeble.

  2. It was while in such an apathetic state that America changed her status from a continental republic to a colonial empire.

  3. For in time, as one becomes better acquainted, one finds a healthy discontent brewing beneath that apathetic exterior.

  4. What if I had gathered closer impressions, added meaningless statistics or announced the prevalence of diphtheria throughout Queensland, or discovered the leading citizen of Townsville to an apathetic world?

  5. The Fijian is as indifferent to big as to little tasks, and seems to be alone, of all the dwellers in the tropics, in this apathetic attitude toward life.

  6. To Clarina Howard Nichols[480] the women of Kansas are indebted for many civil rights which they have as yet been too apathetic to exercise.

  7. And for those who have tasted the bitter savor of it the much-vaunted apathetic tolerance of the Anglo-Saxons is dull and unmanly.

  8. But at least they do something: and that is saying a great deal in the present apathetic condition of society.

  9. He had led his bride to the altar with the air of a man leading a lady to the place destined for her in any ordinary assembly, and he now stood by her, and held her hand, in precisely the same apathetic fashion.

  10. The young man was too apathetic to feel all the bitter meaning of these words.

  11. To Clarina Howard Nichols the women of Kansas are indebted for many civil rights they have as yet been too apathetic to exercise.

  12. You are so apathetic to the stirring history which is being made under your very nose that I am compelled to enlighten your lamentably darkened mind.

  13. Landon's surrender was too facile; Luigi's deference too pliant; Muhammed's apathetic eyes were never less convincing of guilelessness.

  14. Her voice was apathetic and a little weary.

  15. The face was unfamiliarly pale; the usually apathetic eyes dark with repressed emotion.

  16. They were of a most apathetic disposition.

  17. The effect of our entrance varied with different individuals; some, apparently apathetic and sullen, took no notice whatever, while others seemed to evince the liveliest curiosity.

  18. For so in the former case one will not be apathetic but temperate, and in the latter one will not be savage or cruel but just.

  19. For the shameless person is quite apathetic at what is disgraceful, while the modest person is easily affected even at the very appearance of it.

  20. Offdean, as he rode along under the trees in apathetic despondency, heard some one approaching him on horseback, and turned aside to make room in the narrow pathway.

  21. When it was over, an apathetic despair seemed to settle upon him.

  22. Apathetic it generally is, and, as long as it is left unmolested, does not care to molest even the human beings that intrude upon its repose.

  23. Dull and apathetic as it appears to be, it can display sufficient energy to capture tolerably large fish.

  24. Michael had been as inert and apathetic as usual," continued Wentworth sullenly, "until the Bishop appeared.

  25. He inquired how James found himself with an apathetic air, and then sat down and mechanically filled his pipe.

  26. Doctor Gordon relaxed again into his state of apathetic gloom.

  27. They toiled more stolidly now with apathetic ears for Lapierre's urging, where before they had worked in feverish haste, with their eyes upon the edges of the clearing.

  28. It was hard, discouraging work, this striving to implant the rudiments of education in the minds of the sullen, apathetic savages, whose chief ambition was to gorge themselves into stupidity with food from the storehouse.

  29. They could hardly have come to us more shabby and squalid than they were going away; but he thought their average less apathetic than that of the saloon passengers, as he leaned over the rail and looked down at them.

  30. A certain democracy of looks and clothes was the most notable thing to March in the apathetic groups and detached figures.

  31. Her mood was a calm and almost apathetic one, for the great griefs which she had already endured had made her almost indifferent to anything that life might yet have to offer.

  32. This was the first time that she had seen him since she left Dalton Hall, and in spite of that stolid and apathetic indifference which had come to her, she could not help being struck by the change which had come over him.

  33. I notice that apathetic people have more quiet impertinence than others; and Mrs Jamieson came now to insinuate pretty plainly that she did not particularly wish that the Cranford ladies should call upon her sister-in-law.

  34. My apathetic chronicler paused for a moment or two, studying his lacerated cigar-end.

  35. I grew inured to its bad air, unobservant of its scorbutic waiters, undisturbed by its ominous-looking warren of private rooms, and apathetic before its meretricious blondes.

  36. Oh, I know it," was his apathetic response.

  37. Thorpe had listened to these apathetic sentences without much interest, but the sum of their message appeared suddenly to catch his attention.

  38. Lord Plowden found it impossible to obtain from this massive, apathetic visage any clue to the thoughts working behind it.

  39. Louisa had listened to this discourse with apathetic patience.

  40. He carried a weariness about with him, which looked at everything with apathetic eyes, and cared for nothing.

  41. He tried to talk to Tilden, but the hunter lapsed again into an apathetic state, and, having little success, he fell back on his own thoughts and what his eyes might behold.

  42. He was really a log, a dull, apathetic fellow to whom the extraordinary conditions around them made no appeal.

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