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Example sentences for "apartness"

Lexicographically close words:
aparta; aparte; apartheid; apartment; apartments; apathetic; apathetically; apathy; apatite; ape
  1. And that lofty apartness had always been the attitude of the Forsyth family to the workaday life in the village.

  2. Browning does not stand alone among the poets in the apartness from his own land of which I have written.

  3. But Browning makes Nature manifest her apartness from the man.

  4. He stands apart, and his apartness marks his greatness.

  5. The only person who does use illustrations from Nature is the only one who is by age, by his life, by the apartness of his high place, capable of sufficient quiet and contemplation to think of Nature at all.

  6. But though, in this lofty apartness and self-unity, Browning and Tennyson may fairly be said to be at one, in themselves and in their song they were different.

  7. Some tell us in after years that when they became aware of themselves as an entity they were overcome with alarm, as if by a sense of loneliness and apartness from the Universe.

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