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Example sentences for "bounded"

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bouncing; bound; boundaries; boundary; bounde; bounden; bounder; bounders; boundes; bounding
  1. The cajack was indeed a curious-looking craft, yet so light that she might be lifted easily with one hand, and when at length we launched her she bounded upon the water like an india-rubber ball.

  2. This behavior made me cautious; and, seeing nothing of Fritz, I lingered by the boat, when suddenly a lioness bounded from the shadow of the trees, into the light diffused by the fire.

  3. Our beautiful little yacht bounded over the water gaily, and the bright sunshine and delicious sea breeze put us all in the highest spirits.

  4. As the clouds of mist and rain drove past, I could make out, through rents in the vaporous curtain, a line of rocky coast; and rugged as it was, my heart bounded toward it as a sign of help in the hour of need.

  5. The latter is a portion of the valley of the Nerbudda, and is bounded on the south by the Satpura hills.

  6. When the same integrals are taken between limits which correspond to two points of the curve, in the sense of line integrals along the arc between the points, they represent the area bounded by the arc and the terminal radii vectores.

  7. The extension to the case of an open surface bounded by an edge presents no difficulty.

  8. As yet, her native valley had bounded her view—she had never gone even as far as Jenbach.

  9. On, on, he bounded swift over the jagged steps in the rock, till he poised himself at last like a mountain goat on the very edge of the precipice.

  10. But his soul was bounded by the one idea of music.

  11. The hearts of the poor, always praying for employment, which had been so long and so cruelly withheld from them, bounded with joy.

  12. Our two Indian guides took advantage of this opportunity to discharge several arrows from the tree; but the light weapons bounded back harmless from his thick skin.

  13. The first part of the mountain-side was soon bounded by a lofty ridge running east and west, in which we could see huge gaps here and there.

  14. There lay the whole of the inner part of the bay, bounded on all sides by ice, ice and nothing but ice-Barrier as far as we could see, white and blue.

  15. There was no time to guess anything before the blankets were thrown on to the floor, and after them bounded a bearded ruffian clad in a jersey and a pair of overalls of indeterminable age and colour.

  16. It is bounded N by the department of Haute-Saone, N.

  17. Djokjakarta), a residency of the island of Java, Dutch East Indies, bounded N.

  18. JUJUY, a northern province of the Argentine Republic, bounded N.

  19. These currents do not blend and pass gradually into each other, but seem to be definitely bounded and controlled by separate, phenomena well capable of preserving their individuality.

  20. The next moment the Monarch of Dogland had bounded over the bushes, and picked up the stick, and came galloping back to the children with it in his mouth.

  21. On one side it is bounded by lofty mountains densely covered with wood, and on the other it is a plain stretching as far as the Great Sea[473] in this part of the world.

  22. These authors say that the smallest of the four parts is that which is bounded by the river Euphrates and extends to our inland sea.

  23. The cone fell, bounded toward me; with all my strength I wrenched free the hand that held my pistol, thrust it against the pressing breast and fired.

  24. It struck the soft, low bank of the road, shot high in air, bounded on through the thick carpeting, whirled like a dervish and fell upon its side.

  25. A great fellow bounded up upon the platform, and Leo struck him dead with one blow of his powerful arm, sending the knife right through him.

  26. The horse bounded out of the smoke into the cool night air.

  27. The baseman missed it and it bounded a few feet away.

  28. Mr. Turtle, very much excited, said something which the Squire did not understand, and pointed nowhere in particular, and then bounded on after the grand caravan.

  29. Sometimes it raced far up the stream, then far down; and once, as the line brought it up on a downward trip, it bounded into the air, and turned two or three summersets that shook the silver drops of water from its fins.

  30. The doe bounded in advance, and waited: the fawn scrambled after her, slipping and tumbling along, very groggy yet on its legs, and whining a good deal because its mother kept always moving away from it.

  31. A little weary with the good but damp old Christians, we ordered our driver to continue across the marsh to the Pineta, whose dark fringe bounded all our horizon toward the Adriatic.

  32. The training-ground is a noble, slightly undulating piece of greensward, perhaps three quarters of a mile long and half that in breadth, hedged about with graceful trees, and bounded on one side by the Seine.

  33. For the moment, fear left her, and she bounded on with the exaltation of triumph.

  34. What we call life is divided into occupations and interest, and the horizons of mankind are bounded by them.

  35. Sometimes we opened on a broad water plain bounded by the Watchabaktchkt hills, and again we looked over hill after hill receding into the soft and hazy blue of the land beyond the great mass of the Bras d'Or.

  36. There was every reason in her nature and in her theory why she should, for, bounded as her vision of life was by this existence, love was the highest conceivable good in life.

  37. The horrible sound thus suddenly let loose had no chance of escape; it bounded back from wall to wall, like the clapping of boards in a tunnel, rattling windows and stunning all cars, in a vain attempt to get out over the roofs.

  38. Craig and I had bounded awkwardly into our paraphernalia at the first sound.

  39. The fire marshal leaped to his feet and bounded over to where Kennedy was seated.

  40. The rabid animal had bounded into the midst of them, which created as great an outcry as if Rome had a second time been invaded.

  41. They are bounded on the south by their enemies the Ipilcos.

  42. His appearance was most opportune; he halted on the brow of the hill, and as the wolf bounded on he levelled his piece at the passing fugitive, and fired.

  43. They are appropriately placed on a tract within the general area of the latter, bounded on the south by the Canadian fork of the Arkansas, and by the lands of the Choctaws and Chickasaws.

  44. The boy took hold of his arm and broke it in two in a moment, and threw him to one side, and picked up his ball, which had bounded back from under the ice, and tossed it as usual before him.

  45. The allied Indians drew their bows and shot their arrows at them, but they bounded off, and the blows inflicted upon them were of no avail, until the young girl came up and subdued them, and took them alive, and made them prisoners.

  46. So saying, he re-entered the lodge, and the freed traveller bounded forward, as if his feet had suddenly been endowed with the power of wings.

  47. They are bounded on the south by the Canadian fork of the Arkansas, and by the district of the Seminoles, which lies between the main branch of this stream and its north fork.

  48. They are bounded towards the west, by the Andaquies and Caberras, and east by the Salivas.

  49. Rarely we passed a stunted oak; sometimes a cluster of saplings crowned the summit of a sloping hill; the deer often bounded before us; we sometimes disturbed the hare from its sheltering bush, or put to flight the quail or the prairie hen.

  50. Animals bounded across his path, with a freedom and a confidence which seemed to tell him, there was no blood shed here.

  51. It is situated on a high hill, bounded by a large lake of the most salubrious water, called Peutla by the natives.

  52. He presently edged himself into the room to see the stranger whom he no sooner saw than with a joyous exclamation he bounded forward to claim an old friend.

  53. Stretches of fine turf were unfurled before it, set with beds of violas, and bounded by great herbaceous borders.

  54. Sexual solicitation or plain indifference, these were the two extreme fates that bounded the life of the working woman.

  55. It was located in the block bounded by Commercial, Bond, Ninth, and Tenth streets.

  56. At the first crack of this new firing on the battle line Broker Coggswell, a written order in his hand, bounded from his seat in the gallery, making his way frantically to the floor below.

  57. As the cab started one of the reporters bounded up onto the step, from which he was adroitly yanked by Jed Prentiss.

  58. Back to the work-bench he sprang, while Halstead bounded up into the open so that he could take a brief look astern.

  59. A sailor brandishing a belaying pin ran to intercept Hank, but that freckle-faced youth bounded to the sailing vessel’s deck, bearing the hitching weight before him in both hands.

  60. See if there is any message inside,” shouted Tom, still keeping his gaze on that hull ahead, while Joe bounded below to nurse his motor on to better performances.

  61. After a moment of most piquant anxiety, we found ourselves lifted up with terrific speed; our vessel bounded upward, and then we felt ourselves plunged into the abyss.

  62. The section visited may be described as a rectangle a mile square, bounded on the west by Eighteenth street, on the east by Seventh, on the south by Broadway, and on the north by the Ohio river.

  63. There formerly existed in Mexico an extensive plain of remarkable fertility, covered with fields of cane, cotton and indigo, and watered by irrigation from the reservoirs in the basaltic mountains that bounded it.

  64. From Hough’s Station the tornado may have bounded above the tree-tops and descended again a few miles further on at Bird’s Point, opposite to Cairo, Illinois.

  65. So these strange white creatures were not of this world; neither were they of the race of the gods; they came from no one knew where, and had somehow broken through the blue wall that bounded the world.

  66. The machine bounded forward like an agile greyhound.

  67. It is a land of romance, bounded on the north by the Abyss of Bayswater, and on the south by the Amphitheatre of the Albert Hall.

  68. Her horizon was bounded by the scholastic circle.

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